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RV towing a fifth-wheel drives over a bridge

Mark My Words April: Upping the Amps and Replacing Fiver Tires

Hi Mark My Words readers. I have some interesting RV questions and answers for you this month, covering topics like fifth-wheel tires and trailer parking. I hope you’re out there enjoying some great spring RVing! Remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected] Hi Mark, Is there such a thing as a temperature-controlled container in

9 Reasons For Using an RV Logbook

Logbooks are used in aircraft, ships and commercial trucks. In these applications, vehicle movement and maintenance are the key recorded functions. While RV logbooks are not a legal requirement for recreational vehicles, they are a great addition to any RV and offer a host of benefits. So what exactly can such a book offer the

selecting a vehicle to tow — A toy hauler trailer on a field at dusk.

Mark My Words March: Toy Hauler Water Heating and Annoying Engine Alerts

Hi, All! This month, we’ve got questions on water heaters, check engine lights, selecting a vehicle to tow and tire/rim choices. Remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected] Mark, I have a toy-hauler, and when the water heater is on, I found that I had a leak at the shower valve connection to the