Staying in Shape—Sizing Up Your RV Park’s Gym

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February 6, 2016

lStaying in good physical shape while on the road is easier than you might imagine. Is a gym or at least some exercise equipment going to be available in the park you are visiting? The answer is as simple as asking the RV park’s staff what is available for exercise while making your reservation or by reviewing the park’s advertisement in the Good Sam North American Travel and Savings Guide. Parks that have an exercise room with great equipment in good condition are proud of their investment and often mention it in the description of their park. For example, look at Westwind RV and Golf Resort. You will see Exercise Room listed as an amenity under the heading Recreational Facilities.

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An example of an RV park’s exercise room.







At Santa Fe Park and RV Resort in San Diego, California, we recently had the use of a treadmill, a stationary bike, an elliptical exercise machine, and a multiple function weight lifting machine in a room overlooking their pool. It was an easy place to workout with a great view to boot! The exercise room is only a short walk from anywhere in the park making access easy without driving. So no excuse exists here for avoiding exercise if you are motivated to move your muscles. Add a stroll around the entire perimeter of the park and you have covered a half of a mile distance – a great addition to whatever you have done in the gym.

Walking is possible almost everywhere.

Walking is possible almost everywhere.

What if the park has no or very limited equipment? If they have limited equipment, make use of it to the extent you can. Any movement, even the smallest of motions, helps tone your muscles, exercise your joints and burn calories. I have a watch that reminds me to stand periodically for a minute. I use this reminder to stand, stretch and move about the coach. Earlier this year I made a resolution to walk about whatever park we were staying in at least once a day for exercise. While it is not always easy to keep a resolution going as the days and weeks wear on, I keep a journal of my progress. It is a reminder and silent coach to keep motivated to move.

Good luck in your quest to stay fit. Keep up the good work. You will be glad you did!

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