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Motorhome door open

Mark My Words: December – Storage Issues, Tank Monitors, Batteries and a Troublesome Air Conditioner

Hi, Folks. I hope you all had a merry Christmas and are looking forward to a New Year of RVing! Keep those questions coming –  send your RVing questions to [email protected]. Hi, Mark, We are new to RVing and live in Northern Michigan where we get a lot of lake effect snow.  We store our fifth-wheel camper

Tech Tip: Give me a Sign

GIVE ME A SIGN After seeing the safety benefits of turn signals mounted under side-view mirrors, I decided to install a pair on my motorhome. I purchased two sealed amber LED lamps complete with pigtail wires. I removed the sideview mirror assemblies and drilled the necessary holes in the bottom of the arm, then mounted the

RV Tech Tip: Awning Rod Storage

I got tired of having to hunt for my awning rod, which had the habit of becoming buried under the other items in my largest outside storage compartment, the only compartment long enough to store it in. If you’re having a similar problem, this RV tech tip can help. I cut two short pieces (about