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Anybody use the plastic tie wraps, tape and other things to wrap cable, fasten things together, and do other such tasks? I hate those things. I needed something I could arrange all my cable and wires associated with my computer desk with. It looked like a maze of spider webs back there and very disorganized at best. My brother who is a network engineer told me of a product which is double sided Velcro. Well I went to the local hardware store and that stuff was very expensive and came in weird colors and wasn’t a true double sided Velcro like I had thought. He sent me this link here where you can buy a 25 yard roll! 25 yards, delivered got just over $20! It’s a true double sided black Velcro and you simply take a pair of scissors and cut it to the desired length. It was of such a valued item and use to me I included it in my RV Tech Tip book.

I soon found many uses for this stuff. I first routed and cleaned up the wire mess behind my computer desk and the associated cords. Now you don’t see any of them and what a much cleaner and organized setup! I’ve used a ton of it so far and still have half the roll left as 25 yards goes a long ways!

Once I got my computer desk straightened out as I went I found several uses for this stuff. In my basement I was able to secure a few things to the walls by simply cutting the wrap to length and screwing it into the wall and then fastening the item to the wall. This really cleaned up the clutter in my basement giving it a much cleaner, organized look. Extension cords are now neatly rolled and wrapped, even the cords to my shop vac, air compressor and many other items giving them all neat and organized appearance. All those cords for cell phone chargers and other electrical items are all neatly wrapped including my laptop power cable and things like that. The best thing is it’s reusable!

There are literally a 101 uses for this stuff. It has a pretty good tensile strength as well. Another good use is to wrap your awning arms with it as added security to keep the awning from coming out while traveling. I put it on there and tried my best to unroll my awning and exerted great effort and no go!

I also use it to wrap my water hoses which keeps them neatly coiled while traveling. My satellite TV cable as well. I’ve used a lot of this stuff and still have a lot left. It seems I always find a use for it somewhere. I was able to secure a few items as well to the inside of my basement door so when I open it the items are right there easily accessible and no more digging around the basement for them.
It’s great for just about anything your imagination can come up with. When my dog Shorty is outside I use a small piece to secure her leash to whatever is available. For just over $20 delivered it has by far been one of my most worthwhile gizmo’s I’ve acquired. Thus it definitely ended up in my RV Tech Tip Book.

If you want o organize all you hoses, wires, basement items and you name it this stuff will do the job. No locks to feed the stuff through like the locking type. Simply cut to length, wrap it and you’re done. I found this stuff a while back at hardware store and it was way over priced and expensive bought by the foot. Then I found it in this 25 yard roll for a mere $20 something dollars delivered! You can’t beat it! One of my better investments!

That’s a wrap!!
Firedude's RV Tech Tip Book

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  1. Walter Pierson

    what works for me is take a longated paper hole punch and punch a slot in the Velcro so you can loop it thru this way you cannot loose the strap.

  2. Fredzo

    Harbor Freight has 1/2″x10′ rolls for about five bucks, and I’ve been using the heck out of it. Seems to be better than average quality “Hook and Loop” strapping (not Velcro branded), and I haven’t had any failures yet.

  3. Bob

    How do I get the 25yds for $20 ? – I clicked on the site and it is not available. Please advise where I get it Thanks Bob B

  4. TXBrad

    Toney: For a “high tech gadget guy” , you all need to take this a step further !
    ( unless you are saving for next Blog). ???
    That is to get one of these new type, Label makers & mark these cables, hoses, etc. BROTHER makes P-touch electroinic labeling system for about 30$
    9/64 ” to 3/4″ tapes of all color tapes & prints. ( prints vert & horz. ) Check their web @ Battery operated w/ AV adapter.

    Tx Brad

  5. Mike, you’re right to the fact that there are numerous alternatives. Good ones as you mention, but my objective and suggestion was not based solely on looming wires as I pointed out. It was an all around tech tip with a multitude of uses. Works well for me.;-)


  6. Mike

    Hey, anybody tried the Woven Wrap-Around Sleeving. Looks just like the nylon snake skin but has a split down the side to easly hide cables in.
    The company I worked for used it for years hiding or combining a number of computer cables.
    Just thought you would like to know their are other cleaner alternatives.

  7. llew

    Tony your link work with me. what size didy ou get the 1/2 inch, 3/4inch, or the
    1 inch wide.?

  8. Jerry Thornton

    Tony, where is the site your get 25 yds double sided for 20.? Enjoy your site…

  9. John Shelton

    I use either Gripper Snaps (more trouble than staples, but also more fancy) or staples to attach a two sided velcro strip to cords, etc. that I frequently roll up and unroll. Just wrap one end of the velcro around the cord and place a couple of standard paper clips through the loop to secure it to. Make the loop around the cord small enough that it will not slip over the plug at either end. It is always there ready to secure the cord for storage.

  10. Howard Rawley

    HI Tony,

    Great idea and I enjoy reading your blogs. Only problem this time is the link didn’t work, said page couldn’t be found??



  11. Tom there is different colors to mach your scheme. I like the black as most of mine isn’t in plain site so it’s not noticeable really. Where it is visible everything like my computer desk is black and brown to it doesn’t stand out. On the desk most is behind it neatly keeping everything in place, something the firedude needed badly lol.I stay away from the white for my uses especially outdoors, the basement , hoses and things like that. The white I tried got dirty and it looked bad. You can get it in different colors. It’s sure great stuff like you say. Mine doesn’t look like terry electric “friction tape” so maybe we had a different type? Mine looks like felt on the one side. Either way it sure has its uses.;-)

    aka Firedude

  12. I love Velcro cable wrap, but sometimes it can be a bit unsightly when visible. It looks a lot like the old tarry electric “friction tape”.

    But: I found a source of WHITE double sided Velcro. It is sold as “Velcro Net Fastener Roll”.