Internet with Tethered Cellphone

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March 22, 2009

I’ve written about this a couple of times before because I think it is just such a perfect solution for RVers who just need a part-time connection to the Internet. If you have the right cell phone, and the right cellular service plan, you can turn the data feature on and off. No extra equipment, no extra contract, a pro-rated charge.

Last week we told a lot of people about this at our ‘Internet on the Road” seminar at the FMCA convention. One person came up to us a couple days later saying they checked with their Verizon service rep and were told it couldn’t be done.

Yes it can. We’re using that method right now. I can’t speak for other cellular providers, but Verizon definitely offers it on their phone plans. I do see that they are using new terminology. Where they used to refer to ‘Broadband Access Connect’, they are now using the terms, “Mobile Broadband Connect.”

Chris Guld

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