VIDEO: The Long Long Honeymoon … in Argentina!

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February 8, 2009

There comes a time in every creative venture when the show must travel overseas. The Brady Bunch went to Hawaii. The Facts of Life went to Paris. And Steve Urkel? I guess Urkel never went anywhere, although I really wish he had done so. (He could have stayed for a long time.) So it only seems reasonable that The Long Long Honeymoon should continue in…


We´ve spent several enjoyable days here in Buenos Aires, getting our bearings straight. Buenos Aires is a sophisticated city. It´s not unlike Rome or Paris in terms of amenities, architecture, and cultural offerings. But it’s cheaper — a LOT cheaper.

The current exchange rate is quite favorable for dollar-toting Americans like myself. Every American dollar buys 3.4 Argentinian pesos, so you can stretch your cash a long way here.

Here´s a real world example: at dinner last night our bottle of wine cost 19 pesos. That’s about $5.50. And the wine was delicious.

This is a city that loves the night. Many restaurants don’t even open until 8:30PM, and they aren’t crowded until a couple of hours later. It’s the perfect honeymoon spot for night owls like us.

But there’s more to Argentina than inexpensive wine. And inexpensive steaks. And late night tango dances.

This is the 8th largest country on the planet. It’s got mountains, and prairies, and oceans white with foam. (Plagiarism alert!) It’s an incredibly diverse landscape that offers RV travel opportunities for the adventurous.

In our next installment of The Long Long Honeymoon in Argentina, we´ll be visiting a local RV rental house, and learning all about RV travel opportunities in this fabulous country. Then we will take a motorhome into the countryside and do some camping!

For the full story on RV camping in the Deeeeeeeeep South, check out our website: | Get hitched.


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  1. This has to be one of my favorite posts! And on top of thats its also
    very helpful topic for newbies. nice one a large amount for the info!

  2. Argentina is a wonderful country. We spent 3 weeks in 2005 on our honeymoon and we fell in love with this country.
    Camping never really crossed our mind but i’m sure it is nice.

  3. Hi Jerry, thanks for your comments! We love meeting fellow campers, especially those who follow The Long Long Honeymoon.

    We will be back from Argentina next week, and plan to camp in the USA extensively this spring. So please stay tuned… we are likely heading north to some states we haven’t yet visited (NC, VA, PA, NY, IL, etc.).

    The camera I recently acquired is a fancy one which will allow me to someday shoot my masterpiece, impress Steven Speilberg, and attend the Oscars (err..that’s the plan?). It’s a Sony PMW-EX1, and it’s overkill for the vast majority of people.

    The camera I recommend is the Canon HV20/30/40 series. They are HD (HDV is recorded to cheap mini-DV tapes), small and portable, take beautiful pictures, and are pretty easy to edit. We’ve shot most of The Long Long Honeymoon with this cam. And lately you can find an HV30 for about $500, which is a heck of a deal for such a great camera. If you want to go tapeless, Canon has some new models coming out that look equally good.

    The editing software I use is Sony Vegas Pro 8. The industry standard is probably Final Cut Pro but it’s only for Apple. I like Sony Vegas — they all do the same thing, they just do it a little differently. Vegas works well for me. They make a consumer version that’s cheaper than the Pro version. I haven’t tried the consumer version, but it’s probably similar to Pro.

    If you keep an eye on our website ( I will soon add some additional camera/editing details in the FAQ section.

  4. HI Sean, Hope to meet you guys some day, some place while we travel (even if it is in another country). I know you just got a new video camera a few months ago. Can you tell me what camera you now use and what software program you do your editing on. We are going North to Alaska this summer and I really want to be able to take my video shots and put together some well edited video for our blog. I really need to find the right editing software.

  5. Fred, quite honestly… yes, we do miss several features of our Airstream. Our 25-foot camper is pretty modest back home, but here it would be considered a mansion on wheels.

    The camper van we have in Argentina lacks a full-service toilet, so that’s a pretty big sacrifice.

    With regard to American brands, I think you can find most of what you seek here. I’m not a cigarette guy, but I’ve seen the major brands readily available (in vending machines, even!). I do like certain American beers, but the beer selection here is quite limited — at least in restaurants. Forget about finding your fave microbrew here. But hey, when delicious wine is $3 a bottle, I’m not complaining.

    I thnk your travel plan sounds great, though (from personal experience) I would tread VERY carefully through Guatemala and El Salvador. I’m happy to report that Argentina seems very safe and well policed, and we’ve met many warm and friendly people.

    Sometime soon I’ll post a more detailed summary of our impressions of RV camping in Argentina. I’m going to profile a local RV rental firm (really nice people) and our own experiences in the camper van. It will probably take me a while to get everything online. We are slated to return to the States on the 16th. Happy camping!

  6. Fred

    Assuming you flew there and rented a camper, did you miss some of your own personal add-ons and of the features of your Airstream? Were you able to get some American brand items? There are just some American items I prefer, like cigarettes, even though they are my own luxury indulgence.

    Our longest trip so far has been up through western Cananda and the coastal BC Ferries and then on in to Alaska. Our next goal is to travel by RV camper down through the rest of North America, Central American and then through South America to Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego or more depending on the roads.

    Were don’t know yet how hard it is to get a short day flight to Antarctica.

  7. LOL Darrel, well to be fair, a good portion of that video was shot in a cemetery (the famous La Recoleta Cemetery where Evita Peron, amongst others, is buried). As graveyards go, it’s fabulous…but it’s still a graveyard. 😀

    I’m not trying to sell people on the notion of overseas travel… Like camping, the desire to do so is either in your blood, or it isn’t.

    I might draw an analogy to food. “I already like hamburgers & hot dogs… so why should I try tacos and enchiladas and pizza?” Simply because you might enjoy those choices as well.

    I agree that it’s flat out impossible to see everything in the USA, and certainly in the world. There’s just not enough time. So we have to choose our destinations wisely. My only regret about this Argentinia series is that we’re only getting a brief introduction. It’s a huge country and we could spend months here.

    Yesterday we met a German fellow who had just returned from a 2-month RV trip throughout Argentina and Chile. We interviewed him for the blog. He said he has also RV’d throughout the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. He’s seen a pretty large portion of the world, up close and personal, via RV.

    For those who are interested in seeing other parts of the world, travel by RV is a viable option! We’re learning just how viable at the moment…

  8. Hi Sean, I’ve always said I’ll never live long enough to see everything worth seeing in the good ole USA so why would I want to travel to some foreign country? You didn’t change my mind with this segment. I seen absolutely nothing in the video that would cause me to say “Oh, lets go to Argentina someday!” Looks pretty depressing there 😉