TVIf your RV is approaching 10 years old or more, here’s a DIY project that will provide more bonus benefits than any other. Replacing an aging CRT TV with a modern light flat panel will pay in so many ways.  In addition, doing the work yourself is quite simple.  So, let’s look at why you might want to make this your next DIY project.  What will you have when it’s complete?


  • A far larger screen can be installed
  • A higher definition picture
  • Local off-air high definition picture
  • Lighter weight, less movement stress and related squeaks.
  • Much lower power demand
  • Possible Smart TV Compatible
  • Better angle viewing
  • Less heat generated within the cabin
  • Extra storage not available before behind unit
  • Makes your RV look newer and up to date

Now, there are three basic types of flat panel TV’s: Plasma, L.C.D and L.E.D. Of these choices, you have two, as you must eliminate the Plasma. The problem with the Plasma is the RV application. Plasma TV’s do not deal well with changes of elevation and the changes of barometric pressures associated with RV travel.

Removal of the existing CRT unit is quite visually forgiving. That’s because any damage you may cause will easily be covered by the large flat screen that will soon over fill the original space. The mounting hardware for the new, lighter product will be far less both in weight and complicity.

Once the old unit has been removed, an assessment of what type of mounting bracket can be made. All flat screen TVs of this size have a four bolt mounting pattern, primarily consisting of two sizes of configurations. The separation general is between a 30” plus model, to those larger sets, generally referred to as “Big Screen TVs.”

This may be time to replace or install, some new wiring.  The older CRT units pretty well survived on a power wire and a coaxial cable.  While the new flat screens will also operate on such minimal connections, they tend to perform far better with more up to date interface connectivity. Fishing new wiring through the interior of your unit should not be that difficult, particularly seeing the already vacant hole the old TV left.

Well, good luck!  A DIY project for your RV that everyone can enjoy.

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