Gabbing with the Geeks: Connecting to the Internet with Droid

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July 11, 2010

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  6. Cheryl Sims

    Is there an added charge for using this program from June Fabrics. I downloaded the software onto my Droid X and tried it and it worked great but do not want to incur any additional tethering charges. thanks.
    Cheryl Sims

  7. Denise

    I just saw the video about Droid tethering . I wonder if this would work with Ipad, any suggestions ??

  8. Jen

    Apparently, the PdaNet that I downloaded on my iPhone has “expired”. I’m trying to purchase PdaNet so I can get full access to the internet. I went to June Fabrics but cannot see an area where I can purchase PdaNet.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  9. Tom Blackburn

    Help!!! Is there anybody out there?

    I tried to sign up for monthly newsletter, ran into a virtual brick wall. Can’t find any way to “contact powers that be”
    Any suggestions?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but couldn’t find anything else. (Very poorlly designed web page!!)

  10. -There is a version of PDANet for Blackberry, but we have no experience with it to tell you about. is another option for Blackberry.
    -Yes, PDANet has a Mac version.
    -Don’t have personal experience with Droid X, but have read about others’ experiences on – they had to download some drivers and do some tweaking, but it worked.

  11. C T Barinowski

    Wil this work with Blackberry Curve?

  12. Joe

    Hey guys. Just bought a new Droid X and this doesn’t seem to want to work with it. Have you heard of anyone else using an X that got it to work ok? Thanks for your help.


  13. sKY::

    Is this phone / plan / application compatible with a MAC?

  14. Ron,
    The MiFi is a GREAT device, but no, it can’t use the Droid’s data plan. You need a separate data plan for the Mi-Fi and it will cost you about $60/mo and it is limited to 5GB.

  15. Jen,
    Thanks for posting – we forgot to mention the other phones supported by PDANet. See for details. Jailbreaking does void your warranty though … as long as you are aware …

  16. Lee,
    I agree – you never know what the future will bring. The unlimited data and no tethering charge is our experience *right now* – I don’t count on it forever. Or even for the next 6 months 🙂

  17. Joe,
    So far the Droid cannot connect to a cradlepoint router. We’re sure hoping that it will do that sometime – that is the best way to make a hotspot.

  18. Ron

    Just looked at the Verizon site and they had this device… MiFi™2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot… says you can create a wireless hub for up to five WiFi–enabled devices at one time What do you think? Not sure if the $29.99 unlimited data / internet plan still covers you on this and your phone. Just not sure how all this would shake out ?
    Can you explain any of this.
    Thanks Ron

  19. Jen

    I got this to work! I had to dowload a couple of programs and “jailbreak” my 3G iPhone, but it works! All the info was there at the PdaNet site.
    I can’t thank you enough for posting this video : ). This will really come in handy as we travel on down the road.

  20. Lee Ensminger

    Well, this is great. I have a friend who is now doing this and the speeds are impressive. I have the USB aircard and it’s good as well, but as you say, $60.00/month and a 5 GB limit. When I first signed up for the card, the service was unlimited. What do you suppose that means for these phones? I think it will be only a matter of time until Verizon catches on and suddenly the data service will double in price AND have a 5 GB limit. I hope I’m wrong. What is your take on this?

  21. Joe

    Enjoyed your video on tethering your Droid to your laptop for internet access. Any chance this same config. would work on a Cradlepoint router? I have a MBR1200 and use an aircard through it now, which works great. I need to upgrade my cellphone and thought if the Droid would work through the router, I could do away with the aircard, and upgrade my phone to the Droid and save a couple of bucks. Any thoughts?