The Mystery Camper is at it again!

So get your thinking cap on and figure out where he is.

IMG_1000The Mystery Camper has once again found another beautiful RV park somewhere in North America. Name the RV park.  View the photos that the Mystery Camper took. Clues will be added as needed from time to time.  Post your guess in the comments section at the very bottom.  Who will win this month’s bragging rights?

IMG_0995Nice pool.  Very quiet.





Looks like the Mystery Camper has a new toad. For an additional challenge, name the make and year of this ride.

So, did you figure it out? Well, if you think you have the answers, post them in our comments section below.  Get the bragging rights for this one!

With The Mystery Challenge     –     Lug_Nut     –     Peter Mercer

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  3. Burnaby Cariboo
    R.V. Park and Campground

    Experience Camping At Its Best
    Vancouver, BC

  4. Well, we have had many good answers. So let see who got it right.

    Art, You guessed the resort alright, it is RiverBend in Labelle. However the photos were not early in fact were taken on Monday the 17th of August. You missed naming the car.

    Garland, You were the first to guess the car correctly. Yes it is a 2010 Chevy Camaro 304 HP six speed automatic complete with manual paddle shift.

    John Hinbest, Did no guess the resort but did name not only the car, but where it was built. Yes, they went into production in June in Oshawa Ontario, Canada

    Billk, Guessed the resort correctly.

    Drew, Agreeing with Art was also correct.

    Marvin Shaffer, Named both correctly.

    Bob Horton, Named RiverBend also correctly.

    Dennis, Also got both correct.

    I guess you all have earned some bragging rights, but the one that can brag the most for the first one to name both was Marvin Shaffer. Great going Marvin!

    Good going to all and thanks for your participation. Watch for the next Mystery Camper coming soon.

  5. Dennis and Debi

    Yep, it’s Riverbend Motorcoach Resort and condominiums in Florida, along the banks of the Caloosabatchee River. The toad is a 2010 Chev Camaro. It cannot be a Dodge Challenger as there is no gas cap on the drivers side. Dodge has it on the drivers side and Chev puts em on the passenger side. Both cars are very similar….Dennis

  6. Bob Horton

    Riverbend RV Resort in La Bella, FL

  7. Marvin Shaffer

    I forgot to add, car is a camaro 2010.

  8. Marvin Shaffer

    It’s in Riverbend RV Resort in La Bella, FL..

  9. Dalton

    I can guarantee it is not Regina, Saskatchewan. The only palms that grow there are in tropical greenhouses no matter what time of the year.

  10. Drew

    Looks really nice, It sounds like Art could be right. Let us know!

  11. The Hook U Up RV Park in Libby Montana??

  12. James Cromer

    Savannah, Georgia or at least on the Georgia coast

  13. It is River Bend in FL.

  14. John Hinbest

    The toad is a general moters of canada 2010 Chevrolet Camaro built in Oshawa. The campground is down there in the usa



  16. garland

    The toad looks like the new 2010 Chevy Camaro. Looks like somewhere in Florida. Maybe the Miami area.

  17. Art

    These are EARLY shots of Riverbend RV Resort in La Bella FL, it has matured a lot since then and is a beautiful resort now.

  18. Maggie

    Judging from the Live Oaks, it’s the south somewhere…guessing the Carolinas, not Florida

  19. yves

    I think its a resort in myrtle-beach SC, i dont remember the name. The ride is a 2010 Camaro

  20. George

    I believe this is in Regina, Saskatchewan. It is so beautiful on the prairies at this time of year.

  21. I’m not sure where it is Florida,Calif maybe Palm Springs.I’d like to be there I do no it isn’t Ohio