Protect Yourself Against Unexpected Blowouts

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March 7, 2011

As you get ready to set out in your RV this spring on highly–anticipated trips, we at Good Sam Club want to make sure you are prepared for one of the most common RVing road hazards — tire blowouts. Tire failure is the cause of 60% to 70% of all Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan comprehensive claims, but there are steps you can take to ensure you don’t fall victim to this trip hazard.

TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System available From Camping World.
TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System available From Camping World

As you prepare your RV for your next trip, follow these 9 simple tire safety tips:

  1. When the tires are cold, check the air pressure to ensure it’s within the manufacturer’s suggested guidelines.
  2. Don’t let air out of a hot tire. Doing so may result in an under–inflated tire when it cools.
  3. Level your RV, and chock the wheels whenever it will be parked for a couple of days or longer.
  4. If a tire is punctured, have it dismounted and professionally repaired from the inside.
  5. Don’t use petroleum– or alcohol–based tire products. This can accelerate tire wear.
  6. Replace any tire that is over 7 years old, even if it looks new.
  7. Help prevent ozone and UV damage by washing your tires with mild soap and water, scrubbing them with a soft brush.
  8. Be sure to keep your tires covered when your RV is off the road.
  9. Know the weight of your RV (when loaded), and make sure your tires are rated appropriately.

Unfortunately, life happens, and unexpected tire blowouts can too. It’s always best to make sure to have a current insurance policy to protect yourself from these types of mishaps. Good Sam VIP is a comprehensive insurance plan that caters to specific RV needs. For example, if your RV and dinghy are ever involved in the same covered accident while they are attached, Good Sam VIP allows you to put both on one convenient policy so you’ll only be responsible for one deductible — not two.

Find out more about Good Sam VIP.

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  1. Jim Arias

    We had a rear inner dual blowout on our Class A last month. Our Good Sam Emergency Road Service took care of the repair. Both the tire tech and the manager of the store where we got a replacement told us to change the tires out at 5 years regardless of tread wear. We had just over 12000 miles on the tires. It blew out in the sidewall. The tire store manager said that RV tires sit so long during storage that a crease develops in the sidewall which weakens it. He recommended covering the tires and also driving the rig at least every 4 weeks.