Choosing The Right RV For You

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August 12, 2014

Shop RVs online before you get to the dealer.

Which class RV is right for you? Choosing the right RV for your lifestyle requires some research.  Some of the things you need to consider include your intended use, accommodation size, your operating comfort level, and of course, your budget.

Let’s look at your intended use.  If you like to attend car races or similar events, you likely need an RV capable of comfortable dry camping, as many of these venues may not have hookup services.  This would also be the case if you enjoy camping in far-out state parks or remote wilderness locations.

Travel trailers and 5th wheels are a good choice for this because motorized RVs require both chassis & house batteries and therefore may not be as power thrifty.  Additionally, your tow vehicle can be used to get groceries or scenic touring.

How many people will be sharing your RV?  Two adults and three children?  This may require a few beds and a good sized seating area.  Fifth wheel trailers come to mind here as they come in many sizes and configurations.  There are some Class C’s and A’s that could also fit this bill.  However, it is important to understand that all motorized rigs lose some space when in camp.  That space is what is taken up from the front of the vehicle to the front seats, which can result in losing between nearly 4 to 6 feet of linear length.  So we might say the living space in a 30 ft. motor home may well be achieved in a 25 ft. trailer.

Your operating comfort level is also an important decision.  Pulling a trailer and backing it into a space requires skills that not everyone may have.  Likewise, weaving through city traffic in a 38 ft. motor home towing your car may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  RVing is something that is supposed to be totally enjoyable.  Being stressed out over trying to safely operate the vehicle is not enjoyable.  Pick something that may better fit you and your driving skills.  There are many choices that can fit your needs.

Fitting your budget may be the easiest item on this list.  There is an extremely wide spectrum of costs from pop-ups to luxury motor mansions.  All of the configurations and sizes have a broad range of model separations and offer a wide variety of add-on options.  The right RV for you is out there.  Find it and enjoy.

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