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Avoiding Crowds on Your Next RV Trip

Plan on avoiding crowds on your next RV outing. It happens too often: You’re camping in a beautiful spot with your favorite people at the best time of year–then the crowds of other campers begin to thicken. A relaxing getaway turns into a night of boisterous revelers and bustling communal areas. Don’t let your dream vacation turn into a traffic

Protecting Your Pets Against Rattlesnakes

It’s critical that we educate ourselves on the best ways to protect pets against rattlesnakes. These venomous reptiles live across the North American continent, with the highest concentrations in the Southwest. A few preventative steps go a long way in avoiding potential disaster. A rattlesnake bite can be lethal to a small mammal like a dog. To make matters worse,

Celebrating Holidays at Camp

Celebrate the Holidays this Year with a different outlook. Remember what really matters and consider sacrificing the small things to enjoy the bigger things more fully. Camping is important for Children to experience, especially in connection with the holidays. Holidays are the perfect opportunity for making memories. Decorating for the holidays (whether its for Halloween,

RVing and Biking: A Great Combination

Add bicycling to the list of fun activities for your next RV trip. Family bike rides give you and your traveling companions a chance to explore the area you’re visiting with the added perks of fresh air and exercise. But before setting off down the bike path, make sure you’re observing the following precautions. Helmet—Ensure the helmet fits the rider

Give Your Kids History Lessons on the Road

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean your kids can’t keep learning history. Here are three historic places your kids will love this summer: 1. J. Paul Getty Museum The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center in Los Angeles exhibits drawings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, decorative arts and photography from around the world. They’re all displayed in an amazing

RV Campers On the Beach At Sunset

Camping at the Beach

Camping at the Beach is my number one choice for camping, period. For one thing, you have the refreshingly cool breeze that blows off the ocean. Then you have the view, particularly the gorgeous sunsets (on the west coast). Then consider all of the exciting activities you can do while at the beach: surfing, kayaking, scuba diving,

Sun Safety

Sun Safety is so important, especially in the coming months as the sun’s rays become stronger and more penetrating. Sunstroke (also known as Heatstroke) can happen to anyone. With all the right ingredients– direct/prolonged sunlight exposure, dehydration (not enough water), little to no protection from sun, and your body can shut down without much warning. When RVing,

Spring Break Trip Ideas

Spring….ahhh, what a sweet time to take a deep breath of fresh, brisk springtime air and truly enjoy time off from rushed mornings, routines, school, etc. With Spring break comes a unique opportunity to leave your hectic lifestyle in exchange for a few days of relaxed time outdoors, camping, biking and enjoying the warmer weather! This escape

Creative Uses For RVs

Creative Uses for RVs can range from using it as a guest house or simply using it for added storage space, even if for just a short time to maximize your space in the house or garage. Whether you have an extended guest who needs their own space (think guests with young kids or simply

Passing On Camping To Kids

Camping with your kids on a regular basis is so important as it radically promotes Passing on Camping to Kids. These camping experiences as children will instill the values of camping in them, which they will hopefully pass on to their future kids. This in turn establishes family traditions, which evoke healthy and jubilant experiences for children to carry on

Camping With The Family Pet

Whether you have a pet already or are thinking of getting one, you will want to know the Pros and Cons of Traveling with a Pet before embarking on your next adventure together. First are the pros, since coincidentally, there are more cons than pros when it comes to traveling with a pet. This is mostly due