Monaco Coach Introduces the New Dynasty Majestic floorplan

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February 1, 2009

By Whitney Elkington (guest blogger)

dynasty floorplan optionsFirst and Foremost
Monaco’s Dynasty Majestic is one of a kind by anyone’s standard. So what makes Majestic so special? Monaco Coach Corporation’s Vice President of Sales, Mike Snell, says the list begins with two things: “Lots of space…and the deepest slideout in the industry.”

And when Snell said lots of space, he wasn’t pulling his punches. With its slideouts extended, the Dynasty Majestic offers more than 100 square feet of additional space. So how is that possible? Well, it has a lot to do with the second attribute Snell mentioned: The 45-foot Majestic is the first Monaco model equipped with five slides, and two of those slides form a revolutionary invention called a slide-within-a-slide — the first of its kind and the deepest slideout in the industry.

majestic_ext2The Evolution of Slides
So what exactly is a slide-within-a-slide? Simply put, it is one slideout box fitted within another. In the Majestic, the model’s large driver-side living area slide has been enhanced by the addition of a second smaller slide fitted within it. In terms of interior livability, the slide-within-a-slide expands the coach’s living space by an additional 18 inches, opening up more floor space than ever before.

“The evolution of slides started years ago,” Snell said. “The objective of slides was to get as much livability as possible in a coach. It started with one or two slides. Then it went to three and four. Then full-wall slides appeared. With a slide-within-a-slide, we now have a coach with the most square footage in the industry.”

Majestic Interior A Wish List
The one of a kind slideout and its super-sized living quarters are just two items on Majestic’s wish list of features. Majestic also comes with a residential-sized galley island with a folding bar, a 42-inch LCD TV that is conveniently, and uniquely, situated at the front of the living area, above the counter and against the curbside wall, near the entry. Solid surface counters are featured throughout the coach. In addition to the galley island workspace, a solid surface-covered cabinet extends across the entire curbside living area wall.

Majestic Interior TV“It’s got the largest amount of countertop space we’ve ever built,” said Monaco’s Director of Marketing, Ryan Lee. “It also has a TV that you can sit directly across from and watch — the way a TV should be watched — and a dual-function pull-out desk can be used from either side.”

Majestic - Exterior storageThe interior isn’t the only area with plenty of space. Two roomy pass-through storage bays are accessible from either side of the coach. The front bay also holds a large slideout tray. Majestic’s tanks also contain some elbowroom. The fuel tank offers a 150-gallon capacity, the fresh water tank has a 100-gallon capacity, the gray water tank has a 70-gallon capacity and the black tank has a 40-gallon capacity.

Majestic made its debut at the RVIA’s annual National Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky in December 2008 and received an enthusiastic response. The coach is built on the Roadmaster S-series semi-monocoque chassis, carries a GVWR of 50,160 and is linked with the pushing power of a Cummins ISM 500 horsepower engine.

Majestic Interior Not only is there space and power, but there’s also beauty in Majestic’s details. The living and bathroom areas are covered in tile. Backsplashes are overlaid with tumbled stone tile highlighted with metal tile accents. Select from among eight assorted optional décor packages. One of those packages, Stone Harbor, is dramatic in charcoal, black and red and available exclusively with Majestic. On the outside, the glossy exterior can appear in several paint schemes, each one a blend of five different colors reflecting the colors of your chosen interior decor package. Natural oak or stained oak cabinetry comes standard or you can choose natural, stained or glazed cherry with intricate medallions and carved trim. Drawers and cabinets are finished with oil-rubbed bronze (or if you choose the Stone Harbor decor, brushed satin nickel). The bathroom area is spacious with a sink and a large vanity cabinet, stationed near the full shower, and quite a bit of storage space inside drawers and cabinets. The water closet offers yet another sink and cabinets ample enough to hold your fluffiest set of towels. In the bedroom you’ll find a good-sized wardrobe and a plentiful number of cupboards as well as a 32-inch TV and a standard queen-sized bed so you can relax in comfort.

The Entertainer

majestic_ext3“When you walk into the Majestic with the slides extended it feels like you’re standing in a residential living room,” said Lee. “This coach is an entertainer’s paradise.” Extensive counter space, a number of seating options, an ample four-door fridge with icemaker, an optional wine chiller installed under the counter and increased living space invite you to make yourself — and your friends — comfortable. And if you can’t get enough of your favorite sports team, tailgating or barbecuing is more sports fan-friendly if you opt to add a 46-inch LCD TV in the exterior bay. The 46-incher is another first — the largest exterior TV available in the industry.

Lee also listed just a few of the possible furniture combinations. “Majestic gives you an option for almost every taste with double 81-inch sofas, a U-dinette and sofa, a full-wall U-shaped sofa or the sofa with the dual-function computer desk.”

“You can choose a whole assortment of configurations and options, almost anything you can think of to fit your needs,” Snell said. “If you’re into a coach with a lot of space, this is the coach for you.”

For more about the Majestic, check out or visit your nearest Dynasty dealer for a tour and test drive.

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  3. Carl Stark

    Monaco is having difficulty working with their dealers. I cannot find a dealer in Georgia that will accept Monaco authorization for warranty work due to non-payment of previous authorizations. I have been told that I will be expected to pay the entire bill, and that I may seek reimbursement from Monaco. I am also told by various component distributors that they have cut off credit to Monaco for the same reasons. I can truly understand that without selling coaches, cash flow is tough during these time. We LOVE our 2008 HR Admiral with full slide, and hope the company stays viable. Carl.


    About your only 40 gallon black water tank. The tank when carrying wayste needs to be flushed about every 40 gallons anyway.Or you incounter the chance of air born bateria.But what the hell take the chance!

  5. Bluebird Bob

    40 gallon black tank? You have got to be kidding!!!!

  6. Orv Hazelton

    It wasn’t National RV who had the “slide within a slide” concept prior to going under. . . it was Alfa RV, who also went under. I have faith that the RV industry will come back as the economy improves. . . although it may be in an entirely different model and far leaner. As always, oRV

  7. riggarob

    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t National RV have the prototype for a “slide w/in a slide” , a couple of years ago, before they went under ? Also, CC told all of their employees, last week, to come get their stuff before a possible closeure, so it wouldn’t be lost in the confusion.

  8. Stormin Normin

    Neither Monaco or Country Coach have filed for bankruptcy protection.

    Monaco is a publicly traded company and traded unded the ticker symbol MNC. Their stock has been trading in the 50 to 65 cent range lately. I bought all my shares in the at much higher price. I have faith they will come back and regain their share price. The factory in Oregon is very well laid out and seems very up to date.

    I have also visited Country Coach, although in the midst of an industry slowdown is still turning out coaches. Also a very impressive manufacturing facility.

    I recommend a factory tour of both plants if you are ever in the Junction City or Coburg, OR area, which is just north of Eugene.

  9. Gary Mellinger

    I had heard that Monaco as well as Country Coach had filled for bankruptcy protection and closed their doors in Oregon.
    This is why the website may not work.