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RV turkey cooking

Talking Turkey: Cooking a Thanksgiving Meal in Your RV

RV turkey cooking — thanksgiving on the go. Preparing a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner in an RV is easier than you might imagine . Most will find that a little planning ahead for needed cooking requirements, proper scheduling of preparation and selective shopping will ensure the perfect meal. First, evaluate what you have to work

RV Holiday Traditions

Starting RV Holiday Traditions Across North America

RV Holiday Traditions — find a jolly spot anywhere in North America and start a seasonal celebration. Annual traditions provide a comfort in life wherever, and whenever, you create them. As the holidays approach, why not create a few within your RV travels? An RV holiday tradition may be a type of meal prepared, people

cascade loop rv

Washington’s Cascade Loop: 440 ‘Must-see’ Miles

Cascade Loop RV adventures — 440 miles of stellar views in Washington. Known as “Washington’s Ultimate Road Trip,” the Cascade Loop leads travelers through nine “must-see” regions in the northwest corner of the Evergreen State. Diverse attractions include natural beauty, camping and hiking, photographic opportunities, unique regional heritage and friendly rural communities found all along

West Quoddy

Go East to the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

Discover the easternmost part of the U.S.

West Quoddy Head Light still shines on America’s easternmost coast. Just east of Lubec, Maine, make a trip to Quoddy Head State Park to reach the most easterly point of land in the United States. Here, you’ll find a striking red-and-white striped lighthouse known as the West Quoddy Head Light standing 83 feet above sea

mt. baker

Mt. Baker Soars in Washington

Take a trip up a dramatic mountain — in your vehicle

Mt. Baker soars in Washington. Mountains have a mystical draw, and few can deny the urge to reach their summit. For those disinclined to physically climb one, there is a solution in northwest Washington State: take the drive to Mt. Baker’s Artist Point. Open only from July until the first significant snowfall occurs, usually in

RV to Stonehenge

Washington’s Stonehenge Brings British History to the U.S.

Make a pilgrimage by RV to Stonehenge (the Washington state version). High on a hill overlooking the Columbia River in Klickitat County, Washington, sits a replica of Great Britain’s Stonehenge. Unlike the stone remnants of Britain’s prehistoric site (dated as far back as 3000 BC), Washington’s century-old monument reveals the tiniest traces of wear, with

Multnomah Falls

Oregon’s Spectacular Multnomah Falls

Make Oregon’s Multnomah Falls your next RV destination. Multnomah Falls is a spectacular two-tier waterfall east of Portland, Oregon, and the most visited natural recreation site in the Pacific Northwest. More than two million visitors a year travel to the site located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Created by floods occurring

rv trip to texas

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin

Take an RV Trip to Texas and its larger-than-life past. Considering an RV trip to Texas? A good place to start is the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, the state capital. “Telling the Story of Texas” is the museum’s stated mission, and it does a fine job. You will come away mesmerized by

San Antonio RV Trip

San Antonio: the Alamo, Barbecue and a Beautiful River

Remember the Alamo on a San Antonio RV trip along the river. Take a stroll along San Antonio’s River Walk and you will likely find your own personal nirvana, whether you’re interested in history, shopping, dining, theater, museums, golfing, nightclubs or a zoo experience. For a more relaxing trip, take a seat on a tour boat

RV to Sabino Canyon

See Arizona’s Natural Side at Sabino Canyon Recreational Area

RV to Sabino Canyon for wild Arizona adventure. A short drive north of Tucson, Sabino Canyon offers visitors of all abilities an opportunity to experience a close-up view of the natural side of Arizona. Here, visitors can view massive boulders (dislodged during an earthquake in 1887) that have tumbled down from the canyon’s walls into

RV travel to Biosphere

Exploring Biosphere 2 Near Tucson, Arizona

RV travel encourages a self-sustaining lifestyle — but nothing compares to Biosphere 2. Biosphere 2, in Oracle, Arizona, is one of the most remarkable structures ever built. One of the largest greenhouses in the world, the 3.14-acre complex houses living organisms from five environments, also called biomes. These enclosed environments include a rain forest, ocean, wetlands, savannah and desert. More

RV trip to kartchner caverns

Going Deep in Kartchner Caverns, Arizona

Take an RV trip to Kartchner Caverns in southwest Arizona. Located in southeast Arizona, Kartchner Caverns State Park is a phenomenal example of a “living” limestone cavern. The state park offers 2.4 miles of underground passages, many of which can be accessed via tours. Some of its rock formations have been growing for more than 50,000

snowbird recipes

Snowbird Recipes on the Road

Discover delicious snowbird recipes. RV Snowbirding in Texas brings to mind BBQ! What food could be better while sitting out on a patio by your RV visiting with other like-minded, sun-seeking friends or while watching a football playoff? Here’s a recipe sure to please a crowd for adventures such as these: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

fantastic fudge

Fantastic Fudge: The Ultimate Snowbird Dessert Recipe

Fantastic Fudge makes a great addition to any Snowbird dessert menu. What speaks to this time of the year, and childhood memories, better than homemade fudge? Well, you can create this delectable treat right in your RV easily using the following recipe: Fantastic Fudge 3 cups Sugar ¾ cup unsalted Butter 5 ounces of canned


Goin’ to Graceland, Home of Elvis

Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee, is maintained impeccably. Tours are managed in such a way that the crowds don’t feel overwhelming while you walk through the mansion and grounds. A visit here feels personal, as if you are a guest in his home—not a curious fan. Interacting With Graceland and Elvis

balboa park

Explore New Worlds in San Diego’s Balboa Park

Balboa Park in San Diego, California, is a “must-do” destination, whether you’re interested in a fascinating museum experience, historic architecture, fabulous photographic opportunities, fine dining or merely time by a fountain to enjoy a gorgeous view of nature while sipping a latte. Seventeen museums are located within Balboa Park, covering such diverse subjects as culture,

Whale Watching

Embark on a Whale Watching Excursion

On the lookout for giants in the Pacific Northwest

Whale watching, or an “excursion to see marine wildlife,” as guides more often describe it, is at the top of the list of “must-dos” for anyone visiting Puget Sound or, more precisely, the Salish Sea near Seattle. Whether you see one of the many whale species that inhabit this area year-round, or a wide variety of

1880 town

1880 Town Preserves South Dakota’s Past

Originally envisioned to function as a movie set, South Dakota’s “1880 Town” recreates life in a turn-of-the-century community. The town is comprised of  an accumulation of authentic artifacts and buildings that were abandoned when the production of the intended film folded. After entrepreneur Richard Hullinger received the abandoned movie set in 1969, he began gathering additional original buildings from

little bighorn

Relive Custer’s Last Stand at Little Bighorn Battlefield

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument on the Crow Reservation southeast of Billings, Montana, preserves the site of Lt. Colonel George Custer’s infamous last stand. Located just off Interstate 90 with good RV parking, this site memorializes the last armed attempt of the area’s Native American tribes to preserve their way of life against the U.S. Army. On June 25,

snoqualmie falls

Soak in Snoqualmie Falls and Railway History

Snoqualmie Falls and the Northwest Railway Museum in the town of Snoqualmie sit only 29 miles east of downtown Seattle. Both stops qualify as a worthy day trip. More than 1.5 million travelers visit the 270-foot-high Snoqualmie Falls each year. The two-acre park overlooking the falls offers two observation decks, including one that is wheelchair-accessible. The adjacent Salish Lodge, with its gift shop and

South Dakota Showtime at Mitchell Corn Palace

The world’s only Corn Palace is located in Mitchell, South Dakota.  The building was first constructed in 1892 when the town was only twelve years old. The Palace has been a tourist attraction ever since. Originally, it was erected in an attempt to attract enough attention to the city to make Mitchell become the state’s capital.

Pictograph Cave State Park

Travel Back in Time in Montana’s Pictograph Cave State Park

View the dwellings of prehistoric hunters and gatherers from 9,000 years ago at Pictograph Cave State Park, a short drive from Billings, Montana.  This site has yielded more than 30,000 artifacts that show how these prehistoric people hunted and lived eons before European colonization of the United States. The site provides a glimpse into the far-flung trade routes and customs of

butchart gardens

Victoria’s Amazing Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens, 30 miles north of Victoria, British Columbia, is known for having one of the world’s premier floral garden displays. In 2004, the gardens earned the designation of “National Historic Site of Canada,” and they annually attract more than one million visitors. The 55-acre sanctuary was conceived in 1904 by Jennie Butchart to transform a defunct limestone

Maine Staples—Lobster and Ice Cream

Maine Summer Staples—Lobster and Ice Cream

Travel through the Pine  Tree State in the summer and you will discover two Maine summer staples—lobster and ice cream. It is an absolute tradition to visit an ice cream vendor after dinner to wait in line with numerous other vacationers for a huge scoop or two of the flavor of your choice. Rich, creamy and divinely

Spam! Getting a Taste of the Spam Museum

Ode to pork—don’t miss this unique Minnesota museum. Former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev once said, “Without Spam, we wouldn’t have been able to feed our army.” This year, the Hormel Foods Corporation opened a new museum in Austin, Minnesota, on April 22 showcasing Spam, their pork product (not the annoying items that show up in your email).

Craters of the Moon

Idaho’s Amazing Craters of the Moon

Craters of the Moon, located near Arco, Idaho, is one of the most interesting geological sites in North America. Here, it is possible to climb to an elevation of 6,181-feet to reach the summit of Inferno Cone. From Loop Drive, the steep trail leading to the cinder cone’s summit is a 0.4-mile round trip hike


RV Travels With a Cat

When it comes to RV travel, a cat will adapt to its new “home” far easier than you might imagine. Our cat, “Snoopy,” was four months old when we became full-time RVers. He’s been on the road now for years without a problem. Motion sickness has never been an issue, possibly because we don’t confine

Be Square: Storage Solution for Pantry and Basement

Think “square” to yield improved storage results in your RV. Use stackable, square containers with the same size base to organize, store and stabilize items of all descriptions. In the process, you will gain more storage than you might have imagined possible in often-limited RV storage spaces. Here’s how: Let’s start with food storage: Restaurant owners

Updating GPS While on the Road

If you rely upon a GPS system while driving, updating its software on a regular basis is one of the most important routines you should adopt. Whether you are computer savvy or technically challenged, updating your GPS unit is relatively easy to accomplish. When you purchased your GPS system, it came with instructions for updating.

Prevent Water Leaks From Slide-topper Failure

Slide Out Awnings, sometimes called Toppers, are an important component in protecting the structural integrity of your RV slide out—especially with their ability to prevent environmental damage to the seals that surround your slide out. When extended, toppers protect the roof of a slide out from rain, dirt, debris (leaves and small branches) or snow.

Large piece of cooked chicken with two slices cut on plate

A Pressure Cooking Pleaser for RVers

Pork Loin with Apple Sauce and Sweet Potatoes—a quick and easy meal using the Fagor Pressure Cooker: Apple Sauce  Ingredients: 8 Apples, cored and halved (do not peel) ½ cup Light Brown Sugar ½ teaspoon Cinnamon ½ cup  Water     Directions Place all the ingredients into the inner pot. Set to Pressure Cook on Low Setting

Convection Oven Recipe for the Holidays

What speaks to a festive holiday celebration better than a Cheese Cake dessert? The following hints will provide a foolproof result every time: The convection/microwave oven provides the ultimate cooking combination. The convection oven allows for browning and crisping, while the microwave keeps foods moist and juicy – bringing out their natural flavors. Your convection

Onions, potatoes and carrots cooking in pressure cooker

A Pressure Cooking Plus

With 11 functions, the 4-Quart Fagor Lux Multi-Cooker is the perfect compact electric appliance for longer RV travels. Imagine one appliance that offers settings for preparing white rice, brown rice, risotto or yogurt—at the touch of a button. Then add pressure-cook, slow-cook, brown, sauté, simmer and keep-warm settings! I recently found this gem of an appliance

Start an RV Thanksgiving Tradition

Are you in quest of a new and different Thanksgiving tradition? Many RV parks host Thanksgiving events that can be as endearing as a holiday spent at home. From traditional Thanksgiving dinners to early Christmas celebrations, here are a few samples of the possibilities available at RV parks during Thanksgiving: In Boerne, Texas, Top of the