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Airstream Trailer on lakeshore.

Chill Out at the Beach Without Getting Cold

Coastal camping — staying warm when the temperature dips. Camping near the ocean has its obvious perks. You’re close to the surf. You can take those long strolls on the sand with that special someone that you’ve always imagined. The views are usually spectacular, regardless of whether you’re enjoying the sunrise or sunset over the

Author Jeremy P Elder and his daughter at Carpinteria State Beach, California

A Dad Outside: A Camping Legacy for Our Children at Carpinteria SB

A SoCal Boy and His Adventures Growing up as a Southern California boy, camping was a huge part of my childhood. Almost every single Spring break, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and of course summer break memory that I have involves being in the mountains, the beach, lake, river, woods, or even the snow (yep, it actually

Camping at the Beach for First Timers

Summer is in full swing now, so whether you’re headed for the brisk waters of Maine, the boardwalk along the Jersey, Delmar shore, or out to the Outer Banks of NC; I thought I’d share some useful tips for those who are going for the first time (and for those who have been there I