RV.net Releases New RV Community Application

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February 25, 2009

RV.net is proud to release today a new beta RV Community application that allows RVers everywhere to create a profile, upload photos and videos, and share them with their friends. Watch this helpful video (by Sean Michael – Thanks, Sean!) about joining the community today, or check it out for yourself at blog.rv.net/community!

[vimeo 1586933 300 225]

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P.S. You can access the community anytime by clicking the RV Community link on the upper navigation bar of this blog!

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  1. Is there a way to move the “Lastest Activity” log to the bottom of the Profile page? I have given the url to my friends and family but don’t want them to have to page to the bottom of the screen to see the pictures and blogs.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  2. Joan

    I love the way you actually take us through registration. You make it all seem very doable! Loved it and I look forward to my “cease and desist” order about being a LURKER!!!!!!!

  3. FalconMaster

    I just signed up … looked around …. then sized a photo to upload. I found the page to Upload the photo and it also had a place for a Title (not required) and a body for text. I spent a lot of time writing up my profile and at the bottom it had a button that said “ADD PHOTO” … that was the only button … I pushed it and the photo was added but ALL my text was lost …. what happened ????

  4. GMAs, I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in France. I actually attended the Cannes Film Festival several years ago and had a blast. The nightlife in Nice only stops at dawn (hey, I was a lot younger then!) and we also visited Monaco. I bet you had a good time…

  5. gmas

    Your welcome… alway here to help a fellow video person.

    on my way back on the jet that left hours ago from paris –Cannes Film Festival– where Clint Eastwood recieved his lifetime achievement award. Was a lot of fun. took some pictures of some RV’s that were present outside. I never knew that the big M made a off road motor home. I wish I had my video camera along so as to show you the insides. Very interesting… very rich.

    will write more of the adventure when we get home. Other half and dog are exhausted. Dog growling , other half whining… about the light being on.

  6. Thanks GMAs, and well said: the adventure continues!

    I’ve enjoyed your recent posts on TheLongLongHoneymoon.com, and I am taking your advice about drinking more beer. At the very least, it’s making the daily news much more palatable, ha ha…. 🙂

  7. gmas

    Well…. sean… looks like this time I can’t blame the server… had some suggestions about the yellow filter etc. but… hope you got to go see the trunk monkey trailers that surban had made. they are funny. on to other things after getting my _ whacked and the bandwith still is too narrow (in both ways) on the web. .

    Good luck… Looks like their are two of you video posting. With a third clipping a show. …

    Nice to have a face book of RV’rs…

    See you down the trail.. the adventure conteues

  8. gmas

    Hmmmmm… I agree with Mr_whit… with that being said.. bye

  9. Mr. Whit,

    We’d very much like to assist you, but we are unable to replicate your issue. The site is functioning properly when tested on this end, and given the number of new member registrations it appears that it is working properly for others also. If you could please let us know what information you are unable to input, we will look into it further for you.


  10. the web site will not accept info