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Tri tip sandwich on roll served on plate with blue star dish full of onions

Make the BBQ Cut With a Simple and Savory Tri-Tip Steak Sandwich

Try tri-tip grilled steak sandwiches on your next outing. Santa Maria Style Barbecue is as iconic in California as the Golden Gate Bridge. A style of cooking full of history and lore, this approach to grilling holds a dominant place in the BBQ culture. Going back to the days when Spain gave land grants in

Eat My Words: Top BBQ Joints

Each of the four iconic barbecue regions—Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, and North Carolina—serve a different style of barbecue. Typically, Memphis, St. Louis, and Kansas City are all about the ribs. In North Carolina, pulled pork dominates the menu, and Texans love brisket. Of course, you’ll also find chicken, turkey, and sausage along the way. Some of