The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge No. 2. If you did okay on the RV Trivia Challenge No. 1, you may be on the road to becoming an RV Guru.  Others may be settling into a well informed RV enthusiast while still some may well be slipping into an “RV For Dummies” candidate rating.   If you missed the first RV Challenge, here’s a link to it.   The RV Trivia Challenge Keep in mind, this is a trivia.  It is not based on one RV type rig.  So, regardless of your type of camping, there should be some things that are familiar.

Well. Let’s get at it!  Be sure to post your score, and or comments, in the comment box at the very bottom.  Good Luck!!!

The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge No. 2

1) The hitch point of a 5th wheel trailer pivots the tow and towed vehicle  …………

  • A) At the rear most part of the tow vehicle
  • B) Near, or over the axle of the tow vehicle
  • C) It does not pivot, the trailer becomes part of the tow vehicle, similar to a bus

2) If your house battery bank was rated at 400 amp/hrs, how long should you run a 20 amp load on a fully charged bank?

  • A) 10 hours
  • B) 20 hours
  • C) 40 hours
  • D) 15 hour 30 minutes

3) What would the maximum output be of a 5000 watt generator operating in Denver Colorado?

  • A) About 5000 watts
  • B) About 5350 watts
  • C) About 4225 watts
  • D) About 4805 watts

4) What is meant by the term “3 way fridge”?

  • A) It refers to a three door, side by side frig
  • B) It has a fridge, a freezer and an ice maker
  • C) It operates on 12 VDC, 120 VAC or gasoline
  • D) It operates on 12 VDC, 120 VAC or propane

5) In the movie RV, staring Robin Williams, what was he and his wife’s character names.

  • A) Bob and Jamie Munro
  • B) Steve and Janie Roberts
  • C) Dave and June Munro
  • D) Bob and Jane Munro

6) At what RPM might you expect of a turbo charger turbine? Gas or diesel

  • A) In excess of 5,000 RPM
  • B) It’s driven by the engine, so it matches the engine speed
  • C) 90,000 to 150,000 RPM and higher
  • D) 15,000 to 20,000 RPM give or take 1,000 RPM

7) What is one of the advantages of having your tires nitrogen filled instead of plain air?

  • A) You will never have a flat tire
  • B) Nitrogen molecules are larger than that of oxygen, therefore it won’t loose as much pressure over time through the tire casing
  • C) Faster acceleration due to the molecules of the nitrogen, similar to racing cars
  • D) There are basically no advantages in today’s tires

8) When hooked up to full services for a long stay, the following is one of the acceptable black/grey valve configurations used.

  • A) Both black and grey valves in the open position
  • B) The black valve closed with the grey valve open
  • C) The black valve open with the grey valve closed
  • D) It does not matter if which or any valves are open or closed

9) You are driving your RV in Canada and come upon a bridge that has a weight limit of 15 Tonnes.  What capacity is this in pounds?

  • A) 30,000 lbs.
  • B) 42,454 lbs.
  • C) 33,069 lbs.
  • D) 27,054 lbs.

10) What is a Fantastic Fan?

  • A) A person that supports the N.Y. Jets, even when they loose
  • B) An electronic fan that keeps the windshield of a motor home from fogging
  • C) A feature rich roof fan used in trailers, 5th wheels and motor homes
  • D) A fan that circulates heat, or cool, while the vehicle is moving

11) What is hydronic heating?

  • A) Liquid, usually glycol, that is boiler heated and circulated to fan equipped heat exchangers
  • B) A newer version of heat pumps that work well in mobile applications
  • C) Hydronic is a trade name for a heat strip equipped reverse cycle air conditioner
  • D) Hydronic heating is a land base installed heating system that is not suitable for mobile use

12) What year did the Dodge Cummins B series engine become fully electronic and went to four valves per cylinder?

  • A) 1989
  • B) 2000
  • C) 1998
  • D) 2005

13) Cummins diesels in a motor home application are equipped with cold weather electronic starting aids, except the following model(s)

  • A) ISM and ISX
  • B) There are no exceptions, all are so equipped
  • C) ISB, ISC
  • D) Intake heating grids are optional on all

14) What is generally the highest overall height of a large class A diesel coach

  • A) 11′ 6″
  • B) 10′ +
  • C) 13′ +
  • D) 14′ +

15) How many types of camping recreational vehicles are there?

  • A) 5 – Motor homes, Travel trailers, Truck Campers, Folding camping trailers and Conversion vehicles
  • B) 6 – Motor homes, Travel trailers, Truck Campers, Folding camping trailers, Conversion vehicles and Tenting
  • C) 2 – Motor homes and Trailers
  • D) 2 – Motor homes and 5th wheel trailers

16) When backing your rig into a campsite, on a lefthand approach, where is the optimum position of a spotter?

  • A) Walking beside the driver window for either coach and trailer
  • B) Driver side rear of the coach or trailer always in mirror view
  • C) Passenger side rear on a coach and driver side rear on a trailer
  • D) Center rear so both sides can be observed easily and communication by vocal or radio

17) How many Cummins series engines are available in today’s motor homes?

  • A) 6
  • B) 5
  • C) 4
  • D) 3

18) Newell Coach offers one of two transmissions in their vehicles.  They are?

  • A) Allison and Twin Disc
  • B) Allison and Borg Warner
  • C) Allison and ZF
  • D) Allison and PowerShift Corp.

19) Most large gasoline coaches today are powered with a 8 or 10 cylinder engine.  How many cylinder engine does a large diesel coach have?

  • A) 8
  • B) 6
  • C) 8 to 12
  • D) 12

20) Spartan chassis is found on………….

  • A) American Coach, Tiffin and Newmar
  • B) Monaco, Holiday Rambler and Newmar
  • C) Fleetwood, Alpine and American Coach
  • D) Rexdale, Tiffin, Newmar and Holiday Rambler

The answers can be found below.


•1) B – Near, or over the axle of the tow vehicle

•2) A10 hours

3)  CAbout 4225 watts

4DIt operates on 12 VDC, 120 VAC or propane

5)  ABob and Jamie Munro

6)  C90,000 to 150,000 RPM and higher

7)  B – Nitrogen molecules are larger than that of oxygen, therefore it won’t loose as much pressure over time through the tire casing

8)  BThe black valve closed with the grey valve open

9)  C – 33,069 lbs.

10) CA feature rich roof fan used in trailers, 5th wheels and motor homes

11) A – Liquid, usually glycol, that is boiler heated and circulated to fan equipped heat exchangers

12) C1998

13) AISM and ISX

14) C – 13′ +

15) A – 5 – Motor homes, Travel trailers, Truck Campers, Folding camping trailers and Conversion vehicles

16) CPassenger side rear on a coach and driver side rear on a trailer

17) B – 5

18) CAllison and ZF

19) B – 6

20) AAmerican Coach, Tiffin and Newmar

Your Score Rating:

20 Right – Move to the top of your class.  You are this month’s master RV Guru

18 Right – Excellent work.  You are a top rated RV Enthusiast.  Great going

16 Right – Good score.  You know your stuff

14 Right – Believe it or not, you are still above average

12 Right – You are smarter than the average bear

10 Right – Do you always just squeek it through?  Better brush up next time

8 – And Below – You are definately a good “RV For Dummies” candidate

So, how did you score?  Post your score and comments in the comment section below.  Good going!!!

With All Your Trivia   –   Lug_Nut    –    Peter Mercer

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  1. Jennifer Pomerance

    All those questions about diesel engines mean little to anyone who has never owned or driven a vehicle with a diesel engine. Therefore, these questions are, for the most part, only for the owners of motorhomes and large travel trailers!

    BTW, I got 5 correct. I’m the co-owner of a hybrid which is towed by a flex-fuel vehicle than runs mostly on E-85

  2. Barbara Kirkhart, I’m glad you enjoyed the trivia questions. As far as the questions in regards to Cummins, you must keep in mind this is a trivia challenge. No one is necessarily familiar with all topics in a true trivia. That being said, your score of 12 is very good, as is your honesty. Thank you for taking the time to post both your score and your comments.

  3. Barbara Kirkhart

    Good quiz, but I agree that the very specific Cummins questions have little to do with RVing in general! I got a 12 (female, 62, not particularly technical but have attended all the technical sessions at Life on Wheels twice). I agree with Tom Liberty, that both holding valves are best left shut until the tanks are full, then drained in the sequence he describes. We generally wait until we have driven a bit before emptying, in order to be sure things are stirred up – but then, we don’t generally stay in one place more than a week, so don’t have to be emptying tanks after sitting a long time. I’ll always remember the guy I met in the Camping World holding tank chemical aisle – his class C camper had been sitting for a couple of months in one spot with both drain valves open, and he couldn’t figure out why his toilet wasn’t draining! He had a solid mountain of waste to deal with. I wonder if he ever broke it loose and was able to clear the tank!

  4. Don O, You are correct on the omission of staying in the mirror view on the right side. The reason the right side is the correct answer is that it gives the spotter a good view of the right front wheel well, a common blind spot to drivers. Thanks for pointing out the omission..

  5. I disagree with your answer for #16. I answered B because it was the only one that said the spotter should be visible in the mirror at all times. The mirror is the golden rule. I won’t back up an inch without seeing the spotter in the mirror. I don’t care wich side of the rig they are on, as long as they are at the rear, and visible. Just call me Yogi, cause I got 12 right.

  6. John

    Surprised myself with 15 right! Good fun, keep ’em comin!

  7. Randy Maurer

    I consider myself reasonably knowledgeable about RVing and camping, but only answered 9 correctly. And even though I answered some of the Cummins engines questions correctly, what does the history of Cummins engines, or diesel engines in general have to do with RVing? Aren’t these Cummins trivia questions? Furthermore, why would anyone except owners know anything about Spartan chassis or Newel Coach?

    I guess I’m just a disgruntled know-it-all wanna-be.

    Keep up the good work,


  8. Bliberty Bloberty

    I’m a female and I scored seven; but I’ve never actually set foot in any RV in my life! I’m (unfortunately) just an armchair RV-er at the moment, soaking up as much info. about the lifestyle as I can, and hoping to talk my hubbie into making our first RV trip this summer.

  9. So far I’m impressed. Such good scores, such honesty. Keep them coming, I know there are guru’s out there/.

  10. TN Cowboy

    I don’t do Motorhomes much I’m a trailer kind of folk. It’s a lot of fun and interesting thought, Thanks. Keep it up

  11. Judy

    Only got 7. still learning

  12. Traveling Whits

    We don’t know why we have to know some of this stuff but we did score 13 right and so maybe we also fell through a crack

    We had fun doing this!

  13. John Shelton

    I scored a 16 on this one. Couple of questions were specific to certain models and were not really “fair” questions. I don’t watch much movies either. (But this is a trivia game, so no hard feelings) Question number 6 CLEARLY has two correct answers. It is correct that a turbo spins at 90,000 to 150,000 RPM and higher, and I knew that you wanted that answer, BUT……… “90.000 to 150,000 RPM and higher” not also “in excess of 5000 RPM”?

  14. GMAs

    I missed one… the robin williams…

    19 is not listed.. so did I fall through the cracks??

    Lots of fun… but most geared towards the guys.. how many women scored on this test? Now if you asked … how to do something in their area… such as… get rid of the stinkie old man… ahhh gee we would be lost… I think…

    I know I can never find the keys… wallet or where the drinks are… thank goodness…she knows it all… grin…

    I was looking for how often your supposed to change the muffler bearings.. and am stumped… grin..

  15. My only thought for #8

    When hooked up to full services for a long stay, the following is one of the acceptable black/grey valve configurations used.

    I prefer to keep both closed and when either of my holding tanks are close to being full, I will first drain the Black and then the Grey to clean the hose from the Black Flush. This helps to keep my drain hose from accumulating black matter and odors.

  16. Angie

    HA. I’m not a dummy, I just play one on 🙂

    I only got 5 right.