Woman sitting in treepod cabana hanging over a flowing river.

What is a TreePod?

TreePod Hanging Habitats is a Colorado-based company that created an amazing and stylish portable chill space that allows you to literally “hang-out.”  The pods blend together features of a hammock, chairs, and tents all in one awesome product.  This offers space to relax, chill-out, study, read, nap and cuddle up, all while suspended off the ground.  The first unit was an instant treehouse concept geared toward kids and launched via successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2015.  From there, the TreePod has since evolved to offer additional designs sophisticated enough for use outdoors as well as in the home, with a variety of models for all shapes, sizes, and ages.  They have an enclosed model called the Lounger, and an open-air mesh design called the Cabana and both offer an incredibly relaxing experience, it’s just a preference of whether you want the enclosed feeling of a tent or the open air mesh feeling of a hammock.

Promotional picture of the various colors that the TreePod Cabana is available in.

The Treepods come in many awesome colors / Photo: Treepod

TreePod Cabana

The TreePod Cabana (MSRP $262), comes in a variety of colors and offers the perfect summer retreat and relaxation spot.  At five or six feet around on both the top and bottom of the pods, the Cabana can comfortably accommodate up to 500 pounds.  During our very first product testing, we had two grown adults, averaging about 300 pounds, and a child of about 50 pounds and the Cabana performed exceptionally.  Our friends at TreePod provided their amazing stand to hang the pod from and it could not have been easier to set up.  (Do be careful though during removal from box and set-up as the paint tended to scuff pretty easily).  All the tools needed to set up the stand were included in the box so there was no need for a trip to the garage.  This also meant that we could take the stand with us on the go if we really wanted to (although, we strongly recommend leaving the stand at home and finding a natural spot to hang it from on your outing like a strong tree).  Of course, the kiddo loved it because the unit has the ability to sway and free swing if you elect not to set up the included tie-downs.  This meant she could just lay back in the Cabana or Lounger and be swung lightly from side to side or spun around.  When you are trying to entertain children at a campsite this could prove to be an invaluable little addition.  The Cabana, as mentioned above, features the open air mesh.  Granted, we conducted our initial testing during the chilly month of January, but in Southern California, that means the coldest it got was only 50 degrees.  One really special highlight of opting for the Cabana vs the Lounger is that if you are laying out with special someone or your child, it is pretty spectacular swaying comfortably under the stars with the full 360-degree view of the night sky.

Promotional photo of the TreePod Cabana hanging

Treepod Cabana in Terracotta / Photo: Treepod

TreePod Lounger

The TreePod Lounger (MSRP $314), also comes in a variety of colors as well and offers a more private relaxation retreat than the Cabana.  As far as dimensions go, this is the same size as the Cabana, with a five or six-foot circumference on the top and bottom of the unit so that, even in this case where the pod is enclosed, you never feel suffocated or claustrophobic.  Additionally, this pod has the same 500-pound weight capacity that the Cabana offers. The main and almost only difference here is that the Lounger is enclosed, the Cabana is open air mesh (except for the top and bottom).  This pod allows you to quietly relax anywhere for a private nap, take some time with a good book, get some quick work done on a tablet or laptop, or just relax with your friends and family.  You can either climb all the way into the pod and allow it to free-swing, or you can sit comfortably in it like a hammock and use your hanging feet to sway the pod whichever speed and direction you would like.  With both the models you can tie them down so that they do not sway if the wind demands it.

Promotional photo of the various colors that TreePod Lounger is available in.

Treepod Lounger in various color options / Photos: TreePod

Testing and Review

I decided to test the Lounger and Cabana out in a couple of different settings and, honestly, the gimmick of the pods quickly became the reality of them.  What I mean by that is that the pitch from TreePod is that these pods combine the comforts of a tent, hammock and chair all-in-one.  It seemed like a lofty brag at first but once you start to use it you really see that the description matches the functionality perfectly.  There really is very little you can’t do with this that you could with a hammock, chair, or tent (obvious weather exceptions apply).  For my review, I tested the pods in the following conditions:

Outdoor Snow

For the snow setting, I made the early choice to take the Lounger out over the Cabana.  The choice was an obvious one considering the temperatures and wind factors and that the Lounger provided protection from these elements.  We were able to find a sturdy pine tree on our trip to Wrightwood, CA in the Angeles Crest National Forest in January and had the Lounger setup in under two minutes.  It’s so easy!  The pods have an optional light-weight carrying case with a wearable strap to make the haul from the car/RV to the campsite/play site as easy as can be.  Toss a nature safe strap around the tree branch, hang the pod with the included hook and you’re all done.  As we had nine little girls running around anxiously waiting for us to set up the day camp, I elected to hang this first so they had something to occupy them as the adults went to work on the rest of the equipment. It was perfect! Not only was it entertaining them, taking turns swaying in the “treehouse”, but it allowed them a safe space to get out of the cold snow.  My only regret was not having more Lounger pods to hang.  The folks over at Treepod were generous enough to ship a rain fly as well which ensured that any falling snow wouldn’t get the pod wet.  Their original review delivery did not include the rain cover but when I reached out to the team they quickly rushed me the piece to my home during the holidays.  Their customer service and response time was just incredible, especially considering this was over Christmas and New Year’s break for most company’s. With the rain cover over the already enclosed Lounger pod, this provided the kids and adults a nice warm place to escape to, rest their cold feet and bodies, in an enclosed space that was at noticeably warmer than the chilly windy outdoors. I would say that my only criticism if you’d even call it that, is that there is no pad on the bottom of the pod so your backside can get a bit cold after a while.  Granted, I’m sure they didn’t have snow conditions in mind as a place most people would be utilizing the pods, but it would be nice if there was an option to purchase a pad for the bottom.


Truth be told, if I had it my way, I would have just kept these pods in the backyard for our own personal loungers, that is genuinely and honestly how much we enjoyed having these during the testing phase. Treepod provided us with a stand, which as mentioned couldn’t have been easier to assemble, and we had the Lounger and Cabana alternately hung up in the backyard for about two weeks.  Every single person that came over LOVED the pods and of course, the questions poured in on where and how to get one.  We set it up near our trampoline and sandbox play area and the adults took turns relaxing in the pod while the others sat in chairs next to it watching the kids play, or talking about the dreams of the New Year to come.  It was such a great conversation piece, I just can’t speak highly enough about it as a backyard unit.  I don’t mean this to imply in any way that it wasn’t just as awesome out in the real world, but having it to relax in the comfort of your own space was even better than our current hammock.  At night, the kids would climb into it with a tablet and fall asleep watching a movie.  The pod stand, even at eight feet in circumference, still didn’t seem intrusive or bulky in any way when it was set-up.  Once you get into one of these amazing TreePod’s you’re gonna be hard pressed to enjoy your existing patio furniture in comparison.


Once you get into one of these amazing TreePod's you're gonna be hard pressed to enjoy your existing patio furniture in comparison. Click To Tweet


Lake Isabella and Kern River, California

Yet again, the Treepod proved the perfect relaxation companion for this sitting as well.  One of TreePod’s promotional photos, as seen above, is a woman relaxing in her TreePod Cabana over a flowing stream.  I saw this and thought how awesome that must be; I had to try this for myself.  We took a weekend a trip up to Lake Isabella and Kern River in Southern California to conduct product tests/reviews and I was determined to hang the Cabana over the river and recreate the comfort of their marketing photo.  I grabbed my easy carrying case and pod and began a walk down the Kern River to find a gentle flowing spot with good tree coverage to hang the pod from.  It took about ten minutes and I found my perfect spot.  Using the included hook I climbed up to a sturdy branch, had a friend pass it up to me and accomplished my goal!  It was even better than I thought it would be.  I took a much-needed power nap, hanging with 360 open panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding forest, and the sound of the water flowing beneath me and I slept like a baby.  It was so peaceful and relaxing; a truly pure zen moment.  The Cabana proved to be the perfect choice in this setting and we even cast our line to do some fishing in the river from the Cabana.  I included my dad on this trip as he was excited to get to play with some new products and get some fishing time in and it was a chore getting him to give up the pod.  The highlight moment was when he caught a small trout from the comfort of the pod.  (Watching him reel in the fish as the Cabana swayed freely was just an absolutely hysterical moment).


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Trees For the Future is a non-profit organization improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands.  Since 1989, with their experience in planting over 115 million trees around the world, they have demonstrated the transformative power of trees in helping people break out of the poverty trap while also addressing the global environment.  Today, their work in East and West Africa is helping to build a world where people can leave a legacy of opportunity through sustainable practices and productive lands for future generations.  On top of making a truly unique and special product to enjoy with your friends and family that will enhance all of your outdoor activities, TreePod has also put their heart into their product line by partnering with TreesForTheFuture.org. TreePod has committed to planting a tree for every single TreePod purchased.  According to their website, TreePod states:

“Purchasing a TreePod allows you to enjoy your trees and know another is being planted to help the people and areas that need them the most.  We value the transformative power of forests, trees, natural environments and the positive relationships people have with them.  Supporting Trees for the Future is an important step we wanted to make to have a positive impact on the global community.”

Like our friends over at BioLite, we love reviewing and supporting companies in our industry who have missions to support the world we live in and support TreePod’s mission of reforestation.

People helping African child plant trees in field.

Trees for Change planting in third world countries / Photo: Treesforthefuture.org

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About the Author:
Jeremy P Elder is a U.S. Army combat veteran and award-winning podcast producer and host.  In addition to having over 15 years of Business Development and Marketing leadership history with titans of the modern age like Sprint, Verizon, and Aerovironment, Jeremy has also owned and operated several successful marketing firms and projects. He is a proud father and writes the A Dad Outside blog series about adventures with his young daughter and is the author of Topics of Heroes and its sequel Topics Too. Jeremy serves as the Digital Product Manager for Good Sam Enterprises and writes several blog series’ for Good Sam, Trailer Life and Motorhome and conducts new product reviews.

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