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Carbon Monoxide

Defective Detector

I have had carbon-monoxide detector issues ever since purchasing my Keytone Raptor. At first, there was an issue with the slide-out allowing fumes from the generator to penetrate into the RV and trigger the alarm. I fought with Keystone to have the slide-out adjusted and finally was able to get that done. This really cut

Lube Pump Lemon

South Carolina Good Sam member Donald Halbohn approached Action Line for help when the lube pump in his motorhome tow package failed. Although the one-year warranty had expired, Halbohn contended that the pump should have lasted longer than 17 months and only five camping trips. In May 2012 Camping Connection of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,

Good Sam Is in Your Corner

Wisconsin Good Sam member Claude Cahoon asked Action Line to step in on his behalf when he was billed for two months’ OnStar charges after he’d canceled the service: In 2010 I purchased a new Chevy Aveo to tow behind our motorhome. I signed up for the OnStar service and had it for two years