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petrified forest national park

Frozen in Time: Petrified Forest National Park

In celebration of National Park Week, we’re featuring one of our favorite locations, Petrified Forest National Park. Designated as a national park in 1962, Petrified Forest National Park is located in Apache and Navajo counties in northeastern Arizona and is approximately 346 square miles in size, making it the 38th largest national park in America.

4 Fantastic Snowbird Cities to Explore

Still taking your snowbird trip? Planning next year’s escape to the south? Here are four fantastic locations to add to your itinerary during the snowbird season’s final weeks. Sarasota Sarasota and her string of eight islands are tucked into the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida. Sarasota County encompasses nearly 40 miles of shoreline and include Sarasota,


Birding Hot Spots in Southeastern Arizona

Birding in abundance awaits visitors in the Grand Canyon State. Southeastern Arizona is an ecological crossroads, where the Sierra Madre of Mexico, the Rocky Mountains and the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts all come together. The abrupt rise of mountains like the Huachucas from the surrounding arid grasslands creates “sky islands” harboring rare species and communities of plants

Julian, Apple Pies and Fun in SoCal

Julian is a small mountain community in Southern California located at the intersection of California highways 78 and 79, about 50 miles northeast of San Diego. I enjoy visiting Julian for its laid-back charm, historical buildings, beautiful surroundings and the famous apple pies. You’ll also find lots of Good Sam Parks around the Julian area.

Touring Indiana’s Amish Heritage Trail

Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip, clop It’s a soothing sound, the rhythmic beat of horse hooves on country roads. Driving the Heritage Trail that zigzags Indiana’s Amish communities, you’ll pass numerous horse-drawn buggies—a visible reminder that life is different here. Due to the Amish lifestyle, it seems you’ve stepped back in time a century or more. No

Joshua Tree Rocks for Adventurers

The fascinating geologic landscape of Joshua Tree has long fascinated visitors to this desert region. Smooth granite monoliths and rugged canyons testify to the forces that shaped this land. Joshua Tree National Park is an amazingly diverse area of rugged terrain where two major deserts come together. The park demonstrates the vivid contrast between the

Birds, Butterflies and Winter Texans

  A haven for birders and butterfly enthusiasts, Mission, Texas, is located about 250 miles south of San Antonio in the Rio Grande Valley. Situated on the southernmost tip of Texas, this semi-tropical paradise is not really a valley but a delta or floodplain containing many oxbow lakes or resacas formed from meanders in earlier courses of the Rio Grande. This unique region encompasses no fewer than 11 different

Enjoying Cedar Key, Florida. Note the Great blue heron. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

4 Sunny Snowbird Destinations

Are you traveling the Sun Belt as  part of a snowbird journey? Or are you planning next year’s southern trip? Well, the available options are unlimited, enabling snowbirds to design their winter lifestyle to suit their financial ability and social preferences. Here’s a look at four sunny destinations that snowbirds call their winter home. Arizona The majority of

Why Snowbirds Love Palm Springs

Here’s why Palm Spring attract snowbirds of diverse interests: Palm Springs has everything from golf, polo, and hiking to shopping, spas and one spectacular aerial tram. Palm Springs is one of those places that looks pretty good to a whole lot of people at this time of year. And it’s not just the weather! In Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage,

Route 66. The Will Rogers Highway. Mother Road. Main Street of America. The quintessential American Road Trip. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Route 66 Through Arizona

Route 66. The Will Rogers Highway. Mother Road. Main Street of America. The quintessential American Road Trip. Route 66 will turn 90 years old in 2016, a remarkable milestone for a road that served travelers well before the advent of the interstate highway system. Although much of it has bypassed over the years, many long stretches

Galt Farmers Market near Lodi, California © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Tips for Shopping at Farmers Markets

One of our favorite activities while RVing is to check out farmers markets. These agricultural events provide a great opportunity to shop for fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables, sample some great food, talk with the locals and enjoy live music all in one location. You know where the food you purchase comes from. The

Site decorating contest at Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort in Santa Claus, Indiana

Halloween Haunts

Halloween Haunts   Fall is here! After a hot summer, it is now time to enjoy some cooler weather. October camping is awesome in most regions of the country. We still get some pretty warm days, yet the evenings cool down to where an evening campfire sounds inviting. Once a year, we get the opportunity

Jekyll Island (Georgia) Visitor Information Center © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Visitor Centers Are a Must Stop

Make your road trip and travel adventure better by stopping at state welcome centers and regional and city visitor information centers. Most states offer RV friendly Welcome Centers along Interstates and other major highways. Friendly, informative staff and dedicated volunteers provide area-specific brochures, detailed maps, and face-to-face travel consultation and advice, free of charge. The Visitor

When traveling south on I-15, consider spending time at Redding in Northern California. Image above, Sacramento River looking west from the iconic Sundial Bridge. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

The Journey South for Winter

Great stops on your snowbird flight

While many snowbirds head directly south from their northern home and enjoy long-term stays at RV parks and resorts, others cut across the country in a diagonal direction, exploring a whole new longitude. Still other snowbirds follow an itinerary across the Sun Belt sampling a variety of regionsl and roosts. Many snowbirds break up their

The Old Talbott Tavern had its share of famous guests over the years. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Bardstown Is Much More Than Bourbon

If you like visiting warm, welcoming small towns with beautiful old buildings and colorful history, you’ll love Bardstown, Kentucky. And if you favor bourbon, that’s an added bonus. One of Bardstown’s most prominent buildings is the Old Talbott Tavern, the oldest stagecoach stop west of the Allegheny Mountains, dating to 1779. The tavern has had

Close up picture of BBQ ribs on BBQ

A Slice of Texas Barbecue

There’s hardly a better way to discover a slice of Texas, so to speak, than with a barbecue road trip—especially one that travels through Central Texas with some of the state’s greatest smoked meats. For the most impressive barbecue bounties you’ll travel to towns that aren’t necessarily on the way to anywhere. Lockhart is the Barbecue Capital

NEVER assume that everything is OK, do that safety check. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Conducting a Pre-trip Safety Check

Many accidents are caused by simple forgetfulness or inattention to detail: Leaving cabinet or cargo doors unlatched, TV antenna up or steps extended. A pre-trip safety check and inspection is an essential step in preventing these mishaps before leaving your camping site. Create a step-by-step, pre-trip safety checklist, and like a pilot on a jet, conduct a

West Vancouver Blends City and Country

Nestled against the magnificent North Shore Mountains, West Vancouver offers close access to nature along with urban amenities. Cross swaying suspension bridges. Hike or mountain bike through parks amid an old-growth rainforest. Or shop for First Nations art, followed by West Coast dining. It’s possible to do all these things in one day on Vancouver’s North Shore. Planning a visit? Stay at Capilano River RV Park.

Rocky Mountain Sheep. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Avoiding Wildlife Collisions

Every year, deer, elk and moose collisions are the cause of hundreds of thousands of vehicle accidents along North American roads. Colliding with these animals, particularly moose (a mature bull moose may weigh up to 1,200 pounds), is potentially fatal for driver and passengers and is likely to cause significant damage to your vehicle—and to

World's Largest Painting on an Easel

Kansas Begins in Goodland

Goodland, Kansas, is home to sunflowers, wheat, and friendly faces. A city of 4,500 residents in northwestern Kansas, Goodland is located on I-70. Canadian artist Cameron Cross decided an enlarged hand-painted reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Three Sunflowers in a Vase” would make an appropriate landmark for Goodland. Goodland was chosen as a site due to its close

White Rock Park

Made in the Shade in St. Paul, IN

A small community of approximately 1,000 residents, St. Paul is located off I-74 mid-way between Shelbyville and Greenburg and 42 miles southeast of Indianapolis. St. Paul had its start in the year 1853 by the building of the railroad through that territory. It was named for Jonathan Paul, a pioneer settler. Planning a visit? Stay at Hidden

Located in Susquehanna State Park, Rock Run Grist Mill was built in 1794

Step Back in Time in Abingdon, MD

Abingdon is a small unincorporated village in Harford County, 25 miles northeast of Baltimore. Lovers of historic architecture will enjoy touring centuries-old structures that have been lovingly preserved. Planning a visit? Stay at Bar Harbor RV Park & Marina. Designed in 1823, Woodside is an excellent example of the Federal style hall, double parlor house

Manistee North Pierhead Lighthouse

Manistee, MI: Great Times on a Great Lake

Located at the mouth of the Manistee River on Lake Michigan, Manistee is a city of over 6,000 residents. In its heyday, Manistee was home to a booming logging industry. In the late 19th century, Manistee was one of the leading shingle manufacturing cities in the world, with over 30 shingle mills on the Manistee River at

Indiana Dunes

Burns Harbor: Gateway To Indiana Dunes

Burns Harbor, a small town of approximately 1,100 residents in northwestern Indiana, is located adjacent to the Indiana Dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan. Looking for a new RV? Visit Camp-Land RV. The Indiana Dunes offers unlimited opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation, including fishing, swimming, hiking and birding. Choose from an abundance of fishing opportunities, both on beautiful Lake

Take the Plunge in Indiana’s Cedar Lake

Located just 45 minutes southeast of Chicago, Cedar Lake has long been known as a popular resort destination. Encompassing almost 800 acres, Cedar Lake the largest natural lake in Northwest Indiana. Numerous parks on the lakeshore offer picnic and viewing areas, public access, a boat launch, beaches and a fishing pier. Boating and fishing are popular summer

The Remington Water Tower was built in 1879.

Recharge at Remington, Indiana

  Mid-way between Chicago and Indianapolis, Remington is a quaint small town just two miles west of I-65. Planning a visit? Stay at Caboose Lake Campground. Founded in 1860, Remington was a small farming community known as Carpenter Station or Carpenter, after Carpenter’s Creek. The name was later changed to Remington, perhaps the name of a local

Levi Coffin House,

Richmond, Indiana, Celebrates Quaker Heritage

Centrally located east of Indianapolis on the Indiana-Ohio state line, Richmond was settled in 1806 by North Carolina Quakers and is one of the older cities in Indiana. Planning a visit? Stay at Grandpa’s Farm RV Park. Quakers (called Friends) were drawn to the Northwest Territory by its cheap, fertile land and its prohibition on

James Whitcomb Riley Boyhood Home and Museum

Greenfield Celebrates Deep Hoosier Roots

From humble beginnings, Greenfield has grown into a diverse community just east of Indianapolis, the largest city and capital of Indiana. Visit the boyhood home and birthplace of the renowned Hoosier poet, James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916). Riley was noted for composing such time treasured works as “Little Orphant Annie,” “The Raggedy Man,” “When the Frost

Winona Lake's East and West lakes

Enjoy Lakeside Living in Warsaw, Indiana

Warsaw, Indiana, looks like a lot of small American cities. The historic Kosciusko County Courthouse anchors the town square, flanked by charming shops and parks. Warsaw boasts a world-class theater, two museums, and a wide array of restaurants. Planning a visit? Stay at Hoffman Lake Camp. Nearby is Winona Lake, a restored historic lakeside village, which

Juneau: Glaciers, Whale Watching & History

Rich in scenic beauty, wildlife and native culture, Alaska’s state capital is a quaint but sophisticated town. Juneau is tucked in a temperate rain forest where the mountains meet the sea amid 17 million acres of Tongass National Forest and a 1,500-square-mile ice field. The spectacular scenery of mountains, glaciers, fjords, lakes, streams and forests is home to wildlife

Okanagan Lake near Penticton with vineyards in the foreground © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Okanagan Valley

If you think that Wine Country and Canada have as much in common as beaches and the Arctic Tundra, think again. The northern most point of the Sonora Desert is Western Canada’s beautiful Okanagan Valley, home to British Columbia’s prime grape-growing region with over 8,000 acres planted and more than 180 vineyards and wineries. Located

The orchards remain, but today, vineyards climb the arid hillsides. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Oliver, BC: Wine Capital of Canada

Oliver is located near the south end of the Okanagan Valley, in south-central British Columbia. Just 15 miles north of the U.S. border, Oliver sits in the only desert area of Canada. Planning a visit? Stay  at Desert Gem RV Resort.  The “Wine Capital of Canada,” Oliver is home to nearly half of British Columbia’s vines. Fruit

Glacial Skywalk

Planning a Canada Trip

With the loonie (Canadian dollar) under pressure, RVing in Canada is gaining in popularity as an affordable vacation. At present, one US dollar is worth $1.25 Canadian. With the loonier being lower than it has been in years, many RVers and travelers from the U.S. will no doubt view Canada as a place where they can

RV Home Office

Freelancing On The Road

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars”. The above Jack Kerouac quote is quite resonant of our approach to RV travel and freelancing on the road. Rather than trying to achieve something by traveling, we look at RV travel as our lifestyle. We look for new experiences—the opportunity


Top 5 Most Luxurious RVs

In the world of luxury travel, private jets and super-yachts are the most popular options. But for those who want to stay on the road, the best choice is a mobile home. These opulent and massive homes on wheels often take their interior cues from luxury yachts, with leather upholstery, fine wood cabinetry, and other high-end

Vistabule Teardrop Trailer

What Are Teardrop RVs?

The Teardrop RV gets its name from its unique streamlined shape. Conceived more than 75 years ago, the teardrop RV has stood the test of time. A common sight from the late 1930s through the ’50s—many were home-built—and were popular because of their sleek, aerodynamic design, and lightweight materials. Teardrop RVs are generally small, ranging from