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Stop and See California’s ‘Super Blooms’ of Desert Wildflowers

California Super Blooms bring flower lovers to Golden State deserts. As travelers shed their winter layers, California deserts put on colorful coats of their own. Southern California’s “Super Blooms” in March attract legions of travelers from across North America to see flowers ranging from verbena to desert lilies carpeting the ground in places like Anza-Borrego

The American Deserts: Gems of the West

The American Deserts: Gems of the West By Bob Difley As if frozen in time, the coyote stood motionless, muscles taut, eyes focused straight ahead. I followed his gaze, but could not see what had captured his attention. Suddenly he shot forward. Two wide-eyed jack rabbits exploded out of the brush, scattering in different directions.

Discover the wonders of the southwestern deserts

By Bob Difley By Bob Difley Before my wife and I began fulltiming we took several week-end and Christmas holiday vacation trips wrapped in the chilly blanket of the Northern California winter. One particular trip we camped in a state park redwood grove and there was no one else there except for a ranger or