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Geocaching by Droid

by Chris Guld, www.GeeksOnTour.com We started Geocaching several years ago, but we had a very old hand held GPS. It was not very accurate and that made it too difficult to find the caches. We soon tired of the effort. Now with our Droid ‘app phone’ it appears we’re back in business. In case you

GPS Navigation with Netbooks and Droid

by Chris Guld, www.geeksontour.com We love GPS systems.  Maybe too much!  All of a sudden we have more GPS navigation devices than coffee cups!  And we can’t decide which one we like best.  So, we’re using them all. We’ve been using Microsoft Streets and Trips on a laptop since the beginning of our travels in

Cell Phones, Rallies, and Internet Connections

We spent the past week with a few thousand of our closest friends at the FMCA Convention (Family Motor Coach Ass’n) in Albuquerque, NM.  We did a lot of talking about digital photos and about blogs, but the hottest topic was all about cell phones and Internet Access. In several of our seminars, we used