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Airstream motorhome in bright sunshine.

Get the Lowdown on Window Shades and Tweak Awning Tension

RV advice from May's Mark My Words monthly post

Hi Mark My Words readers! This month, we have a bunch of quick and easy fixes for common RV problems including window shades, awnings and driving on gravel roads. Check them out, and keep those questions coming to [email protected]. Mark, I have a Class A motorhome with large day/night window shades in the living room

Outraged over Awnings

When we purchased our 2015 Montana High country from Summit RV in Ashland, KY, the unit was still in production at the manufacturer. However, it was too late in the process to add slide out awnings. Summit RV assured us that once the RV was delivered they could measure, and install their best slide out

Tech Tips: Cheap Awning Lock

While bucking a strong headwind on Wyoming’s Interstate 80, my trailer’s awning billowed out, resulting in a $100 awning-repair bill. After reviewing the $40-$50 awning locks on the market, I devised an effective, cheaper solution—a $3 gate latch from the local hardware store. With the extended latch pin positioned in the end-cap hole, I drilled

Awning Choices On Today's RV's

Recreational vehicles transport all our needs to provide both comfort and convenience to any chosen destination.  This even includes items to adjust to the environment.  Things like site leveling and shade.  Leveling jacks make what was a sloped surface, livable and level.   Shade offered by patio awnings can provide a cooler spot to eat, play