This video clip goes over the importance of proper ventilation in your RV and how to replace a ventilation system. The video goes over step by step process of installing a new ventilation system in your both the inside and outside steps.

We recommend this one that comes with a remote – Fan-Tastic Ceiling Fan/Vent with Remote Control available at Camping World. Or you may want to try the Shurflo Ceiling Vents as an alternative.

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  3. mike

    what is this huge subscribe stuff all over the front of what I’m looking at? horrible, horrible, horrible. horrible.

  4. I ended up buying and installing the Fan-tastic 6000 model with rain sensor. My vent was very close to a 12volt light so it was easy to use the two wires that came with the fan to tap into light. The rubber roof sealant isn’t sold at Home Depot so make sure to pick some up from an RV store.

  5. Scott S

    I was also wondering about the wiring if you didn’t have power to a vent already. I imagine you would use a wire fish tape to tap into the nearest 12 volt light.

  6. bill

    How do you run a wire to the vent for a new vent fan.