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All of Amazon's Echo line of products

Alexa Your RV This Holiday and Un-limit Your Data!

Hello and welcome to the very first post for our new blog series Smart Life & RV.  In this series, we will review, recommend and test the best, most productive, and most fun tech you can add to your RV and outdoor adventures. Each week I will cover new tech that will enhance and empower

Wi-Fi: The Best of Speeds, The Worst of Speeds

We spent the past week in Essex Junction Vermont at the FMCA Northeast Area Rally (NEAR.)  To our surprise and delight, there was Wi-Fi available right at our parking spot.  We could tell it came from the fairgrounds since it was named, “CVFairmn1.”  We were at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds.  We like taking advantage of

Internet with Tethered Cellphone

I’ve written about this a couple of times before because I think it is just such a perfect solution for RVers who just need a part-time connection to the Internet. If you have the right cell phone, and the right cellular service plan, you can turn the data feature on and off. No extra equipment,