058Sitting at home by the fire as this year is ushered out to welcome 2015, one can’t help thinking of the past.  As the New Year will bring changes, Paul pondered how he, too, could alter to enhance his life.  Perhaps in the form of a resolution, a promise to one self for the coming year.   His eyes then drifted to a framed photo on the mantle.  It was of him many years ago, camping with his parents in the wilds of Idaho.  Beside it was a picture of his son, at about a similar age, laying on the bunk in their trailer fully involved with a handheld video game.

It was then that the idea for a unique New Year’s camping resolution struck him: to make camping what it used to be, a fun filled outdoor family adventure full of exciting activities, such as fishing, hiking, swimming and much more.

Looking back at the past camping season was certainly not what one might term as an outdoor adventure.  His son, Sheldon, spent the days either texting his friends or deeply engaged in an electronic cloud of video gaming.  Paul, too, must share some blame as he must have watched every ball game and golfing match aired in 2014.  His wife, not a big sports fan, passed the time reading her favorite author’s novel.  Most of this exciting activity was done in the trailer as there are bugs outside, and besides, it’s too bright to see the picture properly.  Also their dog, Mysty, whines making it difficult to hear as well as being annoying.

This truly could be a worthwhile New Year’s resolution, and one remarkably attainable.  So, how will he make this happen?

Their cell and smart phones will be turned off, keeping them connected just like years ago – not.  It’s kind of 156amazing that they survived without constantly being contactable, but they did.  Their voice mail can reflect our new “Do Not Disturb” message with a promise to return the call when they get home. Likewise, text and e-mail will go unanswered during this time.

Sheldon’s overworked video machine can take a break and stay home.  Family board games, like Monopoly, will suffice should a rainy day confine them to the RV.

Paul’s TV habits during their family camping will change. They will only watch TV at the end of the day and only those programs enjoyed by all.   His team will have to carry on without him.

The dog will no longer spend the weekend on a line attached to the trailer frame.  She will now venture out with them on their explorations and will sleep sound after each exciting day.

Well, that’s it!  They have carved it in stoned.  Now they can’t wait for the 2015 camping season.

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  1. I love the plan!! Portable electronics are the worst thing that ever happened to camping!

  2. I love the plan!! Portable electronics are the worst thing that ever happened to camping!

  3. Phil Smith

    Sounds like a great plan !

  4. Phil Smith

    Sounds like a great plan !

  5. Elizabeth Thompson