Starting RV Holiday Traditions Across North America

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December 9, 2017

Holiday decorations on Crystal Pier in San Diego's Pacific Beach. RV Holiday Traditions

RV Holiday Traditions — find a jolly spot anywhere in North America and start a seasonal celebration.

RV Holiday Traditions

Seasonal celebrations in Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Annual traditions provide a comfort in life wherever, and whenever, you create them. As the holidays approach, why not create a few within your RV travels?

An RV holiday tradition may be a type of meal prepared, people with 1000 online payday loan whom time is shared, decorations displayed, cards sent annually or merely the location where one chooses to spend a holiday. Traveling in an RV offers the opportunity to be anywhere, with anyone, at any time. We spent one Christmas enjoying the wonders of Disney World, another sharing time with family in San Diego and on a recent occasion visited with our children in Washington State. During each of these holidays, our RV home became the center of the joyful experience we sought.

RV Holiday Traditions in Parks

In RV parks around the North America, we have observed wonderful traditions of gathering groups participating in annually scheduled events. The usual decorations come out of storage bays, and in some cases a catered or prepared meal is in the offing. Some parks have contests for decorations, or competitions for cookouts ranging from deep fryer cooked turkeys to chili.

RV Holiday Traditions

Christmas in the Cascades: Holidays with a distinctly Bavarian touch in Leavenworth, Washington.

Whatever activity makes your memories special, create it, take photographs to preserve it, and by all means savor it! Recalling these times later, reliving the stories-funny and tender, are what sitting around the campfire telling them later are all about. Making a holiday special annually, are what your children will tell their children. In the busy world we are immersed in, take time out for traditions. You will be grateful you did, whenever you reflect on what was most meaningful in your travels.

Each year on the road, we make a photo book of these events. With this traditional book in our hands, we have the ability to look back, remember events, and pass down to our family the story of what making traditions are all about.

Happy holidays from along the road,

Chris Mays

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