7 Top Things to Buy from Camping World

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April 9, 2020

We’re facing a lot of travel limitations these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t begin preparing for an RV outing some time in the future. Check out the following links to products and accessories for your next trip. The list includes safety gear, campground comfort items and RV care products. You can find these products online, or at places like Camping World of Denver and other Camping World & Gander RV and Outdoors retail locations.


Safety is an important consideration for all RV travelers. RV camping veterans will be the first to tell you there are just a few items they would never RV without.

Rand McNally GPS

Rand McNally GPS unit

RV GPS Device

One concern of driving an RV is encountering a low clearance bridge or tunnel. Google Maps, a regular GPS or even a paper atlas will not consider your route based on your RV size, weight and length. An RV GPS will allow you to enter all this information so you can feel confident that you are being routed in the safest manner based on your specific RV. The GPS unit can also be easily placed into “car” mode, so you can also use the GPS in your tow vehicle or truck when you are not RVing. When the unit is in car mode, it routes you as a regular car and not as an RV.

TireMinder tire pressure

TireMinder TM-88C-6 Color Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 6 Transmitters

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Another concern of RV travel is the dreaded blowout. But what if you could reduce the chance of having one? A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors both the tire pressure and temperature of each tire position. These wireless systems can be used on all types of RVs from the largest motorhomes to the smallest pop-up campers. Even better, you can purchase additional sensors for your tow vehicle or truck. These small sensors easily screw onto each tire’s valve stem and send information to a monitor that reports the psi and temperature of each tire. If you are warned of issues as they are beginning to develop, then you will have time to safely get off the road and check out the problem.

Surge protector on campground pedastal

Surge Guard

Electrical Management System

Electricity is a serious matter, but many folks plug their RVs into the campground power pedestal without a second thought.  Old wiring and poor electrical design can endanger your RV without this important piece of equipment.  An electrical management system like the Southwire Surge Guard Electrical Protection System for 30 Amp or 50 Amp does more than simply protecting you from surges. An electrical surge is really the least of your worries. The more common issue is poor wiring in the pedestal or high and low voltages. The portable unit easily plugs into the power pedestal and then you simply plug your RV’s power cord into the Surge Guard. Once you flip the breaker to the “on” position, the unit will go through a 10-second analysis of the pedestal. During this analysis, the unit ensures that the pedestal has a proper ground, proper neutral, no reverse polarity issues, and no high or low voltage issues. If there is an issue with any of these, then it will plainly state it on the display. Once the unit passes the power to the RV, it will protect you against extreme surges, and it will ensure you are protected from high and low voltage issues. If the voltage goes too high or too low, the unit will cut your RV off from the power until the voltage comes back to within a safe operating range.

Water Filter

Clearsource Ultra Water Filter System

Water Filtration

The great thing about RVs is that they are fully self-contained. You have your very own kitchen and bathroom with you. Water, however, is key to those features. Proper filtration can protect your RV water lines and your health. There are two things to know about water filtration: filter size and filter type. A micron size rating for a water filter is a way of indicating the ability of the filter to remove contaminants by the size of the particles. A filter that is marked “5 microns” has some capability in capturing particles as small as 5 microns. The filter type determines what manner or particles it filters. This three-stage water filter can be mounted in the water bay of your RV or stored on the ground if you need the interior space for other gear. The first-stage filter is a 5.0 micron rust-inhibiting, scale-reducing filter that removes rust, scale, silt, sediment, and other particulates. The second stage 0.5 micron coconut-shell carbon-block filter dramatically improves taste and smell, and removes contaminants like pesticides, petrochemicals, cryptosporidium, giardia cysts, chlorine, chloramines, and more. The third stage 0.2 micron (absolute rating) filter provides protection against even smaller contaminants, including e.coli.


Once you’ve arrived at the campground and set up your RV, you’ll likely need a few additional items to make the most of your campsite and truly enjoy your stay.

Patio Mat

Reversible trellis-designed patio mat

Patio Mat

Patio mats are a great way to keep the dirt out and add a little style to your space. They cover the ground surrounding your entryway and can be easily swept clean of dirt and debris. Most are reversible and serve as a protective layer between your patio furniture and ground. They also provide a great place to stop and remove shoes to reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked inside.

Zero-gravity chairs.

A pair of zero-gravity recliners

Outdoor Chairs

Ample seating is essential to an enjoyable campsite. Camping World offers a wide selection of camp chairs to provide a comfortable seat for everyone. Choose from rockers, recliners, or even loveseats. This mesh back chair is especially well-suited to camping. The mesh back offers ventilation on hot summer days and the side table with drink holder makes eating meals around the campfire simple. It is easy to fold and tote with a handle on the side.

Barbecue grill

Blackstone Gas Tailgater Combo Grill/Griddle


What would a camping trip be without a grill? Choosing the right one will depend on your family size and storage space. Portable grills come in three primary heat source options: charcoal, propane, and electric. A very popular option for camping is the propane grill because it can be adapted to use your RV’s propane tank eliminating the need to carry around charcoal or have electricity.

For more gear suggestions, check out this list from Trailer Life Magazine. You can also consult the Good Sam RV Travel Checklist.