journeySo you and your partner work full time and your kids (and/or grand kids) take up much of your free time, so you keep asking yourself the same question: “How to Make Time for Camping?” Well, the answer is really quite simple. You just have to plan your camping trips well in advance, book them, and then prepare for them accordingly as the date nears.

There is no better way to spend quality time with those you love than to go camping with them. It gets you out of your house, city, and car and out into nature with just the necessities, to truly appreciate where you are, who you are with, and just take a breather from the everyday conundrums. I can’t tell you how many times we have gone on impromptu camping trips that have proven to be the funnest, most memorable mini vacations. When you plan them well in advance, however, it locks you in and is “on the calendar” so that everyone involved can plan their time off accordingly and thus holds you accountable for following through and actually going (no matter what comes up). You deserve this time off and away!

If packing has you overwhelmed and feeling like its not worth all the hassle, just picture you and your family at your favorite campgrounds, sitting around the camp fire, singing, eating, and laughing. That should snap you out of it and get you focused on the task at hand. Remember that sometimes you really do have to force yourself to let go and have some fun!

Make lists! This can help you focus your attention on one thing at a time. Start with listing your favorite holidays to go camping for and then start brainstorming where you might want to go for each. Then figure out the budget and how to make it happen with your (sometimes crazy schedules). Usually plan for a day of travel to/from your campground and then at least 2-3 nights there (if not more!) This gives you ample time to let go, relax and really enjoy yourself.

Do your Research! When you are figuring out “How to Make Time for Camping,” you will also want to consider the types of places your family seems to enjoy most. Is there a State or National Park you have been meaning to visit? Do you prefer to camp near the ocean or another body of water? Do you like to hike, bike, or fish? The answers to these questions can help steer your search for your next camping destination.

Overall, just remember that these camping trips that you painstakingly make room for in your calendar will make up some of the best memories of all time for you, your family and your friends. There really is nothing quite like it. So, pull out your calendar and get to work planning next year’s camp outs. tent

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