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Wi-Fi in Campgrounds

There are very few campgrounds today that do not offer wireless internet, or Wi-Fi.  In some cases they rely on a third party’s service for which the camper must subscribe and pay for.  But rest assured, even for those free Wi-Fi offers, you still are actually paying.  The service costs money and is built into

Internet with Tethered Cellphone

I’ve written about this a couple of times before because I think it is just such a perfect solution for RVers who just need a part-time connection to the Internet. If you have the right cell phone, and the right cellular service plan, you can turn the data feature on and off. No extra equipment,

Wifi In Motion – Make Your RV An Internet Hot Spot!

Airstream RV Blog #86 – Wifi in Motion from Sean Michael on TheLongLongHoneymoon.com. As a devout online blogger, an Internet connection is as important to RVing as fresh water, diesel, and smores. More than once we’ve made overnight camping decisions based upon the answer to one crucial question: “Do they have wifi?” Thankfully, we no