Cheap Awning LockWhile bucking a strong headwind on Wyoming’s Interstate 80, my trailer’s awning billowed out, resulting in a $100 awning-repair bill. After reviewing the $40-$50 awning locks on the market, I devised an effective, cheaper solution—a $3 gate latch from the local hardware store. With the extended latch pin positioned in the end-cap hole, I drilled four holes in the awning arm and mounted the latch with four 1⁄8 × 1⁄2-inch screws. When the latch is in the closed position, the awning roller can’t turn, so the awning stays tightly shut. A short twist-tie prevents the latch from opening accidentally.

Vern Dalke, La Mirada, California

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  1. Anonymous

    We have a 21′ awning and at the top of the wide close bars we have the strong rubber bungies wrapped twice around. Never a problem, ever. Done this for 17 years and usually, because we live in AZ, we put 2 new bungies on before summer vacations. It’s a truly cheap fix with no screws, etc. We got the tip from our neighbor who’s been a full-timer for almost 20 years!