The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge #11. Give It A Try!

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April 29, 2010


The Lug_Nut Trivia Challenge No 11 deals with a mixed bag of RV related topics. Keep in mind, this is not an I.Q. test, it is a trivia requiring some guess work.  So, get a pencil and paper to record your answers.  When you have completed the 10 questions and scored your answers, please post your results in the comment section found at the very bottom.  Good luck.

1) How many lug nuts hold the wheels on, on a 45’ class “A” diesel pusher?

A)   30

B)    48

C)    60

D)   72

E)    78


2) Wall, the home of Wall Drug Store. is visited by thousands of RVers every year.  This family attraction, which is impossible to miss, is a must if you are passing by and is well worth the stop.  In what state is this famous town?

A)   South Dakota

B)    North Dakota

C)    Wyoming

D)   Montana

E)    Arizona

3) NASA’s Johnson Space Center tour is a “must see attraction” for the whole family.  Where would you head to, to catch this event?

A)   Kennedy Space Center, Florida

B)    Houston, Texas

C)    Edwards Air Force Base

D)   Orlando, Florida

E)    Anaheim, California

4) Which of the following brand names is not an RV awning manufacturer?

A)   Zip Dee

B)    Suburban

C)    Girard

D)   Colorado

E)    Dometic


5) The photo to the left shows the famous Mount Rushmore.  Name the faces from left to right.

A)   George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln

B)    Abraham Lincoln,  Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington

C)    George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln


6) In order of braking power from least to most, which answer is correct?

A)    PB- Pac Brake (Exhaust brake),  JB- full Jake compression, TR- transmission retarder

B)    TR, PB, JB

C)    JB, PB, TR

D)   PB, TR, JB


7) The photo to the left is of a city that offers many great attractions.  What city is it?

A)   Toronto

B)    San Francisco

C)    Miami

D)   New York

E)    Chicago


8) What is the largest RV campground chain in North America?

A)   Signature Resorts

B)    Kampgrounds of America

C)    Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campgrounds

D)   Outdoor Resorts of America

E)    Camp America

9) Whether you are towing or driving your RV, wind speed can be an issue.  High gusting winds can lead to handling difficulties.  Though you can only drive your toad up this mountain, winds can even be a challenge with it.  It boasts the highest wind speed ever recorded in the world, 231 MPH.  What state and place would you find this at?

A)   Mount Hood, Oregon

B)    Mount Baker, Washington

C)    Crater Peak, Colorado

D)   Pikes Peak, Colorado

E)    Mount Washington, New Hampshire

10) Which make and model class “A” coach is available with 5 slides?

A)   Newmar Mountain Aire

B)    Monaco Dynasty

C)    Tiffin Phaeton

D)   Tiffin Allegro Bay

E)     Winnebago Itasca

Alright!  Now check your answers with those below.  Please make sure you post your score and comments in the “Comment” section found at the very bottom.

Hoping You Scored Well      –      Lug_Nut     –     Peter Mercer

1) – (C) All 45’ DP coaches are tag axle type with each wheel requiring 10 lug nuts for a total of 60 for all three axles.

2) – (A) Wall is on I90 in South Dakota.

3) –  (B) NASA’s Johnson Space Center is located in Houston, Texas.

4) –  (B) Suburban is not an awning manufacturer. (And yes, Dometic does make them)

5)     –  (A) From left to right – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln

6)     – (A) The Pac Brake is less efficient than a full Jake brake which is not as affective as a transmission retarder.  Pac brakes are generally on or off allowing only one speed.  Full Jakes can have as many as three speeds, while retarders can provide as many as six speeds.

7)     – (E) The photo is that of Chicago.

8) – (B) Kampgrounds of America is the largest chain of campgrounds followed by Yogi Bear’s Jellystone

9) – (E) Mount Washington, New Hampshire experiences high winds frequently and is the sight of the highest ever recorded wind speed in the world, 231 MPH in April of 1934.

10) – (B) The Monaco Dynasty is now available with a telescopic slide making it a 5 slide coach.

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  2. GaryM, Well, may be all things considered, you did not do so bad. Thanks for posting your score and for your valued input.

  3. GaryM

    I need to get out more… 4 of 10 right. I do have a 5’r no MH. Don’t know about lug nuts on MH – haven’t been in the Eastern states much. I need to get out more…

  4. Feeline, Another 80%. I either made it too easy or everyone getting far too smart. You may also have remembered a blog on the five slide Monaco, oh well. Thanks for posting your score and for your valued input.

  5. Ray Martin, Hey, 8 out of 10 is very good. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.

  6. Feeline

    I got 8 out of 10, missed #1 and #10, should have paid more attention when I took a picture ofthe Monaco coach at the RiverBend RV show.

    Good quiz.

  7. Daryl, Interesting response. Thanks for your posting and happy camping.

  8. Jonski, The wind speed record can always be surpassed and you may well be correct Thank you for your valued input.

  9. John M, Great score. Thanks for posting.

  10. Ron P, Yes, I have changed A to E. Thanks for picking that up and for your input.

  11. PeteB, Great score, 70%. Thanks for posting your score and for your valued input.

  12. larry9824, Good score, and yes A has been changed to E, but the answer is still the Windy City. Thanks for your input.

  13. Jim Victor, For a Newbee I think you really did well. Thanks for your input and I hope you are a regular reader here.

  14. Larry Fox, I think you did very well, 9 out of 10. Yes A is now E, thank you. Thanks for your input.

  15. Art Armstrong, That’s a great score. It seems you are better at trivia than pool. Thanks for your participation and your regular input.

  16. tiger06, Got A changed to E, thanks. Your input is appreciated.

  17. butterbean carpenter, Glad you found some interesting information. Thank you for your comment.

  18. PapPappy, 70% is a great score, good going. Thanks for your valued input.

  19. Lucky Lindy, Wow, you did great. Thanks for posting and for your input. A is now E on number 7.

  20. driverboy, Glad you enjoyed the trivia. I have corrected A for E. Thanks for the heads-up and for your input.

  21. Daryl

    We are becoming USSA (United States Socials of America) I want our Rpublic of America back. I’m looking forward for another beer party scheduled on the White House lawn.

  22. Jonski

    I remember reading some news article a few months ago and I believe that the wind speed record went to someplace in northern Russia.

  23. John M

    Seven out of 10

  24. Ron P

    Well question asked what city and the answer was Chicago and I knew that one at least because I am from Chicago but it is letter is (E) Chicago not (A). You have one wrong. Smiling Have a great day.

  25. PeteB

    Got 7 out of 10; missed out on # 1, 6 and 7. Thank God for Google!! 🙂

  26. larry9824

    got 7 correct after the Chicago mix up.

  27. New here and new to RVing on 4 or more wheels. Have camped etc. for many years but have done most of it by Motorcycle and tent and then tent trailer.
    Our new to us class A is at the garage for safety and e-test. Hope to take off next week for a month. I missed 3 questions but I figure that’s not to bad for a newbie.
    Thanks for the quiz.

  28. Larry Fox

    I missed the 9th one only. Also your answer on question 7 says that the city is Chicago as A but in the test Chicago is E.
    I think I did very good only missing one out of 10

  29. Art Armstrong

    This Riverbend Rubber got 8 correct……………not too shabby for an old fart!


  30. tiger06

    Number 7 answer is E not A

  31. butterbean carpenter

    Howdy Lugnut,

    The brake thing threw me.. Thanx, for the info, now I know the differences..

  32. PapPappy

    Only got a 70…..but then, I really know nothing about those braking systems….
    Also didn’t know much about the Class A units (we have a “C”), so got those two wrong…..guessed right about #2, but it was a guess……never been out there.

  33. Lucky Lindy

    I got all 10 right, but cheated on #1 & looked at our motorhome and googled #10. Others, I did know. #7..Correct answer is Chicago, but you have (A) as the correct letter. Quiz was fun. Thanks.

  34. driverboy

    quiz is interesting, but the answer to #7 is a tad off… Chicago is correct, but “A” is not.

  35. Gary, Thanks for the correction and for your input.

  36. Keith Berg, Good going! Yes, we left at 4 PM from Spartan and arrived at the Rama Casino in Orillia Ontario, Canada at 12 PM. It was great meeting you and hopefully our paths will cross again soon. Thanks for the post.

  37. Jon, The modern 45′ coach chassis has 60 studs on three axles. Each stud only uses one lug nut including the dual drive wheels. Thank you for your participation and for your input. What was your score?

  38. Gary

    Jon, you are mistaken on the number of lug nuts. On newer type wheels threr only outer lug nuts securing the entire wheel to the hub.

  39. Keith Berg

    Hey Lug-Nut,

    I only missed one, the lug nut question. However had we not spent most of the day together at Spartan, I may not have gotten some of the others correct. Hope your repair went well and you are on your way home.

  40. Jon

    For number 1, the correct answer is really 80. The inner duals also have lugs, that also act as the studs for the outer duals.