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Road Trips Without Tears: Keeping Kids Engaged on the Journey

RV trips without tears — enjoy tantrum-free travels with kids.  Most parents who have traveled with kids can remember a road trip involving some tears, whether it was the kids who were bawling or the parents. I remember one where my sister and I got into a backseat brawl with our male cousins in the

3 Reasons We Take our Kids RVing—Even if They Don’t Want to Go

Here are 3 reasons we take our kids RVing One of my favorite sayings is “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” As it is for many families, life is hectic for us. With a full slate of work and school obligations, our weekly schedule feels rushed. Sometimes, I

History comes to life at Old Salem!

Our tribe recently camped near Winston-Salem, in North Carolina, and loved the family friendly atmosphere of the area!  One of our favorite destinations in the area was the Old Salem Museum & Gardens.  Old Salem is a living history village, where original 1700s buildings, staffed with reenactors, are opened up to ticket holders. The visitor’s