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April 30, 2009

Greetings campers,

Its springtime and I think I’m in love…but shhh, don’t tell my husband. Oh, heck, I think he’s more head-over-heels than I am. It’s our new baby grill and she couldn’t be sweeter! And guess what, she’s not camera shy, either. To celebrate her arrival we’ve grilled up a great RV Cooking Show episode for your viewing pleasure.

First, tho, your requests to peek inside my RV kitchen pantry did not go unheard. In this show I’ll spend some quality time talking about what I find essential to carry with me in my RV kitchen cupboard. There are so many items I’ve even developed a checklist that you can print out at my website – http://www.RVCookingShow.com (go to the “latest show” tab) – and make it your own.

Once we get everything put away we’ll go outside and grill. On the menu today is a terrific grilled portabella mushroom “burger”, amazing “stewed” grilled blue cheese tomatoes, and a potato chip salad. Oh, yeah!!

[vimeo 4283914]

Give ’em a go and let me know what you think – leave a comment below!


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  1. I purchased Weber E320 for 2 months ago. It worked very good. my family happy to use them for weekend party with our neighbor. It can cook on high heat, my burger have to pre-heat for a good 15-20 minutes. Weber E320 very easy to cleaning and storing. The burners and controls are arranged better. Spend the extra bucks and get a Weber!!!

  2. Thank you for the comments. Larry, that was so good to read – I shared your comment with my cameraman (husband and biz partner) and he was tickled! We try to get better every episode.

    The baby grill is indeed a Weber BabyQ120. After lovingly longing for something better than an RVQ we decided to purchase a Weber BabyQ 120 – http://www.weber.com/grills/?glid=6&mid=34. It’s a small bbq – great for 2 – still okay for 4 – and has a cast iron grill that leaves beautiful grill marks.

    It runs on a propane cylinder or you can get a hose that attached to a propane tank.

    The 120 (as opposed to the 100) has a few extras we like. It has an electronic spark ignition (that takes the first click) and comes with two fold out, attached side tables. We weren’t sure if we needed the tables but in retrospect are delighted we got them and have used them every time we’ve grilled – even though we’re right next to a table.

    We took advantage of a 1 day 20% off sale at our local Ace Hardware. The Home Depot didn’t carry this model.

    We find ourselves coming up with new meal ideas all the time. Coconut shrimp – well, not my favorite. Shrimp basted with garlic oil – oh, yeah!! Veggies are heaven on the grill. Like all cooking appliances, it takes time getting used to the temps – a meat thermometer is a must.

    Look for more grilling RV Cooking Shows coming up. Planning to do turkey burger sliders for Memorial Day.

    Hope this is useful and again, I apprecite your watching and commenting!


  3. hoppe

    So what DID happen to the Baby Grill that wasn’t camera shy? Who made it, where did you buy it, etc?

  4. Larry

    You always have such great ideas! Your voice inflections and stage presence make the videos entertaining and informative. The variety of camera shots, i.e., closeups and different angles, enhance and clarify very effectively. Thanks so much for sharing your creative, practical, and yummy ideas.

  5. mariah

    Great grilling recipes but…what about the “baby grill” you talked about? Was that a Weber you made the portabellas and tomatoes on?