Where is the best place to RV during the winter months and why?

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January 26, 2011

On Facebook  recently we asked “Where is the best place to RV during the winter months and why?”  Below are just a few responses…

  • Myrna Bowman >> A place where it is warm, which is hard to find this year.
  • Wendy Rydberg >> Any place without snow. I still need to dig mine out from the blizzard so I can head south.
  • Don Swenson >> San Diego, great all year around.
  • Mark Palumbo >> Arizona by far. Typically in the high 60s to low 70s and dry and sunny.

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  1. Doug Jago

    Weslaco and the Rio Grande Valley, Warm tempertures and friendly people.Close to Mexico and in the middle of the valley. McAllen to the West and Halington to the east. 1 hour from South Padre Island. A number of golf courses. Canadians welcome.

  2. Pat49er

    A good place to winter which is warm is Quartzsite, AZ. Entertainment, craft, rock and trade shows, ATVing, meeting RVers from all over the US and Canada are some of the many activities Quartzsite offers. Come give it a try!

  3. Raymond Staggs

    The Rio Grande Valley. Good weather and winter texan’s are welcomed.