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Experience More Road Trips

As an adventure photographer, outdoor explorer, and enthusiast for all things outside, L Renee, aka @urbanclimbr, shows how road trips can make impactful memories. Here she takes us on a journey that includes climbing along the Pacific coast, sandboarding dunes, hiking coastal plains, and surfing the beaches below. Road trips with @urbanclimbr Hand her climbing

How To: A Luxury Vacation in an RV

Carmen and her family were able to spend some time having a luxury vacation in beautiful Hilton Head, South Carolina, their experience proved to them that they can get everything they want in a luxury trip while renting an RV. Watch the family’s adventure below.   What defines a luxury vacation? Let’s face it, free

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Your 2019 Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Give Dad the Gift of a Better Adventure This Year

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I want to help you knock the socks off of your outdoor Dad. Here are the top 10m gifts for Dad’s day 2019 and where to grab them: 10. SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) – For Fun with Dad on the Water   O’Brien Eclipse 11’6″ Stand-Up Paddleboard — MSRP $799

Parents and two children on camping trip walking near a lake

More and More Families are Camping!

Since 2014, an increase of more than six million North American families have started camping. In 2018, 45% of all camping households plan to increase their camping trips. Millennial families – defined as couples with children – are swiftly surpassing the tried and true camping demographic of older white retirees. These families are not only

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Fun and Camping on the Water

Watersports have grown exponentially over the last ten years.  Waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, water jetting, jetskiing, boating, SUPing, surfing and so much more attract water lovers from coast to coast. These unique outdoors activities are excellent for health and wellness purposes. Additionally, many hobbyists and extremists participate in various watersports regularly. Check out these campgrounds located

Flowing 70 foot waterfall

A Dad Outside: Hike to Paradise Falls in Wildwood

Explore the ongoing outdoor adventures of author Jeremy P Elder and his family.

Nestled neatly into the hills of Ventura County, California, Wildwood Park is a hikers paradise. Caves, waterfalls, winding hiking trails, teepees, flower-covered hills and a snaking stream to explore. Wildwood Regional Park packs a shockingly diverse landscape into its 1,765 acres for all kinds of adventures. This last weekend the family and I decided to

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A Dad Outside: Spring Rock Climbing and Hiking at Stoney Point, California

Hello Spring! As I’ve said before,  there is no place with as much accessible nature than Southern California. We have tackled beach camping, an adventurous snow day, and now we welcome Spring.  I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than with a family hiking day. We have had a pretty constant rainfall and/or

Father kissing daughter in the snow of Angeles Crest

A Dad Outside: Snow Day in Angeles Crest, CA

Baby, It’s California Cold Outside As a Wisconsin native myself, I will be the first to admit that Californian’s have absolutely no concept of “cold.”  Typically if someone from California, especially Southern California where I now live and the Good Sam Club HQ is located, tells you “It’s freezing outside!”; that means its somewhere in

Aerial photograph of the Academy Museum opening in Los Angeles in 2019.

Best New Attractions in 2019: Closest RV Camping

Is traveling and experiencing amazing new things a part of your New Year’s resolution list? Then 2019 is sure to be an exciting year for various reasons. Check out this list of awesome new experiences and places opening across the United States. Thrillist recently posted their choices for coolest new things coming to America this

All of Amazon's Echo line of products

Alexa Your RV This Holiday and Un-limit Your Data!

Hello and welcome to the very first post for our new blog series Smart Life & RV.  In this series, we will review, recommend and test the best, most productive, and most fun tech you can add to your RV and outdoor adventures. Each week I will cover new tech that will enhance and empower

Woman in Uganda using a BioLite home stove to cook.

BioLite Energy: New Energy to Save the World

  There is a company in our industry that has a very particular mission, and that’s their mission of “Energy Everywhere.”  We have recently done field reviews of their BioLite FirePit and CampStove 2 (which will be published after our completed full reviews), but we get so excited about their mission and vision that we

Author Jeremy P Elder and his daughter at Carpinteria State Beach, California

A Dad Outside: A Camping Legacy for Our Children at Carpinteria SB

A SoCal Boy and His Adventures Growing up as a Southern California boy, camping was a huge part of my childhood. Almost every single Spring break, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and of course summer break memory that I have involves being in the mountains, the beach, lake, river, woods, or even the snow (yep, it actually

DP Compression Braking Systems

Most class A diesel pusher motorhomes are equipped with compression braking systems. They can provide an initial braking resistance for normal highway driving or, more commonly, help to maintain a reasonable speed on downhill grades without the need to use the service brakes. These are available in three basic configurations depending on the chassis make and

RV Travel Safety

Vacations travelling in a recreational vehicle can be one of the most memorable holidays.  Whether you are trailer camping or motor homing, the days generally are filled with a combination of adventure and relaxation.  The feeling of escaping the reality of the hum-drum daily grind is experienced by many.  Life is good! However, the reality

First Snowbird Trip

So, this is the year you will make your first Snowbird trip.   Your journey will require heading south while the roads are still good for RV travel and returning as the winter turns to spring.  This will be not only the longest time you have every used your RV, but the first time it will

Summer Time Getaways

Celebrate the summer with great getaways. Here are our favorite deals.   Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort From the moment you pull into the gates of the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort, (LVM), you won’t believe your eyes but you’ll quickly realize you have arrived. You’ve arrived at one of the most gorgeous resorts you’ll find in all

The Teton Range

The Teton Mountains are frequently referred to as America’s Alps due to their immense profile, glacial snow fields, and towering jagged peaks. The crown jewel of the Teton Range is Grand Teton, a 13,770-foot peak that challenges mountain climbers, engages hikers, and thrills photographers. Twelve other peaks reach above 12,000 feet elevation and adds to

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Refund Runaround

We attempted to purchase a travel trailer from William Ashley owner Columbus Campers.  We sent him a cashier’s check for $3,000 with paperwork and were told that financing had been approved on a 2015 Keystone Cougar UltraLite 33res.  The following day he told us we had been approved and then we began to try to

The Sun Sets on the Phoenix Rally

The Arizona desert attracted people from all over North America to the Phoenix International Raceway, February 26 to March 1, 2015. Over 2,600 rigs brought 5,600 people into the Rally each day during the 4‐day event. Additionally, more than 7,500 local RV enthusiasts came and took advantage of the hundreds of RVs of every shape and size on display

Dogs for the Deaf

Puttin’ On The Dog

Good Sam chapters give a favorite charity a leg up RVers love their pets, and Good Sam members are no exception. So it’s no surprise that the club has gone all out to support Oregon’s Dogs for the Deaf for the past 35 years. North America’s oldest and largest Hearing Dog institution, Dogs for the Deaf

Outraged over Awnings

When we purchased our 2015 Montana High country from Summit RV in Ashland, KY, the unit was still in production at the manufacturer. However, it was too late in the process to add slide out awnings. Summit RV assured us that once the RV was delivered they could measure, and install their best slide out

Carbon Monoxide

Defective Detector

I have had carbon-monoxide detector issues ever since purchasing my Keytone Raptor. At first, there was an issue with the slide-out allowing fumes from the generator to penetrate into the RV and trigger the alarm. I fought with Keystone to have the slide-out adjusted and finally was able to get that done. This really cut

A Taste of The Road

What is an old-school practice that is back in fashion? The answer is Menu Planning. When you are preparing for a trip in your recreational vehicle, adding this step has several benefits. Menus will be very helpful for creating healthier meals. Planning ahead will save you money if you look for specials and seasonal savings

What To Do If Your RV Doors or Windows Freeze

Winter’s bitter winds can freeze RV door locks, windows, and doors. It’s important to know what to do if your RV doors or windows freeze and how to prevent this from happening. Use these quick and easy tips to combat the ice. Frozen Door Locks: Prevention Nothing can be more frustrating than finding your RV

The 3 Most Common Travel Trailer Issues

While the description of a travel trailer may also fit a 5th wheel trailer, there are differences. Today we will focus on the bumper drawbar type travel trailer.  This type of caravan is available in a variety of lengths, generally ranging from 12 to 35 plus feet or so.   It is a popular choice RV as

The TRUTH About RV Campers

Happy New Year! As we begin our 9th year (8th in partnership with it’s a perfect time to reflect upon the past, while also looking forward to the future. These years have witnessed the creation of a library of fun RV content – more than 200 HD videos, 1000 pages of writing, tens of


By Barry Zander, Edited by Monique Zander, the Never-Bored RVers This leg of our trip toward Key West will be more interesting to me than to you, but I think you’ll find the comments from readers at the end a highlight of our journey, and I hope it inspires you to add to the discussion.

RVing With The Grandkids

Grandparents can take advantage of the freedom of RVing to connect with their grandchildren and enjoy uninterrupted quality time, explore new places, and share experiences. RVing with the grandkids requires some preparation. Discuss with parents the essentials of packing for the trip—especially if they’re not RVers. It’s useful for each child to have a tote

How To Make Time For Camping

So you and your partner work full time and your kids (and/or grand kids) take up much of your free time, so you keep asking yourself the same question: “How to Make Time for Camping?” Well, the answer is really quite simple. You just have to plan your camping trips well in advance, book them,

REVIEW: Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

We recently discussed the Garmin Vivofit fitness band ( This is a popular activity tracker by Garmin, a leading company in the GPS technology field. The Vivofit is well priced, costing less than $100 – a small price to pay for better health and a slimmer waistline. Fitness bands have become a popular phenomenon in


By Barry Zander, Edited by Monique Zander, the Never-Bored RVers We hitched up our Bigfoot trailer December 9.   One night at a rest stop, another at a casino and two Walmarts later we arrived in the shadows of Heartbreak Hotel, the Graceland RV Park in Memphis.  Speeding over asphalt for 2,200 miles (at an

RVing Safety Accessories

We all likely agree that there are several safety accessories that every RVer should have, but there might be some disagreement on what those accessories are. One RVer might consider a shotgun a must have safety accessory, while another might rate an alarm on his temperature-controlled built-in wine storage compartment a necessary safety accessory. However,

Making a New Year’s Camping Resolution

Sitting at home by the fire as this year is ushered out to welcome 2015, one can’t help thinking of the past.  As the New Year will bring changes, Paul pondered how he, too, could alter to enhance his life.  Perhaps in the form of a resolution, a promise to one self for the coming