In Time For The Holidays 2. Gifts For The RV Buff $100 And Up

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December 14, 2008

Last week we looked at some innovative gift ideas for the RV buff that were priced between $10 to $99.  This week we’ll up the bar and check out some great gifts priced at over $100.  So let’s see a few that may be of interest.

GPS navigation, in a stand alone package.  These are great buys for your RV and, because they are stand-alone units, they can be used in the car or used in other travel modes.  Starting with the Garmin StreetPilot at not much more than $100, you can spend  more, all the way up to $1,100 for the Garmin Nuvi 860.  Though Garmin are one of the more popular GPS portable units there are other top quality makes, too, like TomTom,  Delorme, Navigon and Sony-Nav, to mention a few.   These are available from many retailers, like Camping World, Best Buy, Radio Shack,  and more.

A Weber Char Q portable barbeque. This is a great charcoal barbeque with a 280 square inch cooking area.  They can be purchased from Camping World, Cabella’s, or other outdoor sporting stores.  You can expect to pay about $150.

A compact folding or telescopic ladder.  These are a must for many an RV owner.  They can be had in various heights, generally up to about 7′.  Many makes and sizes can be found at Camping World, Ace Hardware, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes and many other department and hardware stores.  Average prices are between $120 to $280.

A Portable gas powered generator.  This terrific accessory for a trailer can extend a stay in a remote area.  There are many, many makes and models.  They can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Camping World, Cabella’s and many more hardware or department store locations.  While there are a wide price range due to the great variety of unit sizes, smaller generators run $400 to $1200.

Rear view or side camera add-on kits.  These are available for your motorized coach, tow vehicle, SUV or car.  They are available in both wired and wireless models.  There are a wide variety of makes and models, but expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $1400.   Look for these at Camping World or through multiple on-line supplier offers.

Ultrasonic back-up sensor kit.  This is the same technology that is used on many new higher priced automobiles and SUV’s.  Certainly a great accessory on any motor home, tow vehicle or automobile.  You can get one at Camping World or selected automotive supply houses for about $110.

An air horn kit for gas powered or non-compressor equipped vehicles.  The kit comes complete with air horns (2) and a 12 volt electrical driven air compressor.  Makes include Hadley, and more can be found at Camping World, Pep Boys and other automotive supply houses.  There is a large spread as to what you might pay for a complete kit ranging from just over $100 up to nearly $800.

A Set of air operated train horns.  These triple horn set will shake the ground with a devastating 152 dba.  These are a great add-on to a diesel pusher and come complete with a 12 volt activated solenoid valve.  These can be purchased from The Great American Chrome Shop, in person, or on-line.  There are many other on-line suppliers that also can supply these.  Expect to pay about $190 to $350.

A tire pressure monitoring systemPressurePro, Doran and SmarTire are three popular choices.  These are a great safety option to help reduce problems on the road.  Some models are available with both tire pressure and temperature.  These are available at Camping World and many on-line suppliers, including direct purchase.  You can expect to pay anywhere from about $400 all the way up to $1200 depending on the make and specific model.

Okay, folks, there are some super gift ideas that, if nothing else, may help in getting your mind in gear.  If you are looking for ideas on gifts of a lower value, don’t miss last week’s “Gift For The RV Buff For $10 to $99.”

Wishing you all the happiness through the holiday season.

With Best Wishes   –    Lug_Nut    –   Peter Mercer

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  3. Peter (aka Lug Nut),

    I’m writing to you on one of the older postings, hoping that you will see this and respond. Is there any possibility that you would send me your personal e-mail address. I’ve enjoyed reading your articles and your replies to my comments when I do them, but I’d like to “talk” with you on a more personal level. I know that my e-mail address appears on these comments–so I hope that you will provide with a way to contact you directly. I have several friends who are authors on this blog, that I do have phone numbers as well as e-mail addresses for. I hope you might be added to my list. BTW–I promise to never send you any jokes or junk and I never give out e-mail addresses to others.

  4. Always happy to give somebody a laugh. Now, when you point and laugh, that hurts a bit….

  5. Marie

    Thank you Nick for my laugh of the day! Imagine that train sound coming off my 28 ft motorhome! Still laughing! Marie

  6. Julie, You can add air horns to your gas rig as many have done. Thank you for your comment.

  7. Drew Mueller

    Then you’d also probably like…………..

    RV toilet paper- cheap, and you’ll always use it. Toss it to someone who just got the train horns in the ear.

  8. Julie Rea

    OH, I do agree, Nick. I don’t have a diesel, but sure like the sounds of air horns. Sure would come in handy, many times!!

  9. I want train horns! Just once I wnat to be sitting at a red light when some youngster rolls up beside me with a stereo booming so loud that it makes my teeth hurt, and be able hit that air horn and blow him into the middle of next week!