Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Here’s to Genia at Van and RV Sales, Rocky Mount, North Carolina!

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March 7, 2011

 If you’re looking to buy an  RV, and you can get yourself  anywhere near North Carolina, it’ll be worth your time to visit with Genia, RV sales rep at Van and RV Sales,  in Rocky Mount, NC.

 And just how do I know this, considering I’ve never been to North Carolina and don’t know Genia from a hole in the ground?  Because I asked!  I asked Woodall’s readers to let me know if they’ve met a standout, truly excellent RV sales rep.  Yvonne and Terry Shepherd wrote to highly commend Genia. But before we hear from the Shepherds, let’s take a look at what makes a good RV sales rep.

 I’ve created a 3 point evaluation form to help RV sales reps and our readers. The criteria comes from compliments and complaints from Woodall’s readers, in addition to my family’s experiences. Let’s take a look at what we’re evaluating, and why Genia came out such a superstar:

 1)    Meet and Greet:  It appears that when our readers meet a new rep on the lot and they say, “Oh, we just want to look today. We don’t really know what we want. Hahahaha…” that some reps go ballistic. That’s not a good thing.  On the other hand, I (and other readers) have actually heard this, “Oh, that’s ok. I’m just glad you’re here! Let’s figure out how to start looking for what will work for you.” Wow. I loved that. Think Genia.

2)    Problem Solving: Many times, if presented with a problem (either in pre-sale,mid-sale, ain’t no way sale, etc.) the sales rep will communicate a big, fat “Love ya. Bye.”  As in, “I’m not going to waste my time if x, y, or z is an issue and I don’t see any money this second or tomorrow morning by 8:00.”  Then there’s Genia. She’s an entirely different oyster. Wait…is that an expression ?

 3)    The Weasel Phrase: “What would it take to get you in this coach today?”  I have had so many readers tell me they hate that phrase.  I see why, and say “Amen.”. The very question reflects a staid sales meeting conducted by a manager with a seriously outdated mindset who requires his staff to “close” with this approach. Sort of like an eagle being told to swoop down on a newborn puppy nursing in a field.  Then there’s Genia.

I think Yvonne and Terry can best tell their own story. It’s worth reading carefully, then thinking, “Could I expect this from my local RV reps? If not, why not? Or, maybe it’s worth the trip to find Genia!”

 From the Shepherds:

 “My husband and I had a pop up camper that was in need of a lift system repair.  We contacted several local camping dealerships in the Tidewater Virginia area and no one would help us because we didn’t purchase the pop up from them.  We now know this is not uncommon but at the time we didn’t realize many dealerships will not service a camper if you didn’t buy it from them. The last number on our list of dealers was Van and RV Sales in Rocky Mount, NC.  After talking with Genia at Van and RV Sales, my husband called me to say he had finally found someone who would repair the lift system but-they were 250 miles away.


So the next Saturday morning we towed our crippled pop up across the state of Virginia to Rocky Mount, NC.  When we arrived, Genia came out and greeted us. She put us at ease right away when she told us she had been in touch with the manufacturer of the pop up and all work would be covered by the warranty. Just to hear that she had called the manufacturer on our behalf was so reassuring.  We had found someone who understood customer service.  She had taken the lead and was making the repairs easy for us.


While the pop up was being serviced, my husband and I started talking about upgrading.  We looked at the floor plans of several models at local dealerships, found the one we liked and called Genia.  She had the camper we were interested in for a much better price than buying locally from the dealerships who previously wanted nothing to do with us.


We have upgraded twice since the pop up repair.  Genia asks us what we are looking for and then shows us her inventory, discussing our towing needs, sleeping requirements and color options. We have never felt any pressure from her and she has told us to “hold off” for next years models because she felt they were more in line with what we were looking for.  She has given us very fair trade in allowances and makes sure we are entirely happy before leaving the lot.  Her family owned business places customer satisfaction, on the road safety and family fun first in their sales department. She had our trust from day one.

 Yvonne and Terry Shepherd

 So, dear Woodall’s readers,  what do you think about Genia? And what do you think about what makes a great RV sales rep? I love hearing from you.

 Happy tales to you and yours, and isn’t it just grand that spring is coming?


PS Check back soon to read about Wendy at International RV, Bay City, Michigan.

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  2. Wow Steve! That’s great! I’m glad Genia did such a great job for you. She is “one of the good ones!”

    Happy tales,


  3. Steve Sherman

    I just had my 5th wheel serviced by Van & RV Sales and what a pleasant experience! Geina found the 12′ slide awning that I needed–I didn’t know what brand, so she described the part over the phone in order to make the match, and had it express mailed in order to accommodate my trip schedule. Eddie in service, took great care of me and in a timely fashion. I drive 45 minutes to go there when a large dealer is only 15 minutes away, but I’ll continue to go there because of the great service.

  4. Patti Faustini

    Amen Butterbean, and it’s great hearing from you. Yes, if all buyers would respond exactly as you say, there would be a reformation of astronomical proportions! I hope the word gets out!

    Happy Tales to you and yours,


  5. butterbean carpenter

    Howdy Patti,
    Every salesman isn’t going to change his tactics because there are some GOOD sales people out there.. There are ‘schools’ of high-pressure selling and they can be intimidating to customers..
    BUT, if all buyers would not respond and just TELL them ‘ I AIN’T BUYING ROM YOU, BECAUSE…”
    the hotshots would cool it, maybe!!!

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes!!!!!

  6. Patti Faustini

    Thank you for your response,Eric.It will be interesting to hear if other readers agree with you (and me) about what makes a great RV sales rep! Who knows what might come out of this! Maybe you could send the blog to others, and see what they say.

    Happy Tales,


  7. eric

    You know what would be nice? Getting every Woodall’s customer who agrees with your blog (I’m betting it’d be darn near 100%) to SIGN this blog entry and then send it to every RV salesman in the country.

    Every time I hear that “What would it take to get you in this coach today?” schtick, my response is always the same “Now that you’ve asked… nothing. I won’t buy from you.” And then we walk out.

    Overall I totally agree with your 3 points… and the letter about Genia should be required reading for EVERY salesman (not just RV.)