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Choosing The Right RV For You

Which class RV is right for you? Choosing the right RV for your lifestyle requires some research.  Some of the things you need to consider include your intended use, accommodation size, your operating comfort level, and of course, your budget. Let’s look at your intended use.  If you like to attend car races or similar events,

Towable and Motorized RVs

  Making the choice of which type of RV is best for you, may not be simple. Towable and motorized RVs each has their advantages and disadvantages. Much depends on how you plan to use your vehicle. It also depends on your budget. Towable RVs make sense if you plan to stay in the same

Class B Motor Homes

A look at a popular RV choice, Class B Motor Homes.  There are three classes of self powered motorized RV’s built today.  The class “A”, a bus-like profile available generally from 30 to 45 feet in length. The class “C” type, a vehicle constructed using a cutaway van front end united to a custom built