ActionLineSouth Carolina Good Sam member Donald Halbohn approached Action Line for help when the lube pump in his motorhome tow package failed. Although the one-year warranty had expired, Halbohn contended that the pump should have lasted longer than 17 months and only five camping trips.

In May 2012 Camping Connection of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, installed a tow package on my 2012 Ford Escape and 2011 Tioga Ranger motorhome. The package included a Remco lube pump. Last September, on my fifth trip after the installation, I stopped to refuel in Georgia and noticed that the lube pump control switch on my dashboard was flashing red. I opened the hood of my Ford Escape and observed transmission fluid leaking from the pump.

I called Camping Connection, and the technician said to check the screws on the head of the pump. All seven screws were very loose, requiring five or six full turns. Mind you, these were not turns requiring much force. I was aware of the plastic and did not want to crack the head or damage the gasket.

About two hours later, the lube pump control switch flashed from green to red and emitted a high-pitched sound. I pulled over and again observed that the pump was leaking. Again I was able to tighten the screws on the head. I started the pump, and it continued to leak. This time, the pump wasn’t making the strong noise I was accustomed to hearing. Rather, it sounded very weak. Not wanting to destroy my transmission, I shut the pump off.

Once I got to my destination in Florida, I called the Camping Connection in Kissimmee. They sent a technician who determined that I needed a new lube pump. The following day, a technician named Tom installed the new pump. I spoke to him, and later spoke to technicians at the Kissimmee and Myrtle Beach locations. None of them could explain why the pump would need to be replaced after being installed only 17 months earlier. They all agreed that a lube pump should be maintenance free and doesn’t require the user to inspect the head screws periodically.

Since the one-year warranty expired in May 2013, I had to pay $516.23 for a new lube pump, shipping and installation. I’m asking Remco to stand behind its product and reimburse me.

Good Sam Action Line sent a petition to Remco Industries on Donald Halbohn’s behalf. Shortly after that, Halbohn wrote to tell us he received a check for $314 from Remco and was satisfied with the outcome.

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