avoiding crowds

Plan on avoiding crowds on your next RV outing.

It happens too often: You’re camping in a beautiful spot with your favorite people at the best time of year–then the crowds of other campers begin to thicken. A relaxing getaway turns into a night of boisterous revelers and bustling communal areas. Don’t let your dream vacation turn into a traffic jam. Plan well in advance to find the times where folks aren’t around.

Tips for planning your next crowd-free camping excursion:

  • avoiding crowdsPlan your time away so that you can take time off while most kids are in school.
  • Holiday weeks/weekends should be avoided at the more popular RV parks.
  • Contact the RV park you are planning to visit and check with them for their less busy times of visitation for avoiding crowds.
  • If you like camping at the beach but hate lots of beachcombers, hit the shore during the Fall or late summer, when many are back to work and school.
  • A simple strategy or avoiding crowds: Try to plan your RV trip for during the week, versus the weekend, if at all possible.
  • Get a group of friends and family together and reserve the “Group Camping” site, which tends to be separate from the rest of the campground. This allows for more ample group gathering space and perhaps even some added privacy from other campers.avoiding crowds
  • Choose destinations that are off the beaten path.
  • Visit popular RV parks during the “off season,” not only to score discounts but to avoid the crowds.
  • Avoid popular destinations like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon during the busy summer months.
  • Research places where large crowds don’t usually gather.

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