Summer is in full swing now, so whether you’re headed for the brisk waters of Maine, the boardwalk along the Jersey, Delmar shore, or out to the Outer Banks of NC; I thought I’d share some useful tips for those who are going for the first time (and for those who have been there I might even have a useful tip for you too!)

Be prepared, I can’t stress this one enough, nothing like finding your way to the perfect spot only to discover you’ve left something important back at the camper. You’re going to need sunscreen and plenty of it. I like to use the spray for the body and the stick (looks like a giant Chapstick) for the face.  If you’ve got an especially fair skin child like Little Man, bring an old t-shirt for them to wear while he’s at the beach.  Big floppy hats that can be secured under the chin are good for the little ones. The sun feels so good when you’re at the beach, but the sunburn won’t feel so good later on.

For sitting you might want to bring your folding camping chairs. We bring an old sheet to sit on. It dries out very quickly and doesn’t hold onto the sand like a towel will. Bring a cooler w/ some drinks and snacks, it’s lots of “work” playing in the sand and surf. If you pack your sandwiches on rolls instead of bread you’re less likely to have a gritty sandwich (learn this from the welders who worked on the pipeline that goes by our house). You can pick up sand toys pretty cheap at any discount store. We keep a dustpan brush in our truck to sweep off the sand from the bottom of our feet and legs before we get in the truck (thanks to my parents who spend a good part of the year in FL for that tip).

The most important tip I can give to you ladies is don’t shave your legs the morning that you are going to the beach.  Freshly shaven legs + salt water=pain. This is a mistake you’ll only make once (or at least once a season). Trust me when I say it’s better to go to the beach looking like the Yeti then it is to have salt water hit those clean shaven legs.

So here’s wishing you a great trip to the seashore or as we like to say here Have fun  ‘down the shore. Oh and keep some vinegar on hand in case you get a sunburn, it takes the sting out of the burn.

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  1. Susanne

    Vinegar is also great for jellyfish stings!

  2. Oh, so jealous! We LOVED the beach – your east coast waters are so warm!
    Can’t wait to get back over there! 😉