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June 13, 2010

Long Long Honeymoon is now available on DVD.

Alumapalooza is a gathering of Airstream enthusiasts. It’s unique because it takes place on factory property in Jackson Center, Ohio. We camp right behind the building where our Airstream was built.

Camping at Airstream has many upsides. While at the factory, we took advantage of the excellent Airstream Service center. Our Airstream “Liv” got new brake assemblies all the way around, plus some fun upgrades like a Corian kitchen counter extension and LED lighting. The factory service center is always fun to visit, because they work on ALL Airstreams built over the past 70-plus years. Glance in the service bay, and you might see a 1953 Flying Cloud sitting next to a 2010 Flying Cloud.

We got to meet the employees at Airstream, who held informative seminars during the event. They also catered a lunch for Alumapalooza attendees. President and CEO Bob Wheeler was right there in the food line serving burgers.

Does any other American company nurture such a familial relationship with its customers? I think not. When pondering Airstream corporate, I’m reminded of the slogan for Yellowstone: “oldest and best.” Airstream has been around longer than any other RV manufacturer, and it inspires a loyalty and passion that is unique.

This event marked the first time that Kristy and I appeared together as public speakers. We did two separate hour-long presentations, during which we played some favorite Long Long Honeymoon videos and spoke about “behind the scenes” stuff.

We had a blast! We met lots of people who have watched videos on our website. It’s a surreal sensation to finally meet “old friends” in person.

“Was the reaction what you expected?”

It was more. While I didn’t arrive with any firm expectations, I was floored by how many people had visited our website and watched our videos.

I can’t fully explain the positive energy we experienced at this event. This was among the most rewarding and satisfying stops along our Long Long Honeymoon. All week long, we were approached by “friends we hadn’t yet met.”

If you attended Alumapalooza and gave us positive feedback, THANK YOU!

Also, special thanks to AIRSTREAM for the wonderful hospitality.

Long Long Honeymoon is now available on DVD.

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  1. Thanks Eldon!

    Nah, the Honeymoon is not over — far from it! We are now back on the road, seeking out new adventures in the rest of the lower 48 states. We have visited 41 as of this writing.

    At some point this year we may even hop a flight to Hawaii. Then next year I will try to convince my bride that yes, we must go to ALASKA. Woo hoo! Then once we have all 50 States under our belt, we may start looking overseas. 😉

    Thanks for your kind words. And do check out our website, we’ve got lots of stuff on there to keep you busy!



  2. Eldon

    I,m so glad you are back on the road. I have always enjoyed reading your blogs and watching your videos. I have been wondering what happened, even to the dreaded thought that the honeymoon might be over. Perish the thought. Look forward to hearing more from you.