rv floorplan choices

Today’s RV shopper is confronted with a dizzying variety of RV floorplan choices. Picking the right one for your lifestyle is not always easy, and some designs or features may come with trade-offs. Let’s look at some of today’s floorplan features more closely.

The Bath-and-a-Half

A popular choice in the large Class A category, a second bathroom can take up to five feet or more of space. The shower is generally relocated to the back, gaining a little midship room, but the living room space is going to shrink somewhat. Some reduced storage space can also be expected.  After all, that five-foot loss has to be made up somewhere.

rv floorplan choices

A televator lowers a TV at the push of a button.


These are pretty cool. At the push of a button, the TV raises or lowers from a hidden location. As TVs are so wide, this option is typically mounted along a window across from a sofa or recliner chairs. A televator requires at least 10 inches or so of space from the wall. This does not sound like much, but it is significant in the limited space of an RV.

Extra Deep Slide-outs

These expand the living space significantly when extended in a trailer or motorhome. However, in the retracted mode, the interior can have little room to manage at a rest stop for an overnight stay or during a lunch stop. In addition, deep slides present challenges in accessing the basement lockers below when extended in the camping mode.

Here are few more of today’s exciting floorplan features:

Galley counter space is increased when an “L” shaped surface is used. However, the extra area that protrudes outward can make it more difficult to transit through the coach when the slides are in the travel mode.

Convertible sofa beds work well for overnight guests. However, as they usually fold out across the width, passing by while in the open position can be difficult. Here, the less-comfortable “jackknife” may work better as it does not block passage forward.

Onboard realistic fireplaces have been a popular item in some RVs. These create the pleasing image of a fire while also capable of radiating some heat. Some people love this novelty, while others dismiss them. Either way, fireplaces displace a little space in the living area.

Well, these represent just some of the floor plan/feature trade-offs. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Get a look look at all your floorplan choices by attending an RV show near you.

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