Full SlideMaking the choice of which type of RV is best for you, may not be simple. Towable and motorized RVs each has their advantages and disadvantages. Much depends on how you plan to use your vehicle. It also depends on your budget.

Towable RVs make sense if you plan to stay in the same location for extended periods of time.  That is not to say they don’t work well for traveling the country, as many do. But they do offer more space for less money and tend to mechanically weather better than their motor-powered cousins when not moved for months.

Additionally, trailer RV’s allow their motor driven tow vehicle to be used not only as a grocery getter and daily tour tripper, but can serve as a year round daily driver. You won’t find this versatility in a motorized RV, unless it is a smaller type, like a class “B.”

The motorized RV on the other hand, offers some advantages too.  Family members may enjoy the additional room and comfort while traveling. The ability to access such things as television, video gaming and of course, the bathroom, is always a crowd pleaser. An additional level of security is gained if dry docking in a rest area. In this case, there is no need to exit the vehicle as is required to access the sleeping quarters in a trailer.

So, let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of each.

Towable RV Advantages

  • Big rig for far less financial investment
  • More durable for long lay ups and less costly to maintain
  • Less risk of living quarters being in the shop for repairs
  • Able to propel it using a daily driven vehicle
  • Possibility of being far more fuel efficient

Towable RV Disadvantages

  • Additional time to set up once arrived in camp
  • Lighter unit may be more affected by high winds in adverse weather
  • House amenities generally not readily available during travel
  • Trailer backing experience is required

Motorized RV Advantages

  • More uniquely comfortable during travel time
  • Security of being totally self-contained
  • Washroom facilities available at any time
  • Snacks and beverages on hand at all times
  • Elevated view of scenery enjoyed in higher vehicles
  • Faster set up once camp is reached

Motorized RV Con’s

  • Highest priced form of RV
  • Shop service encompasses all, including living quarters
  • Separate vehicle may require to be towed
  • More specialized repair services usually required
  • Less governed automotive safety standards found on class “A” coaches

Well, as you can see, both come with their plus’s and minus’s.  Both towable and motorized RVs each serve different needs and fit varying budgets. Either way, you will probably embrace the RV lifestyle and enjoy everything it has to offer.  The outdoor adventure is there for you to discover.  Enjoy!

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