VIDEO: Wild Alaska from behind the scenes with Brian Brawdy

A few years back, and on assignment for a local CBS affiliate, I had the adventure of a lifetime in Denali National Park in Alaska. With a Lance Camper was my mobile base camp, I traveled throughout the park on a “photographers permit” and was able to experience some pretty, amazing terrains, wildlife and weather.

This experience being my first in an RV, I was obviously hooked from that point forward.

Photographer/videographer Michael Mauro shot the footage you are about to see. Although the audio/script is a bit dated, the video footage of flora and fauna is timeless. Be advised: These are wild animals, acting wild.

[youtube -q1sVz9CPxc]

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  2. Thanks Jerry.
    I hope you have a safe trip and a blast at the same time.
    Alaska, as you know, is one of the coolest places on earth.
    Let me know if you need anything!
    Please remember, don’t feed the squirrels; we don’t want the habituated to humans.

  3. Jrerry Shea

    Hi Brian,
    This is from Jerry and Mary —
    Great video. We just spent last weekend in Denali and we had rain every day.
    Never saw the great mountian or any wild life. Wait, we did see a ground squirrel
    while cooking over the camp fire – ha.
    We leave tomorrow for the Top of the World Hwy.
    Jerry Shea