Should ALCOHOL be BANNED in campgrounds?

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April 29, 2010

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Here in America, we like to toss around the word “freedom” a lot. We supposedly live in “the land of the free.”

In reality, we live in the land of the taxed and regulated — but that’s not such a catchy phrase.

Case in point: MARYLAND HAS BANNED ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION in State Park campgrounds. No more frosty beer by the campfire. No more glass of wine with dinner. It may be five o’clock somewhere, but never in Maryland campgrounds.

There are a couple of exceptions. Apparently (and I am not making this up) groups can apply for a $35 permit to consume alcohol outside in a picnic pavilion. If you have a motor home, you can cower inside with your beverage of choice; the booze gestapo stops at your door.

Sure, you may have served your country in Vietnam. Maybe you paid taxes for decades and retired after a productive career. But we can’t have you sipping a nice cabernet outside while watching the sunset, can we? No, not unless a government bureaucrat consents to sell you a $35 permit.

What’s the point of this ban? Every year, a few rude people drink too much, get noisy, and engage in boorish behavior. So instead of BANNING BOORISH BEHAVIOR, the government decided to punish everyone by banning alcohol entirely.

While we’re at it, why not ban ice cream? It’s fattening.

Kids? They’re noisy.

Pets? Bad for the environment.

Campfires? Too risky.

Swimming? Dangerous!

Maybe we should just go ahead and ban camping? The campgrounds would be much more quiet.


Personally, I think the Maryland alcohol consumption ban is absurd and is another example of regulatory puritanism. If loud boorish behavior is a problem, BAN THE MISBEHAVIOR — not the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by grown adults.

In many other nations, this sort of government encroachment on individual liberty would be UNTHINKABLE. But here in America? We just sit back and take it.

In my opinion, grown adults should be allowed to act like adults in “the land of the free.”

That’s what I think. What do YOU think?

Should alcohol be BANNED in campgrounds?




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    Robert Martin

    If we couldn’t have alcohol

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    The only time I have ever called the police to a campgroud was because some kids were drunk, 1 am and this boy and girl decided to duke it out. I guess some people just don’t realize that when campers are 20 feet apart you can hear everything. I think the park security be it private or public needs to ride the park at quite time and get people to shut up or leave.

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    Robert Martin

    Let me finish! As I started to say, if we couldn’t have alcohol at campgrounds then I’m not sure I would want to go camping.

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    I think it should not be banned because we are becoming a comunnist country by banning it

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    They don’t even need to ban the boorish behavior. I’m sure they already have drunk and disorderly laws on the books, they just need to enforce the laws that they have.

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    Every day, I wake up and I barely recognize the country I grew up in.

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    I have always enjoyed a glass of wine in the evenings or if it’s quite hot out a nice cold beer. Myself I’ve never had a disturbance from ” drunken campers” and in most cases found campers well behaved. Actually been more disturbed by folks runing their generators late at night so they could watch TV I guess…

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    Kurt Hammerschmidt

    Tammy you may be overstating it a bit by saying we are becoming communist by banning alcohol. Especially when the Russians drink gallons of vodka. But on the other hand the bigger government grows with more and more regulations and controls, limiting our freedoms, the closer we come to what the Russians had in their communist form of government. Ohh why worry about that. It’ll never happen here. Yeah right. It’s happening and Maryland control of drinking is only one of many small steps that the “Progressives” are foisting upon us on our march towards socialism.

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    I barely recognize the country we grew up in. We’ve gone to the realm of ridiculous.

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    I agree with the original post; that kind of law is ridicules. It punishes everyone for the faults of a few. As previously commented there are drunk and disorderly laws on the books everywhere already. Use those.

    On the other hand, I’ve been to Maryland, I see no reason to go back. This kind of nonsense would seal the deal. I’d just drive on by.

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    Think I’ll avoid visiting Maryland and spend my money in another state! I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner after day of driving, relax, and have a good night of sleep. No wild parties going on here! Most of the people I encounter camping are retirees and responsible people. One would be a fool to drive some of these motorhomes with a hang-over!

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    I think as long as their are rules applied there isn’t a problem. As always it is the exception that causes the BIG issues for most of us. Leave the alcohol just put emphasis on orderly camping for the abusers. Some people simply can’t handle their music and mouth when drinking with ultimate disrespect for the family camping environment.

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    Ted Doubleday

    I think the message from Maryland is that they admit that they are incompetent at inforcement of exsiting laws and to keep their failures out of the public eye they are going to write another law. The only people that this will effect is the law abbiding citizen. The teenagers and drunks are still going to party and inforcement is still going to be nonexistant at best. From a distance a paper cup is a paper cup and once dumped on the ground the evidence is gone.

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    It has been banned in MN State Parks for as long as I can remember but it is not enforced unless you become loud & disorderly.

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    Personal rights do seem to be at risk in many arenas. Lots of legislation for and by special interest groups. Much pun intended. Legislation to the left, legislation to the right. There outta be a law. Oh that’s right there is/are, and more on the way. Soon you’ll have to be careful where and how yo breathe.

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    Don’t ban alcohol–ban irresponsible drinkers! A permit to drink libations at a pavilion is only encouraging rowdy crowd behavior more than a few drinks around the campsite. If the legislators realized that the RV is THE HOME for many of us, the might change their minds. Maybe we should have a law that prevents legislators from drinking in their backyards.

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    Dont take it presonal, Its all about the budget…$$$$$.
    Drill for money where its to be found…..

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    Frank Howard

    Sometimes, banning alcohol is just a means of adding a little bite to drunk and disorderly laws. In other words, behave yourself and nothing is likely to happen.
    Drinking alcohol can make people less likely to pick up after themselves and
    can make a campsite unsightly so if you are drinking, be exemplary when it comes to being tidy even if it is the “day after”.

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    “I think the message from Maryland is that they admit that they are incompetent at inforcement of exsiting laws and to keep their failures out of the public eye they are going to write another law. The only people that this will effect is the law abbiding citizen. The teenagers and drunks are still going to party and inforcement is still going to be nonexistant at best. From a distance a paper cup is a paper cup and once dumped on the ground the evidence is gone”

    Well said. I will quote this at peril: “When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them”. That concept would seem to apply here.

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    No alcohol should not be banned. The government of today think we have to be controlled and can not think for ourselves. Seems those of us who did serve our country to preserve our freedoms, etc. did so on the wrong front. They are getting us from within. Enough of this socialist thinking. Time we fight back.

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    Gary Underwood

    Perhaps there is some way we can ban government officials that come up with stupid regulations like this one. We can use recall for elected officials but how does John Q Public get rid of government employees who come up with arbitrary rules like this?

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    Sheila Allison

    we have a small private family campground and the beer and wine flow freely. we have had a few drunks but never any problem. One even took a shortcut through the middle of the pond. We even have kids here and the adults are very careful when drinking around them. Not one time has the cops been called here on us and they never will be. I too have lost nothing in Maryland. When the camping club decides where to hold a rally it sure won’t be there. We like our wine and beer and have never been a problem.

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    Anthony B.

    Absolutely not. There are adults who like to imbibe and be responsible adults.
    The answer, as some have stated, is for the park and/or police enforce the
    park rules and police enforce the law.
    If the people were out on the street behaving like that(like they do in New Orleans
    at mardi gras) they WOULD be arrested.
    Why do the parks not do anything about this?
    I like to have a couple while staring at the fire(if I can have one) and /or sunset
    and be social.

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    Kurt Hammerschmidt, you are absolutely on target! The changes they are comin’ – fast and furious – day after day – and we aren’t going to like them.

    Keep your paper cup supply well stocked!

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    Anthony B.

    I just wanted to add–I will never camp in Maryland but this can grow to the states
    that I do camp in and pretty soon we will have the bedtime gestapo, conversation
    gestapo, etc, etc.
    Then they will ban all alcohol on boats. What beer loving fisherman would put up
    with that?

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    I have been a Md. resident since 1954 and have seen it slide from a decent state to the no morals morass it has become. I retired from state service and my last official act was to divorce the state of Md. and adopt SD. I told my wife that I am never setting foot in Md again, not that they will miss me.

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    Anthony B. Please dont give Md. any ideas.

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    Dick Boak

    I don’t have a problem personally not drinking for a few days at any time but it is not up to any government to tell me that I can’t in a campground that through my nightly fee I occupy tmy sight. If someone is being a jerk then charge them with disorderly conduct or being drunk in a public place which are both on the books already. I see this as a thinly veiled tax grab by a desperate state. Maryland is off my list as being a welcoming state for tourists. I’ll take my tourist dpllars to a more friendly state thank you.

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    Judy Geisser

    Banning alcohol has NOTHING to do with Socialism. I’m sure the hope is that people will actually pay for the permit, so the issue is $$$. Since the existing rules don’t seem to be enforced (drunk and disorderly) I’m not losing any sleep over whether someone is likely to approach me about my glass of wine.

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    Here in Nova Scotia the provincial government parks ban alcohol until after the July 1st holiday, most likely in an attempt to prevent graduating high school students from running amuck. However, it is amusing to see how many campers sit around their campfires nursing their thermal travel coffee mugs. In our case, we are keeping it cold 🙂

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    all of my years camping, only had one bad 4th of July experience at a campground on the Russian River. That being said, do not ruin the fun for the rest of us by banning alcohol. Deal with boorish behavior first! Laws are very clear on that in most states.

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    Alcohol has been banned in Massachusetts state campgrounds for some time now.

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    Leonard E Lynch

    Keep the booze; ban the government!

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    As normal, people go from one extreme to another. Booze Banned is State Parks, not necessary uncommon . There are many more private parks then State ran, odds are most of the RVers stay in the private RV parks, so what is the big deal? Also you can still have you wine, margaritas, shooters, beers, or what ever inside your RV. So now lets get boozed up inside then go outside and raise hell. How do they plan on enforcing such a law? Wine and cocktails from a foam cup is not bad, stay cooled longer!!

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    Bill Amick

    I guess I won’t be visiting any state campgrounds in Maryland. No problem. I tend to protest and vote with my wallet. I’ll spend my hard earned money somewhere else.

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    I agree, keep the alcohol; BAN the Government! They are becoming more and more ridiculous every day. If we could just enforce the tax laws on all the politicians and end their ritzy retirement program, the country would be financially flush again.

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    Sean, what the Maryland law-making body does in the legislature cannot be explained in terms of logic! There are 47 State Senators and 141 State Reps who only meet for a TOTAL of 90 days per year, and they must act on more than an average of 2300 bills including the State’s annual budget, which it must pass before adjourning. In addition, they only pay these folks $43,500, so they can’t get the really fine minds of the land. After all, they have produced ‘geniuses’ like Steny Hoyer to represent them in the US House.
    They have been heavily Democratic for the past 40 years, with 33 of the current 47 Senators currently of the Liberal, Nanny State, Big Government-knows-better-than-the-individual-for-how-to-live-life persuasion.

    So as an alternative to thoughtfulness and careful deliberation, they hurridly pass stupid laws like that, thinking stupidly that they will eliminate other stupid human behavior and tell their constituants how they should behave in all sorts of ways ranging from what kind of food they consume to what kind of child rearing they should perform, to how they should maintain their personal health and finances.

    Understanding that Maryland has been such a Nanny State for four decades does not surprise that they will further interject themselves into what kind liquid you should enjoy in a park that you have paid for with your taxes.

    Best Regards,

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    Won’t change my taditional 6 o’clock coctail under the awning. I don’t bother anyone and expect not to be bothered by anyone.

    Catch me if you can.

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    It’s amazing every comment I read can be applied to guns,and Fairyland already is against most of them.
    I know a retired Pa state trooper who cannot get a carry licence there because he never had cause to need a gun while in Fairyland

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    Jerry Thornton

    This is so stupid, even to put into writing, boats and rv’s do not run on gas alone…

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    I can live without alchol.I also don’t think we need to show the children that kind of example.If you want to drink do it in your own M.H.don’t impose on others.

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    Johnny Campbell

    You sure touched a nerve here. Me, I quit drinking years ago, that being said, I think it is time that US Citizens stopped letting the “government” push them around. The “land of the free” has become a joke. It will not stop until people start pushing back. All these “laws” also have unforeseen consequences. Because these “tax laws” are seen as unfair, unconstitutional, ECT. People will tend to ignore, or “break” the law, this leads to disrespect for all laws in general. I think we are headed down a slippery slope. There are laws against everything. All that is needed is someone to hire “enforcers”, and we are Sc—–!

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    Larry Fox

    I agree with you. As we do not drink having it banned does not affect us.

  44. Avatar

    Byron Souder

    Delaware State Parks have banned alcohol for a number of years. I don’t see it as any “slippery slope” to anywhere except the fact that budgetary restraints have cut back on the number of workers in state parks. The permit idea ($35 for the use of one of the pavilions) is silly at best.

    The problem is that campgrounds have been taken over by rowdy youngsters (and some not so young, believe me) and the state doesn’t have the humanpower to keep the lid on. I don’t think the law will be effective–like locks on the RV bay doors, they keep honest people honest. As one who lives part-time in Maryland and enjoys an occasional beer, I hope the state rescinds the law very quickly. But that leaves the problem of enforcement and budgetary problems.

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    Jerry W

    This isn’t about big or small government, it’s about the religious folks trying to tell every one else how they should live by imposing stupid laws. Ever notice how most of the states that ban alcohol in the state parks are in the south, and alcohol is okay in the national parks as long as you aren’t drunk. Shouldn’t it be that way everywhere? Most of these laws are not intended to be enforced, just to give the cops and park rangers an extra stick to use when there is trouble.

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    I agree with the paper cup, foam cup, or coffee cup plan. If I don’t make a commotion, I don’t expect to be bothered by anyone. Does Maryland have enough officers to enforce this new statute?
    This sounds a lot like Ontario in the 50’s. And nowadays, there can be no alcohol in our provincial parks on the May 24 week-end. Doesn’t stop anyone who is well-behaved but does catch some rowdies (extra enforcement on duty that weekend – and cell phones help do the complaining).
    Re alcohol on boats: in ON, the law is the same for boats on the water as for cars on the roads. We see “them” stopping fishermen in small boats all the time!

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    Doggy Daddy

    Has cigarette smoking been banned from State Parks of Maryland, Mass and Delaware YET? That poses a greater threat. Time to outlaw camp fires, generators, television and music as it may disturb wild life. I served 20 years in the Army protecting Americas freedom, so I will just boycott those states. It’s bad enough in California with socialists Senators Polosi, Boxer and Feinstein along with city governments that outlaw toys in Happy Meals.
    I will vote against all incumbents when election day is here. To hell with all of the career politicians.

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    Tom Hargreaves

    Amazing how easy it is to jump to conclusions by making assumptions. Over the last sixty years or so years moving around thanks to the US Gummint (my Dad) and the Air Force (me), I have run into a number of cities, counties, and/or states that ban alcohol in public. Some just ban alcohol (sales, anyway). In most cases, it has had nothing to do with Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, or Democracy and everything to do with religious people passing laws to make everyone follow their particular sect’s beliefs (e.g., no alcohol, no dancing, etc.). Some of the strangest of these laws I found in that bastion of liberal socialism, Texas. Personally, I don’t believe any government in America should be pushing their version of religion off on me by passing laws limiting my freedom.
    Yeah, I think the new MD law is pretty silly, but then, every time I have lived in the area around DC, it has seemed to me that MD was one of the less competently run states.
    Since the laws seem to vary so much by location, it’s been my habit for years, when in parks or camping, to drink my “adult beverages” in ambiguous containers and be circumspect when the ranger stopped by.

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    A FAQ at Colorado State Parks: Can I bring alcoholic beverages?
    Only alcohol containing 3.2% alcohol is permitted on park property. Possession of alcoholic beverages by anyone under 21 years of age is prohibited.

    I have never been questioned while having my 5:00 O’clock Manhattan at a picnic table.

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    Why are we picking on Maryland? It’s OK with me. I don’t go there anyway. But I don’t get it. I can think of at least 11 other states that prohibit alcohol and 2 that limit it to 3.2 beer. Just wondering why Maryland is getting singled out. Guess I missed that somewhere.

  51. Avatar

    Thanks everyone for your comments — keep ’em coming! It is interesting to hear everyone’s perspective.

    I don’t mean to be singling out Maryland; several other states have the same asinine laws. But Maryland has been in the news since it recently enacted this law, and is now losing tourism because of it. Several groups have canceled camping trips to Maryland because of the law.

    The “no alcohol” rule is a policy that engenders disrespect of the law in general. It puts many (if not most) of us in the position of breaking the law in order to fully enjoy our camping experience.

    Once again, government bureaucrats have used a hammer to kill a fly, punishing everyone for the sins of a few.

    Thanks again, everyone, for sharing your thoughts!

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    This makes no sense at all. They banned alcohol so as to prevent bad conduct. But, you can have alcohol if you pay $35 and drink in a pavillion. In order to elliminate bad conduct, do they limit the number of drinks you can have in the pavillion?

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    Geeze whatever happened to common sense? Did the poltically correct police kill it? You wanna drink “responsibally”? Put your wine or cocktail in a coffee cup and enjoy the sunset in MD. or anywhere else. Guys the idea is to fly UNDER the radar and let them pass all the laws they want. You can’t stop morons from being moronic any more than you can keep a bureaucrat from passing unenforceable laws.

    After all how many rangers or campground police do they have? If they had that many there wouldn’t ever have been the drunken party that caused them to pass this kind of regulation in the first place

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    Joe K

    What ever happened to a man’s home is his Castle? My RV is my home.
    What am I suppose to do when entering a Non-alcohol State or Federal Park, throw it all out on the side of the Road?
    As a matter of fact I traverse the Delaware Water Gap National recreation area frequently in Pennsylvania, that has a no alcohol rule and along the sides of the through road are more beer cans than coffee cups. The trash containers are loaded with beer cans, Etc.
    If the parks need money, set up cans and bottle containers and recycle.

  55. Avatar

    Nate Reiber

    I have been told at several govt run campgrounds, ie North Point Campground in VA on Buggs Island Lake (Army Corp Campground) that in spite of the no alcohol ban, it is ok to consume if done discretely. Quite a few times I have had a beer can in a coozie sitting on the picnic table & had rangers stop by to chat & no comment re the beer.

    Lived in MD for 55 years & yes it is “LEFTCOAST” east & I was very happy to leave.

    AS far as the comments re the USA slide toward socialism—so true, but that should be a different discussion.

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    As many above have said,if you keep it(beer/wine/etc) under the radar no one is likely to bother you. Fla state parks ban alcohol and we have been camping in them for 25 years with no problems. My guess is it may be just another way to get some additional $ for the budget. My fear is we will see many more “taxes/fees” on everything from soda to toilet paper. It was easy to pass the extra tax on tobacco(under the guise of preventing younger people from smoking) but it won’t stop there. Many thanks to the Obama supporters and with people like Pelosi and Reid at his side along with all his cabinet who have never had a real job we are in for many more WTF’s. I can’t wait until November to rid us of this cradle to grave administration. We will take back America from these socialists. Make sure you vote if you really want change.

  57. Avatar

    Richard Moffitt

    I have to agree with you, don’t punish a all for the behavior of a few.sort of reminds me of china.Do we really want to go that route?

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    Another big brother act. Virginia charges $5 a day for each animal you bring with you, because “our people have to clean up after them”. Never have I seen any park employee pick up leavings. Rather than go after the few culprits,” let’s get everyone”, seems to be the thinking.

  59. Avatar


    I believe the fundamental issue of “Government Takeover” as some would call it, is the failure of people to take individual responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
    I believe one of the reasons that laws and rules like this come about because some individuals were not being responsible with their consumption and the behavior that results, such as excessive noise, fights and destruction of property. These anti social actions have caused sufficient problems that there were probably a number of complaints.
    Without actual, clear cut rules or laws, I do not know how park management can force those who are acting in an irresponsible manner to be stopped for surely the drunks would raise a stink and if lucky they would only try and sue someone for infringing on their “rights”. If park management were not lucky the drunks might act up and cause more damage or possibly physical harm.
    Too many today believe they have all kinds of rights but no responsibilities. It has been said you have the “Right” to swing your arms around but that “Right” ends when your fist hits my face.
    Some have also offered the second possible reason of some trying to force their beliefs upon others. Again this is a question of “Right”. You have the right to hold whatever opinion you want, be it on music or dance or drinking or religion or even not wanting to interact with people that do not look like you. Again your right to your beliefs does not include a right to your own set of facts or the right to force others to listen to your music, dance or not, drink or not, pray or not, or here in the US, the right to force your political beliefs on others outside the established process of elections.
    I have spent a little time at locations that already have a “no alcohol” rule but that has not stopped me from enjoying a glass of wine or a cold beer, AT MY CAMPSITE. I have never been approached by anyone and told to stop or asked to leave as I have acted responsibly and not made noise or bothered my neighbors.
    Having a consistent state wide rule is probably the only way to get the few irresponsible campers to stop excessive drinking and to provide the tools necessary for park managers to expel those causing problems from the park.

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    Barry S

    I hereby ban myself from Maryland campgrounds.

  61. Avatar

    Barry S

    Maybe I can go into the bathroom to sneak a sip of good California Merlot. It is quite possible that the law is there just in case people get drunk and act like idiots. Even then, however, there are laws already in place to take care of people who are drunk and disorderly. So what’s the point? This is just another “don’t spit on the sidewalk” law that most people will laugh at.

  62. Avatar

    Brent S.

    I choose not to consume alcohol, but I understand I am in the minority. However, it’s ok if you make that choice. U.S. history has already proven you can’t prevent people from drinking….our country suffered through prohibition and lost. It is foolish to believe that Maryland can prevent people from drinking in state campgrounds…in NC it is against the law to drink in a dormitory of a state university…do you think that keeps college students sober?
    If they would enforce the existing laws they would not have to make foolish ones!

  63. Avatar

    Cliff Graham

    In Utah, you can possess a howitzer but not a keg of beer.

  64. Avatar

    B.J. McCord

    Maryland has just signed their death certificate for their park system, taking this asinine approach.
    My wife and I don’t drink much, but by GOD, when we want to drink a beer, we’re going to drink a beer, and Maryland and other Liberal controlled states with views as idiotic as this won’t see me, or the money I would bring to spend..

  65. Avatar

    John Martin

    I’ll skip Maryland and go to Arizona. Their passing some better legislation!

  66. Avatar

    Michigan State Parks, too, ban alcohol. Different rules for different parks, but all pretty much the same. Some have rules that you cannot have alcohol without permission from the park manager.

  67. Avatar

    Karl Vanhooten

    Don’t ban alcohol – ban drunks. Every RVing adult in the nation knows about the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule and drinking out of travel mugs. What we need are campground hosts and/or rangers that are willing to stop loud, drunken parties and throw them out of the park or campground.

  68. Avatar

    Manuel Enos

    You have to remember, Maryland is a Liberal Democratic state. They will do whatever they want and the rest of the people can go jump!! I have just cancelled my stay at a Maryland state park just outside DC on our trip up to Niagra Falls this summer. Will drive on through to Gettysburg instead for my two night stay before entering NY. Not much to see in Maryland anyway.. Yes, it’s about money of course. They want you to rent a pavilion for the outragious price of $35.00 so you can consume your alcohol. Don’t walk outside it though, you will probably get thrown in jail!!!!

  69. Avatar


    Jerry W what does religion have anything to do with Mass. banning alcohol at their campgrounds? Apparently you have not been to the southern campgrounds as it plainly states on signs keep your alcohol confined to your campground it isn’t banned here. I know I am from the South and go camping in southern campgrounds…

  70. Avatar

    Geoffrey Pruett

    Typical response in these “Politically correct” times, the true definition of and oxymoron. Would not be a surprise in good old liberal Portland Oregon to see this tried as the response to noisy and ill mannered kids (what a surprise) running fuel powered and unmuffled RC cars on the school grounds on weekends was to ban all such use of powered devices on the grounds. Since most of the RC models are now electric powered and inaudable at 20 yards this ban could be reversed, think again. Once the thought police get a taste of control the next attempt will be even more ridiculous.
    That the school grounds harbor noisy and ill mannered kits should surprise no one as discipline is one of the not attempted foreign languages particularly in the school system.

  71. Avatar

    MD camper

    It has not actually been banned.They just don’t want to see the cans/bottles.Mainly because a lot of them end up in the fire pits,thrown in the woods,fields ect.

  72. Avatar


    Stupid. The out of hand folks will still be there…………………………Sea Ya!

  73. Avatar

    MD Camper, if you look at the article linked above, as of November 1, 2009, the consumption, or possession of an open container, of an alcoholic beverage is prohibited in ALL State Park areas, including campgrounds. (A couple of exceptions — inside cabins and motor homes — so I guess they don’t do door-to-door searches yet).

    Alcohol is allowed at designated picnic shelters through the purchase of an $35 “alcohol permit.”

    Everyone agrees that littering should be banned. But banning ALL alcoholic beverages? Ridiculous! (And the $35 “alcohol permit” idea is absurd too.)

  74. Avatar


    No one is making any money with the $35 fee, becaus the loss of tax monies from the sale of “Adult Beverages” . Come to new york where not only is there a hefty tax on alcohol, now they are trying to pass a $.01 tax on every ounce of sugared beverages. Praise God and pass the BOOZE.

  75. Avatar


    As a law enforcement officer for 32 years I know that only the law abiding obey the law. Time and time again the law abiding public is punished because of others. When my wife and I camp we look forward to our afternoon martini. Enforce the abuse and allow those of us who have worked many years to enjoy this country and look at the mountains and enjoy our martini.

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    This is just one more example of big government taking the rights of its citizens. And what is worse is that we stand by and allow them to do it. I don’t drink but I don’t think that I should impose my views on everyone else. After serving in the US Army for 22 years I thought I might want to have a beer every once in a while but I guess the Obama bunch, which includes a lot of state people, are deciding that I don’t need one………..Imagine that.

  77. Avatar

    WE need to vote these ediots that think this way out of office.

  78. Avatar


    If you do any research you will find out that other states have laws aboult having any alcohol in public because some people that do not know how to act after a drink or two. I think that people should think before they act not like putting someone in charge of this country because they like what they hear now this country is worse then before and will get worse.

  79. Avatar

    Rob Hughes

    I say keep it. Tennessee has banned alcohol for some time state parks. Like Nova Scotia, most campers keep their “Sprite” in thermal mugs. The park staffs don’t seem to mind as long as you don’t act like a moron.

  80. Avatar

    Michael Esch

    ALCOHOL: : is a depresent, and so many things happen when under it infuence. I feel sorry for you if you make a choice based on that. Kids noice and dogs are not in the same catagory. How ever, killing raping,abuse, loud and distasteful actions are yes there are some who can drink and handle it but there are far more that can’t. I see a lot of people over the age of 50 that say it is not a problem, but a lot of them my a lot os standards are alcoholics. So play with alcohol, drugs snake porn, in the end it bites you.

  81. Avatar

    My guess is that the VAST MAJORITY of adult citizens are able to drink alcohol responsibly. Most of the people I know who enjoy an occasional glass of wine, beer, or cocktail have no adverse issues associated with drinking.

    Equating drinking with alcoholism is like blaming eating for obesity. Not everyone who enjoys ice cream is in mortal danger of a heart attack.

    This policy is a bureaucratic response to a few people (probably college kids, etc.) who were engaging in rude, rowdy behavior. Does anyone believe that rowdy college kids are going to modify their behavior based on this policy? And besides, I’m sure there were already “quiet hours” behavior laws on the books.

    Any law that treats responsible grown adults like small children is misguided. America is (or at least it was) “the land of the free.” If you choose not to drink, I respect your choice. (Often I skip booze due to the calories!) But respect and tolerance is a two-way street.

  82. Avatar


    As you can see, asking a relatively simple questions, can bring out some pretty extreme and far off topic replies. Some of which are obviously not well thought out.

    In the future, might I suggest that doing some research and providing some background information say like presenting a list of state and national parks that ready have rules against alcohol. This might be better for generating well reasoned discussion than asking a loaded question and tossing it over the wall like a live grenade just to see if you can stir things up.

    Having facts may not be what some want as some are apparently looking for any excuse to vent and sometimes facts may get in the way of their pre-conceived notions.

    Now if we want to get into something that some consider “Political Discourse,” that’s a different story but I don’t think that discussion belongs on RV-Net.

  83. Avatar


    Ive never heard of something so stupid. How many people , young or adults would want to go camping with an alcohol ban?
    how many yrs have people bee n going camping and drinking in campsites.
    just because a police officer arrested alot of kids and lay down 400 charges doesnt mean that you should ban alcohol.. how fair is that to all the other people that mind there own buissness even if they are teenagers.
    i think this is ridicoulos and a big waste of time for the government and for all the people that run the campsite that have to check ur car everytime someone new comes in.
    i think its stupid and everyone who agrees is right!
    c’mon give some people a break. i dont get why alchol is such a big deal would they rather be drugs smuggled in and people really vandlizing. think about it

  84. Avatar


    oh and one more thing.. u middess well ban camping just like it says above.
    please people , tell me how many of you would love to go camping and sit and stare at the ground while drinking water in the cold with no fire.
    please government stop being so Fuc**** stupid.

  85. Avatar

    One of the goals of any blog is to stimulate thought and discussion. I enjoy hearing opinions from all sides so long as they are respectfully offered.

    It does seem ironic that in order to consume one of the state’s most heavily taxed goods (alcohol) while camping one must now pay an additional tax. But I’m not sure whether the law was motivated by desire to tax (the $35 “alcohol permit”) or simply to inhibit liberty.

    This post was not intended to be a comprehensive review of global campground policies. Maryland (and its State Park alcohol ban) is the topic of discussion because its policy was recently enacted, and already the state is seeing tourism being adversely affected. Thus, the state is considering the repeal of the law.

    Do some other states have similarly insipid laws? Yes, some states do.

    Does that make the law less ridiculous? In my opinion, it does not.

  86. Avatar


    Wow, somebody’s got there panties in a twist! Suddenly the country is communist, run by Nazis……all because of a reasonable ban on drinking alcohol openly. Texas has had a “public consumption prohibited” rule for years. I’m a full timer and too many people use state parks for their weekend binge drinking. No one’s going to break into your trailer or 5vr to check if you’re drinking. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

  87. Avatar

    Doug Mason

    Hold on folks, I was camping last week end in Michigan, in a state park in Holland Mi. Great big sign posted as you enter the park, No Alchoholic beverages allowed! It didn’t specify in your camper, or outside around the fire. I don’t know if this is going to be state wide as this was our first week end out this year. If I can’t have a cold glass of wine, I may not go to another state park, maybe just private parks.

  88. Avatar

    Doug Mason

    Just an update to the above post, some not all of Michigans State Parks have banned alcholic beverages in the park. Not in your camper, but in the parks period. I think this is going abit to far!

  89. Avatar

    I don’t like a drunk anymore than anyone else. However, I do enjoy having a drink in the evening whether it be at home or on a camping trip. If Maryland bans alcohol in State parks, then I want go to a Maryland state park. If everyone who likes to drink would stay away from the Maryland state parks, the parks would be almost empty and they probably would repeal the law.

  90. Avatar

    I agree wholeheartedly with banning / penalizing “bad behavior” (breaking quiet hours, littering, etc.). Those are cases where individual behavior adversely affects others’ enjoyment of the campground.

    The ban on alcohol consumption is quite different. It just strikes me as kind of crazy that in the United States in 2010, a responsible grown adult can’t simply enjoy a glass of wine or beer at a campsite. Thomas Jefferson loved wine — what would he say? (I guess Maryland would send Jefferson to a picnic pavilion.)

    Of course, this law is so absurd that it may fall into the category of rarely enforced. But that’s simply evidence that the law shouldn’t have been enacted in the first place.

  91. Avatar


    The only thing that really needs to be banned is “People who Don’t Know How To Act Right In Public”.
    Seriously, Everyone needs to have common sense and respect for others.
    I don’t drink – but I don’t care if others, do. As long as I don’t have to listen to them being loud and obnoxious or wade through their party trash.
    I don’t have dogs and don’t care who does – as long as I don’t have to listen to them bark, get fleas on me/my stuff or step in dog sh*t.
    I don’t have kids and I don’t really want to hear other people’s undisciplined spawn running about screeching at all hours.
    I don’t know what’s worse – screeching kids, barking dogs or loud, obnoxious drunks. They all ruin a good time.
    How is it vacation or peace or relaxing if the noise level is absurd?
    Even having neighbors who are inconsiderate makes one’s life miserable.

    I go to great lengths to live, be, and stay as far away from people as possible, so that I don’t have to deal with their noise and messes.

  92. Avatar

    my hubby and i don;t drink but i’m with the same idea as jim wheeler.

  93. Avatar

    Stevie Powers

    We will be steering clear of Maryland campgrounds—even Maryland altogether! Their loss….

  94. Avatar

    Stevie Powers

    We will be steering clear of Maryland campgrounds—in fact, we’ll not be going to Maryland at all if we are in the RV. Their loss!

  95. Avatar

    I agree with the notion that many have expressed — the real issues are noise and litter — not whatever beverage people happen to be consuming!

  96. Avatar

    Rich Gallo

    The Republic of Maryland has spoken. You WILL Listen. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  97. Avatar

    Jerome Boyer

    I feel sorry for those bureaucrats… when alcohol will be banned altogether, as it were not so long ago in all the US of A…
    I am sure that the Founding fathers must be having a hard time with what used to be the Country of freedom…
    But you are doing OK… With free medical (lack of) care, glutenous tax increases, a President that would not recognize his own shadow…
    Join the club… I am Canadian and I know what you are going through… we had an alcohol ban on public campgrounds for 50 years… but it is amazing the number of beer cans and bottles are recycled there!! At least we are eco conscious!

  98. Avatar

    Jerome Boyer

    Roger-Ohio on May 3rd, 2010 8:05 am

    with all due respect, Roger, limiting one’s liberties – be having dogs, kids, spouse (of any sex), being fat, French, eating pork, or what else comes to mind, is a relevant issue to any freedom conscious blogger. (I am all the above… but I love my California’s Sauvignon!)

    Because of your attitude, you are condoning the government that unduly limits individual freedom and I know, that one day, you will, too, suffer from the excesses we see today. You should stand, and then say: why? and make sure you vote with your feet… and never pay your hard earned $ to these public, limited freedom, campgrounds.

    The facts that Maryland is neither the first, nor the last to limit campers’ liberty is NOT relevant. It is time that free US citizen stand up…

    What about a boycott of all public parks that prohibit whatever we want to eat or drink?… It will be call the Public Campgrounds National Freedom day…First of July would be an appropriate date, imho…

  99. Avatar

    We don’t need more legislation about how to live our lives. There are already enough laws in place about drinking. Personally, my husband and I enjoy our own personal happy hour… drink in hand. We stay at our campsite and bother no one. I agree that people don’t need to be in the pool area with alcohol. Heat, water, children & drinking are not a good combination.

    But people should have the right to have a drink or two at their own campsite or that of a friend.

  100. Avatar

    The biggest nuisances are kids (and some adults) traipsing through other’s campsites, dogs offleash (I own two dogs who are never off-leash), noisy dogs, cats who do their business all over (we were once parked next to a guy who had his cat on a leash… good for him… but then led the cat over to our little yard to go poop. And he DID NOT PICK THE MESS UP!

    Which is my other pet peave (no pun intended)… if you want to camp with your pet please, please, please, please pick up after them. I hate it when my dogs eat your dogs mess or I track it into my RV. For pete’s sake, carry bags with you and pick up!!! It’s the RIGHT THING TO DO!!!

  101. Avatar


    Idiots should be banned; not alcoholic beverages.

  102. Avatar

    Delos Cloud

    Maryland has proven over the years that they have lost control of their thought processes. No telling what they will do next. What were they thinking when they passed this stupid no alcohol law in State campgrounds. Talk about basic FREEDOMS. What ever happened to enforcing existing laws instead of stacking on more stupid controls. Camping in Maryland, why would you? I think they are idiots. Looking for CHANGE, look in Maryland. I prefer the “Old” American traditions and freedoms.

  103. Avatar

    Glen Schultz

    In my years of camping and RVing I find most people very responsable in drinking habits. I personally once I am parked and all hooked up do have a glass of wine in celebration of a safe completed trip. No accidents no break downs no problems. We then go about our business of living in our space and getting aquainted with neighbors if they would like to. I have met some very interested people that way. What I do in my space is my business and same with others. There is way to much government and individuals trying to make our way of life there’s. Not be as individuals. This is what God has thought us from the begining. To Be the best we can be. Not what some one decides we should be or do.
    When we rent a space in a camp ground we own that space for how ever long we pay for that space. So it is the same as the property we own some where else and controlling person’s or government has no business telling individuals what they can do or drink or if they wish or not. Have a great day..~~

  104. Avatar

    Glen Schultz

    In my years of camping and RVing I find most people very responsable in drinking habits. I personally once I am parked and all hooked up do have a glass of wine in celebration of a safe completed trip. No accidents no break downs no problems. We then go about our business of living in our space and getting aquainted with neighbors if they would like to. I have met some very interested people that way. What I do in my space is my business and same with others. There is way to much government and individuals trying to make our way of life there’s. Not be as individuals. This is what God has thought us from the begining. To Be the best we can be. Not what some one decides we should be or do.
    When we rent a space in a camp ground we own that space for how ever long we pay for that space. So it is the same as the property we own some where else and controlling person’s or government has no business telling individuals what they can do or drink or if they wish or not. Have a great day..~~

  105. Avatar

    Glen Schultz

    In my years of camping and RVing I find most people very responsable in drinking habits. I personally once I am parked and all hooked up do have a glass of wine in celebration of a safe completed trip. No accidents no break downs no problems. We then go about our business of living in our space and getting aquainted with neighbors if they would like to. I have met some very interested people that way. What I do in my space is my business and same with others. There is way to much government and individuals trying to make our way of life there’s. Not be as individuals. This is what God has thought us from the begining. To Be the best we can be. Not what some one decides we should be or do.
    When we rent a space in a camp ground we own that space for how ever long we pay for that space. So it is the same as the property we own some where else and controlling person’s or government has no business telling individuals what they can do or drink or if they wish or not. Have a great day..~~

  106. Avatar


    Folks, our freedoms are disapearing unless we say and do something about it. It’s time we stand up and tell the bureaucrats no more and vote the idiots out of office. Long live our Founding Fathers and the Constitution as they wrote it.

  107. Avatar


    Interestingly enough I told DH about it and he said it was Prohibition of a different form and it was a stupid law. What are they going to tax us on next the air we exhale?

  108. Avatar

    Post your comments in decending date/time order. I shouldn’t have to scroll down 2-3 pages to read the most recent posts. This is a normal procedure at so many websites. Get with a little logic.

  109. Avatar


    Just spent two nights in a campground in Alberta. I’m a very light sleeper and despite wearing earplugs the partying went on until sometime around 4 am 2 nights in a row. I can’t believe how rude people are! I don’t mind until midnight & I don’t care about social drinkers but quite frankly I will not go back to that campground again. I don’t care what they do but the noise needs to stop sometime. I had about 4 to 6 hours sleep in two nights. I wonder how safe I was driving a rig with that much sleep and how safe the people were that made the noise. Camping has become a bad experience for me. If you want to party; stay home!!!! It’s just plain common sense which is not very common.

  110. Avatar

    Glen, I completely agree with you about noise. In fact, I suspect that EVERYONE on this thread agree with you about noise. The upshot is that campgrounds should enforce existing policies concerning NOISE, not enact silly universal bans on alcoholic beverages.

  111. Avatar


    So many of the comments in here seem to be very anti government. As a retired soldier and one who is just about to try this RV camping thing, it bothers me to read so many anti government comments. I happen to think this President is one of the brightest and dedicated Presidents this Country has seen in the last 40 years. As for booze and noise in Campgrounds, I would only stay there once. If I find the facility lacking in features, and amenities, as well as control of noise, it makes my DO NOT RETURN list.

  112. Avatar

    Ken, the only guarantee for a political comment is that — no matter the nature of the comment — HALF the people reading it will disagree. 😉

    If I were to generalize, I’d say that RVers tend to be warm hearted, good natured, and patriotic. What you deem “anti-government,” another person might call “pro-freedom.”

    The core issue here concerns the government once again enacting a form of Prohibition, at least in Maryland campgrounds. Some people feel that banning ALL alcoholic beverages is an example of excessive governmental regulation that impinges on personal freedom.

  113. Avatar


    With nearly 50,000 deaths yearly from drunken/drugged drivers, I have no problem with MD banning alcohol. During my ears in the military, I saw that alcohol did nothing to enhance peace or happiness. Therefore, I have never understood why someone needs alcohol to “have a good time.” Our parties are not staid but very lively and laughter is the order of the day at our parties. So, why do people ddgdgd+9

  114. Avatar


    Continue: (Key stuck!!) so why people feel they cannot relax without alcohol is beyond us. I would love for someone to explain why you cannot have a good time and cannot relax without alcohol. Strange to say the least. In fact, that is one of the tale tales of a drinking problem when people feel that they have to have alcohol every day. As my wife says, we have a masters degree on alcoholism and can tell you a lot about the downside but have not observed the good side. I looooove water. You cannot beat it for refreshment. It seems one of the big problems with many in the WWII generation is “alcohol problems…not all mind …you but a large number unfortunately, very large. We have known of people at boat docks getting beat up for no reason except they were drunk. Parks are also for children and they do not need to trip over drunks and have people be so disorderly. They really do not need to see such ridiculous behavior that comes out of too many with a litte alcohol under their belt. Alcohol rarely brings out a good personality but generally brings out disorderly conduct. So, learn to relax naturally for its really is pure fun. And no one gets hurt and says to the police, but “I only had one beer.” Wish I had a buck for every time that I heard a person tell a superior, after they were arrested, “but I only had one beer”. I suppose they think that is a convincing argument for bad behavior.

  115. Avatar

    Ken Lane

    The banning of alcohol is stupid–the problem is people who have no regard for others and a total lack of supervision in our parks and campgrounds.

    The budget cuts of the eighties wrought this mess, thank you Ronnie Raygun!

    My family has stopped public campground use due to this stupid cost cutting.

    We own a membership in Cloud 9 Ranch near Caulfield Missouri and guess what, ownership brings concern for your fellows–what an odd concept–also the 24/7 guards that actually enforce rules may have something to do with the courtesy.

    The jobs lost through this cost cutting morass are another sore point—well at least we are safe from those aliens who may have invaded us were it not for Ronnie’s Star Wars Protections System—-Oh! forgot it never worked–just cost the nation trillions!

  116. Avatar

    Bob Hicks

    Ban bad behavior and let us enjoy the few liberties we have left.

  117. Avatar

    Bob Hicks

    Hmmm, and i thought Ronnie was a pretty good guy. Not to worry, Barack will fix it.

  118. Avatar

    Dave MacArthur

    I have been in a few different Maryland state parks recently. I can’t say how strictly the ban is enforced because I’ve never been asked if I had any or anything. But I can say that they appear to be very serious about enforcement. There are many, many prominent signs at the entrances, check in stands, and throughout the parks that state that alcohol is prohibited. There is no mention of any kind of an exception for motorhomes although I believe that motorhomes are excepted under the Maryland motor vehicle law. It is very clear to visitors that the park authorities believe that there is a total ban on possession of any and all alcohol within Maryland state parks.

  119. Avatar

    Dave MacArthur

    Interesting link to a page on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. It states that alcohol is banned in just about half of the states. Especially if you include those that require a permit. I had no idea.

  120. Avatar


    Is it me or are we all folding under governmental laws?

    What is it that worries the folks from Maryland? People getting drunk, acting up?
    Why do the majority always have to suffer as a result of the indiscrepencies of the minorities?

    Some of the comments are almost as bad as the law eg: “I don’t drink so who cares”, “not my worry” “I used to drink but gave it up so you should too” etc.

    Every state needs money especially now. Why not boycott the parks?
    Write to the governor regarding individual rights?
    Enlist the support of the major rv clubs.

    “Just thinkin”

  121. Avatar

    Stan Zawrotny

    Seems to me we had a constitutional amendment about this sort of thing. One passed and then got thrown out by another when people came to their senses. hmmmm.

    Wonder how many of those legislators who voted for that law like to have a glass of wine with their dinner. hmmmmm

    Like the original post, ban the action, not the cause. My glass of wine with dinner is not causing anyone any harm. And BTW, by doc says that a glass of red wine is good for me. Maybe I’ll have him give me a prescription for it. hmmmmm

    Why do campers become second-class citizens and are not allowed to have a glass of wine with dinner?

    I could go on all day about how stupid this is.

  122. Avatar

    Barry S

    Our governments (fed, state, local) can pass as many laws as they want to ban everything from booze to guns, but people will still do as they choose. Prohibition didn’t work, and the ban on drugs has not worked, even though stringent laws have been passed. A ban on liquor? It’s laughable, but it presents the illusion that our legislators are really doing things to “protect” us. Hey, if I want to have a drink, regardless of where I live at the time, I’ll have it, regardless of any ban. I am not saying that I can be drunk or even drink in public, but in my own home or motor home….that’s different, as long as I am not being obnoxious, boisterous, loud, or causing a ruckus. The Maryland law is nothing but overkill.

  123. Avatar

    Dorothy A.

    Having grown up with parents who were both alcoholics, I know that some people who are wonderful when sober can become angry and violent after drinking. Angry drunks cannot be reasoned with, and I understand the park service’s rationale in not wanting to have to deal with them– even if ti also means having to ask the other 96% of park visitors to also refrain from drinking. It is very hard to identify a potential abuser before they become abusive. And after it reaches that point, it is unpleasant enough to defeat the reason we go to the parks in the first place.

  124. Avatar

    Kenneth Lane

    Enforcement——-plain and simple. May need to properly fund the US Parks System again, as back in the good ol days of pre Reagan.

    The problem is lack of supervision of 99% of camping facilities due to the “Eliminate Jobs Program to Enhance Third World Living Standards in the US” brought to us by those folks with an R behind their names.

    Dubya my butt!

  125. Avatar

    Donald Phelps

    Just help make my decision easy, I will never visit the state of Maryland !

  126. Avatar

    Whilickers, Guys! I think banning Alcohol ranks right up there with, all Republicans should be neutered at birth. Sounds to me like the world of NO, is hanging right in [email protected]

  127. Avatar

    Don Holmes

    If I remember correctly, didn’t our President Obama have a beer summit on the Whitehouse lawn?

  128. Avatar

    Allen Mankin

    This is really a tough one. Sadly like a few people that do not consider others ruin things for the majority too often. Like places that once allowed pets and just because a few people do not pick up or have no consideration for others cause no pets allowed rules….again….sad that a few can ruing things for everyone else.
    I worked in a campground and alcohol was not permitted. I feel the reason this is put into effect is so that they can enforce the law when someone get out of hand. I do not know of anyone who drank “responsibly” having a problem. We did get complaints about children of all ages from time to time that ruined a good nights sleep etc for others. Sadly there are not enough Park Police. Especially now….too many budget cuts. I do not know of any place that searches your RV for wine or beer etc. If a person is going to have a glass of wine or a beer with dinner and they remain “normal” I do not believe there would be a problem.
    People who cannot drink responsibly can also cause serious damage to others and i am not just talking about making lots of noise during quiet times. Even with the law many come in with their alcohol and overdo it.
    I say….do not worry too much about the rules if you are one of the fortunate that can control themselves under the influence……and please let us not forget some people drink and drive though these campgrounds…”ouch”
    Good luck…and enjoy

  129. Avatar

    Mark Walsh

    Ah, sure, ’tis nice to know where we are not welcome.
    I only have one drink a day and a small one at that but to ban alcohol in a campground is just enough to keep campers away in droves.. Some people are full timers and are they expected to not bring alcohol along in their rigs if they visit Maryland? I would like to see and hear what tourist operators have to say about that piece of nonsense. But I won’t visit to find out.

  130. Avatar

    Sharon Bayly

    In my experience the boorish behavior was almost always caused by too much drink. I am Canadian, and there is usually no such ban in our provincial and national parks, and I have spent too many nights trying to get some sleep while the ‘neighbors’ discuss earth-shattering topics at the top of their lungs, conversations which then deteriorate further into anger, insults and crazy stupid fights. Even at the tamest of parties the volume goes up with each round of wobblypops.

    We have started traveling in the states and we are all for the alcohol ban. We still drink, discreetly (mug of wine/beer/etc. anyone?) outdoors, and if more fun is required then we take it inside the RV. We have never been bothered by the park police, although once we had a visit from the host whose eyes of course beamed in on our tell-tale recycling box. BTW, we have noticed loads of empties in the park bins, so we are not the only ones. The rule works because if you start acting drunk and disturbing the peace they have an easy way to eject you.

  131. Avatar

    don skelley

    I believe all would be well in the world if bureaucrats stayed in their offices and stayed away from “normal” people who are actually living life and “helping” the economy.

  132. Avatar

    Sean Michael

    Sharon, with all due respect, your stance is riddled with inconsistencies. You assert that universal campground bans on alcohol are good policy — and yet you admittedly ignore these policies yourself!

    It’s kind of like saying that the highway speed limit should be 15 MPH for everyone else, but I’m going to discreetly travel 65 MPH. 🙂

    If we’re going to have respect for the law, we need to have good laws. I am frequently flabbergasted by the laws that governments enact regarding alcohol. It’s not like fermentation was recently discovered. Alcoholic beverages have been an intrinsic part of human culture for thousands of years. Instead of pursuing prohibitionist policies, our governments would be better advised to promote responsible behavior.

    The core point is that “acting drunk and disturbing the peace” should be banned — NOT the reasonable possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages by grown adults.

  133. Avatar


    My question would be; Do they now allow smoking dope?

    That at least would put the kids to sleep!

    Reality check, The constraints and regulations are only for the little people. Corporations now have at least as many rights as people, and pay less taxes. The rich have been getting tax CUTS since Reagan era. While the poor and the Middle incomers have gotten peanuts, er rather the shaft. Witness the Chaney/Bush era of spending and lower taxation ‘for the rich’, not putting 2 wars ‘on budget’,,, and now they are Preaching about the deficit. WHUZ ZUP WID THAT?

    The American Dream, has become just that!

  134. Avatar

    Steve Lowery

    I just hope “hoppe” and changie ain’t camping next to me. I don’t need to smell left handed camels and George Soros talking points all thru the week. Not that might cause a fight, not alcohol.

  135. Avatar

    Andrew DePasquale

    Maryland campgrounds have a lot to offer. Large sites, low rates, hiking, biking, boating. They have been a great place for my family. If you can’t give up drinking for a weekend, put your beer in a plastic cup or maybe look for an AA meeting.

  136. Avatar

    Jim Norman

    Should we ban “X” or should we punish the bad behavior occasionally associated with “X”?

    this is really the overriding question. We allow vehicles that can travel 30-60 or more MPH higher than any speed limit, we only punish you when you do it. I could list so many things besides alcohol that fall into the same category. Fireworks, Firearms, Smoking, Drinking, Loud music, loud cars, and so on. They all have a place in our society. They also have times when they maybe should be restricted. Drinking? OK Public Drunkenness? No. Loud music? OK at home and rock concerts. No so at the campground and other places where people other than the group enjoying (?) the loud music are gathered.

    So No, alcohol should not be banned, boorish behavior should be sanctioned.

  137. Avatar

    Tony D.

    Isn’t Rving about being free and enjoying the rest of your life? As a former Marine I paid my dues. So i say hell no to the ban. And for the people that don’t like it ,suck it up.

  138. Avatar


    Funny, I haven’t seen them ban the liquor sales tax in Maryland!!!

  139. Avatar

    david huckabee

    as long as we have politicians, we will have stupid laws. it is a shame we can not fix stupid. i have lived out here in MEXIFORNIA for 30 years. our leaders excel at being stupid. last year san diego banned alcohol on all the beaches and in the parks, on a temporary basis. this knee jerk was caused by a very ugly drunk crowd on a beach. the temporary ban is now a permanent ban. on one hand, the law stopped the ugly crowd from doing what they do best, being loud and ugly. on the other hand, lots of mature, polite, quite drinkers got the shaft. keep in mind all parks, lakes, beaches and camp grounds, have a political connection, unless it is private.

  140. Avatar

    @David, wow – I was not aware of the San Diego beach ban on alcoholic beverages. I am flabbergasted; it’s another example of government using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito. It’s actually rather sad to me that in “the land of the free,” grown adults are not free to enjoy an adult beverage on a public beach.

  141. Avatar


    Having grown up in Colorado and camping at 11 Mile Reservoir, I only wish they’d ban alcohol. The problem is the hard core partyers that have the boombox blarring, the bond fire raging, and yelling match going on disturbing every other camper who is trying to sleep. Not too many of us are going to pack up camp and leave at 1:00AM so we’re pretty much left to wait their party out.

    Yes, there are quiet hours, but much like exceeding the speed limit, if it isn’t enforced, it isn’t always adhered to. Enforcing the rules of the campground require personnel, personnel require a paycheck, and the economy is in the tank.

    So do as many of us do… sneak the beer/wine into the campground, drink it from concealed cups, and campground staff— don’t harass the campers that aren’t bothering anyone.


  142. Avatar

    Larry Owens

    I think most of the posters (and the original commenter) miss the point here. It is NOT about alcohol, boorish behavior, or “rights”. It is just the state doing what a state normally does, TAX you. In this case the “rational” for the tax is boorish behavior. If TAXING the booze as a means of controlling the boorish behavior was the real intent here, then it is a de facto done deal, the booze already comes with a hefty alcohol content tax by the federal government. This initial tax is certainly sufficient in itself to “affect” any particulate behavior the government desires. It is NOT the behavior they are taxing against, it is the standard rule of government, find a prolific citizen activity and tax it, in this case the desire to imbibe alcohol beverages. The government PROFESSES that they tax cigarets in order to stop their consumption but the fact is the profit handsomely from the act of smoking and many PET programs would go unfunded if they were not able to collect this tax-as when people STOP smoking or if the government were to outright outlaw the activity.(HA HA).

    In the annals of RVism I’m just WAITING for the DUMP tax. Try to get around THAT one folks.

    Darrow…for the Prosecution

  143. Avatar

    Larry McKinnon

    You realize who write the laws, people that have nothing to do with items such as camping, or swimming, or whatever. It has to do with raising additional taxes to feed the beast. Not sure how to fight them, except take over the boards that these people are on.

  144. Avatar


    On the 4th of July, we can all go to the San Diego beaches to celebrate our “freedom” — where grown adults are not even free to consume their heavily taxed beer on a public beach.

    I don’t really know the solution either. The nature of government is to grow, and it shows no signs of slowing down. I guess the best we can hope is to pick our battles and oppose these ridiculous laws.

    For everyone who is saying, “sneak your drink”… With all due respect, in essence you are saying to willfully break the unreasonable law. It would be far better to establish reasonable laws.

  145. Avatar


    When drinking was allowed, all the ladies were cute. Now that i can not drink, I have noticed they are not very pretty anymore. Therefore, drinking should be allowed or ugly chicks should be illegal. You decide!

  146. Avatar

    Banning alcohol won’t solve the problem of rude and inconsiderate campers. Many campers don’t visit campgrounds to be outside and enjoy nature. They come to socialize, drink and party. Our experience in the state campgrounds and the national park campgrounds is lack of consideration to other campers. Campers don’t abide by the rules and constantly enroach upon other campers with their loud and obnoxious behavior. Dogs are also a problem. Many campers bring their pets and let them bark all day and night. They walk their dogs through other campsites and let the urinate and deficate all over the place. Unfortunately, the budgets of both state and national parks do not allow them to hire enough personnel to patrol and enforce the rules. That is the solution to the problem. Enforcement..

  147. Avatar

    gary sheldon

    Avoid that campground at all costs. Boycott ’em. If you don’t use ethanol it would not matter.

  148. Avatar

    B.J. McCord

    Oh, more CHANGE, huh?
    Boy howdy, those Liberals are fix’n America up fine…………..

  149. Avatar

    ATL Traveling Man

    Call the cops and toss ’em. It doesn’t matter how you served your country or how much of an “adult” you are…there are a lot of 16 year olds who are more adult than 66 year olds. If you drink and get rowdy, boorish, loud, argumentative then you should be thrown out. As a former campground owner I had zero tolerance for any inappropriate beahvior. ANY misbehaving got you thrown out. That’s why I don’t stay at state campgrounds. Most of them don’t have on site managers and it could be over an hour or more to reach reach anyone in authority much less have a law enforecement person arrive at your campsite. Same goes for the cheapo campgrounds…you pay $10 for a campsite, you get $10 neighbors.
    If you drink, behave yourself…simple.

  150. Avatar


    Someone may already have said this, but here goes.

    It will/would cost more manpower dollars to inspect EVERY campsite to enforce the “on alcohol” policy then to police only those campsites causing the problem. I must believe that the enforcement poses other issues, i.e. excessive force, police brutality, etc. that the state does not want to address. So the easy way is to just ban consumption.

    I agree with all those who feel that the total ban is unjustified. If the worry is what I outlined above, videotape the behavior and use that as proof.

  151. Avatar


    Ohio has banned alcohol for a while but if in a glass they never bother you.I would not worry about MD and I will still have my beer and JD while there.

  152. Avatar

    Manuel Enos

    Well, our illustrious Vice President who I usually refer to as Obiden is from this state which by the way is a left wing liberal state run by the Democrats and is not really high on my priority list of stay overs. When traveling through Maryland, I make sure I am doing the speedo limit for sure and to be a small state, its debt is almost as big as some of the big states. Go figure – I do my stay overs in Penn. state where they welcome you with open arms in Gettysburg, Pa at the Artillery Ridge Campground…Stay there and forget about Maryland the land of the anti-fun liberals!!

  153. Avatar


    i think what people fail to recognize is that camping is not just for familys and children its also a big event in a teenagers life. i know the first time i went camping with all my friends it was great, it was a taste of independance. teens dont deserve to have that taken from them. but i tell you what you wont see many teens lining up for the camping adventure if they cant even have a beer by the camp fire. i know many grown men who would lose thier top over such a suggestion. like i said before it all comes back to those people who cant take thier children somewhere without being offended by a swear word spoken by a 20 something year old, its rediculous i used to swear plenty, and your kids know more than you think. in all i think all those hyper sensitive people trying to make the parks a strictly family place is whats doing this to our country.

  154. Avatar


    I’m a native Marylander and I too disagree with law in principle. My guess is since the State can no longer afford to staff the parks at night, the no alcohol rule is designed to make rowdies think twice. Whether it works or hurts tourism, I don’t know. I do know that since Tuckahoe State Park opened this year, it has been packed with campers. I suppose time will tell.

    Politics aside, it doesn’t matter whether Maryland is a liberal State or not. Just look at the list of other States that banned alcohol and some of them are very conservative by comparison. BTW, to the genius who claimed that Joe Biden is from Maryland…..he’s not. He is from Delaware. His rant also went on to say there isn’t anything here worth seeing. Total nonsense. Assateague Island State Park , Swallow Falls and Tuckahoe are just a few State parks that absolutely beautiful.

  155. Avatar


    Banned the DRUNKS

  156. Avatar

    Denny Wagaman

    We have far too many governmental regulations. Leave it up to the individual CG owners to do what they want and handle it the way that they want to. I trust in them more so than the FEDS or the STATE rules and regs.

    It is time to change these long overdue to be answered questions. How long does this and the other questions have to be on this site anyway? It is truly boring to leave these questions on for so long. Time out please/move on!
    Denny W.

  157. Avatar

    Denny Wagaman

    If your CG has rowdy people be it drunks or obnoxious individuals tell your CG mgrs and demand your money back/tell them that you will never be back and find some other place to go next time get on the internet and tell others how horrible your experience was. You don’t have to put up with it! Above all don’t confront those people. Call the police after you tell the owner/manager that you are going to call the police and then do it.
    Denny W

  158. Avatar

    Gary McManus

    They can have my can of beer when they pry it out of my cold dead hands!.

  159. Avatar

    Sonny Hamm

    No dod not band it no more than you would obonxious campers in the 40 + years that i have been camping only a few times that i have run across thrs kind of people I GO TO THE MANGER at once do not deal with the drunks let the law do it

  160. Avatar

    Barry Sing

    Fla. has had this same law for years , now has extended it to ALL public Beaches, parks, anything State owned or ran..
    Everytime either State or Federal House of Reps meet we loss another right !!!!

  161. Avatar


    Not suprising really, Not only in the US but in most of the Western world personal liberty is being sacrificed to the never ending quest by incompetent goverments for perfect, risk-free societies. So we’d better get used to it.

  162. Avatar


    In Ontario where I live and camp a number of our provincial parks have a ban on alcohol during the early part of the season usually mid May – early June. This time period was always a traditional party weekend and as a result the ban was brought in and has stayed. I have not camped in a provincial park for a long time and cannot absolutely attest to this but I am reasonably sure that it still applies.
    This came about because there was a period of excess that had an allure for a younger crowd.
    I am now in a private park and enjoy a couple of beers during the hot afternoons and a couple of glasses of wine with my dinner. We tend to keep to ourselves in our park and I know that there are areas in the park that do have a party mentality we do not join in .
    I don’t judge those folks who enjoy this but it is not my thing anymore.

    That being said I say : KAMPAI …..

  163. Avatar


    Camping without beer is just sleeping outdoors.

  164. Avatar



  165. Avatar

    Friendly Russian

    I want to say. I respect your opinion and solutions from more developed countries. I want to apologize in advance for my English. I am Russian. I think you understand that we have all the alcohol is very bad. I want to describe our small town population of 20 000. Listen to me, and then say to the best of those that you or worse?
    So, first I will say that all well-known Moscow and St. Petersburg – a separate state within a large state. What you may hear about Russia is all surface. Deeper than a lot worse! Alcohol and overcame many broke! I live in the home. There is a man asking for alms. I say – I’ll pay more, correct fence. His answer surprised me. He said no, and added a grant of money just like that! It hurt us in Russia, people do not want to work! Drink everywhere. In parks, at the wheel, at discos, at work, home … It’s a shame that they drink as long as do not fall! Drug addiction is terrifying. Many times the house threw syringes, which were strewn with dirty needles directly on the street where our baby is walking. The law enforcement agencies covering many. Corruption is rampant. Connection with the right people solve more than laws. I’m to the fact that many people drink from the bad faith in the state of bad faith in itself, on which is easier to leave this life, because it’s not life and existence. Life does not give! The interest rate on loan 17-19% per year! My earnings as an example: I work for four papers and have a payroll of $ 700. Payments for housing almost $ 100 a month. A carton of milk – $ 1.5, bread – 0.5 $. Earn killing your health!

    Now the lyrics to conclusions!
    All the above was written led to the next. Should be common sense in healthy individuals, which will bring living conditions in the top! I think it’s right your ban. Most healthy people, more correct action. More correct action – more of the good life for all of us. Do you think the guy who started drinking at 15 and unconsciousness dilute alcohol drug will lead people around you to something good? Of course not! And then a guy will come out on the links to the government! God forbid! And it all starts with camping!

    You can blame me, upbraid. He said as it is! He looked the part of Russia. He looked deep. Perhaps you did not understand.
    I wish you more good decisions, common sense in your actions. Love to your family and caring for others.
    Thank you listened!

  166. Avatar


    Problems in Russia – terrifying!

    Are you telling me that you can’t enjoy a nice vodka in a Russian national park? I bet they have it for breakfast.

  167. Avatar

    Two Bears

    Well all we have to do is avoid what we don’t like, Maryland , I don’t like you any more, I am breaking up with you, excuse me while I continue on my travels to the lower 47.

  168. Avatar


    When we started camping many years ago in Texas State Parks I verified the TPWD policy on alcohol with a State Park employee. I was told as long as you stay within your campsite with your alcoholic beverage, respect the 10pm to 6am quite time and do not cause trouble, you will not get any trouble. We do just that. We never had a camping trip in with we do not comsume our share of beer. We stay within our campsite with it though. We do not take it to any swimming area and we do not take it on the hiking trails or public area or any park we are at. We do not go to bed at 10 pm, we just turn our music off at 10pm. We have never had any problems and have never been reprimanded at any Texas State Park or any Army Corp of Engineer Park. We camp 9-10 times a year for 3-5 nights at a time.

  169. Avatar

    Glen Jones

    Unfortunatly there are those idiots out there that cannot hold their liquor even tho they think they can, and they cause everyone else problems

  170. Avatar


    Banned?Alcohol should be handed out,in one gallon drums,to all and sundry immediately upon arrival-especially to the children!Booze is the only answer to the deadening and mind-destroying effects of the modern world.The music is awful;the food is worse than ever and fashion does not exist.Overpopulation,wars and threats of same;degradation of the environment and some SoB wishes to ban ALCOHOL on campsites?!With Fats Waller I can only say:Ah never heard of such a thing!

  171. Avatar

    bob mclaughlin

    Alcohol is not legal in Texas State parks. I have camped in most of them throughout the state and always have my evening drinks. If dirnking outside on the patio or around the campfire we always pour our drinks into a plastic cup. No one has ever asked what we were drinking, have had camp hosts come over with there cup and join in on more than one occasion. I think that prudence is all that is asked for as far as drinking.

  172. Avatar

    bob mclaughlin

    Alcohol is not legal in Texas State parks. I have camped in most of them throughout the state and always have my evening drinks. If dirnking outside on the patio or around the campfire we always pour our drinks into a plastic cup. No one has ever asked what we were drinking, have had camp hosts come over with there cup and join in on more than one occasion. I think that prudence is all that is asked for as far as drinking.

  173. Avatar

    bob mclaughlin

    Alcohol is not legal in Texas State parks. I have camped in most of them throughout the state and always have my evening drinks. If dirnking outside on the patio or around the campfire we always pour our drinks into a plastic cup. No one has ever asked what we were drinking, have had camp hosts come over with there cup and join in on more than one occasion. I think that prudence is all that is asked for as far as drinking.

  174. Avatar

    bob mclaughlin

    Mr. Manuel Enos. Vice President Biden is not from Maryland. He was born and raised in Scranton, Pa. and resides in Delaware.

  175. Avatar

    bob mclaughlin

    Mr. Manuel Enos. Vice President Biden is not from Maryland. He was born and raised in Scranton, Pa. and resides in Delaware.

  176. Avatar

    bob mclaughlin

    Mr. Manuel Enos. Vice President Biden is not from Maryland. He was born and raised in Scranton, Pa. and resides in Delaware.

  177. Avatar

    Big Bubba

    I think I already weighed in on this, but too many brandy overs have fogged my memory. I agree with the many who say there are already enough rules re quiet hours, rude behavior, etc, that we shouldn’t have to ban drinking altogether.

    I would suggest people who might be concerned or offended by drinking check out one of the review sites or call the park in advance and find out what their tolerance for loud gatherings is. One person’s unacceptable loud party might be another’s fun family get together. Same with kids, bikes, scooters, atv’s, etc. Don’t just show up and expect the park to meet your expectations. Either way. If you are going to have a lot of bonfires and beer gatherings, ask before you book. Don’t be surprised when the park enforces their rules.

  178. Avatar

    I have only 1 in over 40 years of camping run into a serious problem with someone drinking. The answer is enforcing rules of the campground, not making more that will not be enforced. Most of us have cell phones, if we have the number for the police department we can call and report the problem, problem solved. I camp with a number of dogs at this time 5, ( I had planned to only have 1 at this time, I will be losing 2 of my old dogs with in the next year due to old age one is 13 and the other is a large dog that normal lives only to 7 1/2 to 8 and he is 7 years old) the other 2 belonged to my son who passed away, and he asked me to keep them together before he passed, and shelters are full due to people who have lost jobs, or had to take jobs with sever pay cuts they can no longer afford the pets. I have camped for years next to people with 1 or 2 dogs, and watch them break every rule of the campground and probably have not given them their rabies shot. My dogs have all their shots, and I have yet to camp next to other campers without them telling us how well behaved our dogs our. They do not bark when people come on our site, or our neighbors sites. They do not bark at dogs walking down the road, If we are inside, so are they. I have even had people looking in the window of my RV when we were inside, and they looked, but they did not bark. They are taught all year every time they go out side and do not bark they are good dogs, if they bark when they come in they are bad, usually I just have to remind them they have to have camping manners and they do. I would not dream of taking my dogs where they are not suppose to be. So I just wish someone could explain why owner of 1 or 2 dogs think they are exempt from the rules??? They are the ones that there are reasons campground are limiting dogs, and what they do not realize they are usually allowing the bad dog owners in and not allowing the good owner who can set an example and we can nicely correct the bad owner by the examples of our dogs. I have explain If I can control my dogs, they can also do so. I do not know how many time we have had 10 to 15 people next to our site and our dogs look, but do not let out 1 bark.

  179. Avatar


    Really, I don’t think legal for them to come into my MH without significant justification.
    So I will where ever I continue to have my quiet evening drink and if it has to inside my domicile so be it.

  180. Avatar


    Fair is fair i think you should keep your booz in your rv and same as i will keep my clothing on in public,
    I have had some pretty bad drunk campers come into my site and when they are asked to leave, start in on it is a free country and have had some get real nasty, one even decided to take a swing at me with his first in my camp site when i insisted he leave so i have to say keep your booz and if drunk yourself in your own camp site,

  181. Avatar

    Geoffrey Pruett

    The lack of personal discipline is the reason behind many of the “banned” laws and aimed at RVers is a bit of a joke. When you are already at home when you pull the cork who will it hurt?
    Instead of setting standards and posting them Portland Public Schools have banned any after hours use of school grounds by model fans rather than set age limits on users. The result is frequent vandalism because there is no one around who actually cares about damage. We had an era when common practice was to pull up the draw bridge at night and anyone outside was on their own. This was called the dark ages for a reason. The nay sayers see this as something to be wished for.

  182. Avatar

    Let me see if I got this right . . .
    The Federal government banned alcohol in Maryland state parks?
    If that is the case then the Obama bashing makes sense.

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  186. Avatar


    The better question is why would you not ban something that causes 95% of all the campground problems?

    And maybe people like myself are just tired of the load mouthed drunks stumbling around, puking and screaming at 4 in the morning and the potheads blowing marijuana smoke at our 8 year olds?

    And your argument is the “camping experience” has to include that or your rights are being taken away, yadda, yadda, yadda? Seriously? Are you all tree stumps?

    Let’s face it, alcohol and drugs DO account for 95% of all campground problems. If you don’t think so, you haven’t been camping, period. Ask any Park Ranger.

    And if you claim not to have ever seen alcohol or drugs causing problems, you were probably the obnoxious drunk yourself.

    And guess what else guys? If you can’t handle a couple of days without getting drunk and if you need alcohol or drugs to enjoy the outdoors, you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Take some personal responsibility for your addiction and don’t make us part of it.

    And before you say I’m puritan etc., because I don’t want to deal with you drunk or stoned, I have absolutely no problem if you want to be drunks and druggies. I say legalize everything. To each his own.

    Just do it at home and don’t impose yourselves and your obnoxious behavior on the rest of us… and if banning the cause of your obnoxious behavior keeps you home, well then please do stay home!

    Believe me, you will not be missed!

    P.S. Think of all the positives for you too, the money you save on camping fees can be used to buy even more booze!

    And I’m sure the stars look the same whether you are stumbling around a campground drunk and annoying people or falling down drunk in your own back yards.

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  189. Avatar

    Sean, Do you know the status of this ban currently in July 2012? Is alcohol still banned? Is it just in state parks? Doing some research but I can’t find the info online that is current. thanks Teri

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    blog posts.

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  200. Avatar

    Bella Cooper

    Okay, I disagree with you. I went camping with my youth group this summer and we ran into some scary drunks. On our kayak trip we were sharing the river with obnoxious Living Social people who were drunk out of their minds and making rude comments at our mostly female group. It wasn’t safe for them to be in the river completely wasted. That same night we decided to play hide and go seek at midnight (not very smart) and we had drunks following us and shouting horrible things at us. it was scary, so I think Maryland is right on with banning alcohol in camp grounds