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January 22, 2015

Carbon MonoxideI have had carbon-monoxide detector issues ever since purchasing my Keytone Raptor. At first, there was an issue with the slide-out allowing fumes from the generator to penetrate into the RV and trigger the alarm. I fought with Keystone to have the slide-out adjusted and finally was able to get that done. This really cut down on the amount of air coming into the RV from the slide but didn’t stop the alarm from going off.

Keystone wouldn’t offer any solution other than the use of a Gen-Turi generator-exhaust venting system. I purchased a Gen-Turi and also fixed some loose electrical connections on the CO alarm and still had alarms going off. Eventually, I disconnected the detector and purchased a battery-operated unit for temporary use while I sent the CO detector to the factory for replacement. The battery-operated unit has never sounded during generator use.

I obtained a return authorization number from Quantum Group, which sells the detector, and mailed the unit to them. Quantum says they never received the detector, but when I contacted them earlier they said they did. Finally I spoke with Dave, and he said he was handling it and would probably just send a new unit. Three days later I spoke to Dave again, and he said the unit shipped out the previous business day but couldn’t give me a tracking number. Finally, I received a detector, but it was the wrong model! All I’ve been able to get is the royal runaround! Please let me know if you can help.

Jeffery LaGrange, Patterson, Louisiana

Action Line: After Action Line mailed a petition to Keystone, which in turn contacted Quantum, we received the following message from Good Sam member Jeffrey LaGrange:

I received the correct replacement CO detector this morning and will install it this weekend. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. It has definitely been a frustrating experience, to say the least. Without your service, I would still be getting the runaround.

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  1. Louis Van Hattum

    I have the exact same problem with my 2013 Keystone Cougar High Country and will see if we get any action.

  2. Brian Cullen

    I had issues setting off my CO detector, running my generator with the slide out open and bought a gen-turi as well. I found that I continued to set off my CO alarm when I was plugged in at home with no generator running at all. That’s when I started looking for some other cause. What I eventually realized was that my CO detector is located directly above my battery compartment and I would get CO alarm when my battery was charging and realized the problem is hydrogen which is generated when my battery is charging and CO sensors have a significant cross sensitivity to hydrogen. What worries me with this knowledge is the concentration of hydrogen in my battery compartment If I get a spark off the battery