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A group of people around a campfire.

How to Make Unforgettable Camping Memories

Many of us still have fond memories from the early days of camping with our parents. In many cases, all it takes is the smell of campfire to take us back to those good times. There’s something that’s inherently special about camping with loved ones, whether it’s the detachment from daily routine or the inspired

RV.net is on Facebook!

Yes, we’ve gone and done it… joined the ranks of the Facebook fanatics. RV.net now has a page on Facebook! If you’re on Facebook already, please become a fan of RV.net, and interact with us and other RV.net fans. And if you’re not yet a member of Facebook, you may want to give it a

RV.net Releases New RV Community Application

RV.net is proud to release today a new beta RV Community application that allows RVers everywhere to create a profile, upload photos and videos, and share them with their friends. Watch this helpful video (by Sean Michael – Thanks, Sean!) about joining the community today, or check it out for yourself at blog.rv.net/community! [vimeo 1586933